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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and yet it feels like we just took down the Christmas tree.

Certainly, we are always looking for fun and creative DIY Valentine’s Day decoration ideas for our homes.

With this in mind, we collected the best crafts and DIY Valentine decoration ideas from our creative blogging friends.

Plus we threw in a few of our own favorite craft projects for Valentines as well.

These simple DIY crafts and ideas are easy to make and easy on the budget, with some using dollar store supplies.

You’ll find ideas for your front porch, ideas with paper hearts, 3 dimensional hearts, wreaths, wall decor, garlands, and more.

So grab a cup of hot cocoa, sit back and enjoy some inspiration.

How can I Decorate My Home for Valentine’s Day?

White pillow with a red heart cutout on a black spindle chair.

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Have you ever wondered how you can decorate your home for Valentine’s Day easily and on a budget?

Decorating for Valentine’s Day can be as simple as adding a fun heart pillow, or adding candles and rose petals.

Certainly one of our favorite ways to bring in a little seasonal decor is with FREE printables.

Click on the link above to download and print yours today.

Print this “love” word art for free.

Simply print, frame and hang!

Click on the link to the FREE printable post to download yours today.

White pine tree decoratied with large pastel convertation hearts and a red heart garland.

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Add a few large conversation hearts to a flocked pine tree from Christmas and you have instant Valentine’s day decor.

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DIY Outdoor Valentine’s Day Decorations

Heart shaped burlap wreath with a red bow on a navy blue front door.

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Personally I think decorating your front door for Valentine’s day is the perfect way to greet your guests.

Check out this fun farmhouse style burlap heart wreath!

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, front porch decorated with a flocked pine tree and red and white hearts. The front door is decorated with a red pom pom heart decoration with a script wooden love sign.

Image credit:

Keep up the Christmas tree for a few more weeks, add a few hearts and you’ve got quick and easy Valentine’s Day decor.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, Embossed silver heart hanging on a black door with a red feather boa. Large white shutter with wood letters spelling L O V E with a heart shaped record for the O.

Image credit:

If you’re looking for unique Valentine’s day decorations, swag a red boa on your door with a few red heart playing cards.

White distressed shutter embellised with wood letters to spell L O V E, the O is a vinyl record cut into the shape of a heart.

Image credit:

Attach pallet wood letters and a love song themed record cut in a heart shape, to an old shutter.

Now that’s Valentine’s day decorations on a budget!

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Hand painted wooden art, red letters speilling "kissing booth", pink letters: "pucker up buttercup", script "only" $.05, red lettering "a smooch" with a wooden frame.

Image credit:

Another fun DIY idea is this Valentine’s day decor sign.

Simple stencils and paint is all it takes.

DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath & Wall Hanging Decoration

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, red and white fabric tied wreath on a black door.

Image credit:

DIY festive Valentine’s day wreath with fabric remnants.

The perfect decoration for any holiday.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, red pom pom wreath, with wooden script "love" and black and white ribbon.

Image credit:

Of course you don’t need to spend a lot of money on Valentine’s decorations.

Would you believe this pom pom heart was made with a dollar store Valentine’s day decoration?

Wood and red arrow with red and white felt hearts hanging from cords.

Image credit:

Personally, I think this cupid’s arrow is so stinkin’ cute!

Certainly an easy DIY decoration for Valentine’s day that anyone can make.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, red burlaped wrapped heart wreath on pallet wood.

Image credit:

This delightful wreath also started with 2 dollar tree heart forms.

Click on the link and DIY one for your home today.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, Red lux yarn wrapped heart wreath eith "love" word.

Image credit:

Without a doubt, I love the luxurious feel of this Valentine’s day heart decoration.

red felt heart with a red and white arrow hanging on a white door.

Image credit:

More hearts to DIY !

Check out this pretty rosette heart wreath with cupid’s arrow for Valentine decor.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, heart wreath formed with oyster shells.

Image credit:

And for all you coastal lovers out there, check out this DIY oyster shell heart decoration for Valentine’s day!

Heart wreath with blue and white striped hearts.

Image credit:

Looking for something that’s not the traditional red, white or pink?

Then try this french country inspired heart wreath.

Simple minamalist copper wreath accented with red and white ribbon.

Image credit:

For a modern minimalist heart for Valentine’s Day we love this DIY copper wreath decor.

3 Dimensional Hearts

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, heart formed with pine cone flowers painted pink, red and purple mounted in a pink frame.

