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Office/Craft Room Organization Ideas
Most of us have a designated area or room for a home office. Whether you work from home or use the space several times a week, office organization is key to productivity and creativity. I would like to share some strategies that I use to
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Organize Your Fridge in 5 Simple Steps
We hope that you have been inspired by our organizational posts and implementing some of them into your life. We believe that an organized home brings peace into your home and life. Clutter is an enemy to peace. Laurie Buchanan said, “Clearing clutter – be
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Organizing Toys in 3 Simple Steps
Barbies and Dolls and Cars oh my!  Is your home getting overrun with toys?  Taming the toys in any home can be a big deal.  How is it though, that little tiny people can have so much stuff?  Is the answer to put an end
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