Image credit:

You’ve gotta love this creative DIY Valentine’s day decoration.

Click on Clair’s link and see what she used to make this 3-D heart.

Pink yarn wrapped hearts for Valentine decor.

Image credit:

These simple yarn hearts would be pretty in a bowl, or strung together as a garland.

DIY Valentine's Day Decoration, gold leaf heart mounted on a pink and white striped board. heart tied with a black ribbon and key attached to ribbon.

Image credit:

For a more elegant Valentine decoration, try your hand at gold leafing.

DIY Valentine's Day Decoration, valentine confetti forming a heart on a white painted board with scrabble letter tiles spelling out "Love You"

Image credit:

Confetti and scrabble tiles create unique Valentine’s day decor for your home.

Decorate for Valentine’s Day with Paper Hearts

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, watercolor hearts hanging from a stick wall art.

Image credit:

These intense colors on this Valentine’s day wall decoration are so beautiful.

And, also learn how to make pâpermachè.

White vase on a white nightstand with white painted branches with min pink dangleing hearts.

Image credit:

Not only is this idea from Maria so pretty, but it’s also cheap!

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, 4 embroidery hoops with linen fabric, hearts and stitchery.

Image credit:

Similarly this DIY Valentine’s day decor can be made with just scraps and yet its just so pretty.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, red heart with lace and brooch on a black and white buffalo plaid frame.

Image credit:

This classic black, white and red Valentine decoration is a simple DIY you can put together in no time at all.

Heart clay ornaments in a white heart dish.

Image credit:

I believe this Valentine’s day decoration made with recycled paper is so pretty.

DIY Valentine’s Day Garland Decoration

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, garland made with red felt hearts and red polka dot hearts hanging on rusty metal lockers.

Image credit:

And another recycling idea, create a Valentine’s day garland with scraps of fabric, or old clothes.

Chair with a faux fur pillow and chunky knit throw blanket in front of firplace mantle decorated with a neutral vintage inspired Valentine garland.

Image credit:

Try a neutral Valentine garland for a more chic and elegant feel.

This garland is created with vintage lace and brooches.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, white and pink L O V E letters bunting hanging on a white shelf. Pink rosesin white pitcher, candles and love letter box.

Image credit:

Create a simple garland bunting recycling cereal boxes.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, Burlap with gold dots and heart bunting hangin on the fireplace mantle.

Image credit:

Use leftover fabric scraps and a dollar store bunting and create a fabric garland.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, bunting made with pink clay hearts on a white cord.

Image credit:

This creative DIY garland for Valentine’s day resembles pink sugar cookies.

Pink and white bead garland with a red velvet heart.

Image credit:

Or try a garland with beads and velvet hearts.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, bunting made with beige fabric and red doilies.

Image credit:

And everything used to decorate this mantle for Valentine’s day was found around the house.

Including this cute garland!

Gotta love that!

Heart String Art

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, neon pink string art heart on pallet wood.

Image credit:

This glowing string art really is intriguing.

Heart string art on wood board, orchid in background and candle.

Image credit:

DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration with Faux Fur

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, pink faux fur heart mounted on pallet wood, silver fringe L O V E letters on a whte shelf.

Image credit:

I love this cozy DIY Valentine heart mounted on the rustic pallet wood.

What a great combination!

Heart Decoration with Buttons

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Decoration, vintage buttons forming a heart on shiplap board.

Image credit:

Do you have jar a vintage buttons?

Then put them to good use and DIY a charming Valentine’s day decoration.

DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration with Pallet Wood

DIY Valentine's Day decorations, wooden shelves with valentine decor, x and hearts on shelf.

Image credit:

Pallet wood is so versatile!

Simple X’s and O’s can be crafted in a matter of minutes.

L O V E sign on a pallet wood.

Image credit:

This unique Valentine decor idea is made with tea leaves.

How creative is that?!

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When Should You Start Decorating for Valentine’s Day?

I believe you really can’t start too early.

Once the Christmas decorations are put away, your home may feel a little blah.

So why not add in a little Valentine’s day decor and spread the love.

I feel you should have them up by February 1st.

If not you really won’t have any time to enjoy them.

So grab a few ideas, start decorating your home for Valentine’s day and feel the LOVE!

Thanks for spending a little time with us today!

So what was your favorite DIY Valentine decoration idea?

Inquiring minds want to know! You know we love hearing from you.

For more ideas for Valentine’s day, be sure to check back next week.

We’ve got more ideas we are excited to share with you!

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