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There is something special about a porch decorated for the 4th of July, that just speaks summer. Decorated with buntings, flags, and red geraniums, it just makes you want to sit down, sip some lemonade and relax. Are you looking for some creative ideas to add 4th of July decorations for your front porch? Even though our porch is small we’ve filled it with fun & creative ideas on a budget.

Although we don’t have a beautiful, wrap-around front porch, we do have a door and a little space. Where with a little creativity, we can make festive with red, white and blue. Our ideas are playful and fun, they remind us of what summer life is all about.

So come on up the stairs and take a look! 

4th of July Decorations

4th of July Decorations

While this front porch is small at a little more that 4′ x 6′, it’s full of function and style.

Front Porch Seating

4th of July Decorations

Although the front porch is narrow, we were still able to add a place to sit. This fun farmhouse/coastal bench fit perfectly on the porch. We built it out of 2 x 4 lumber, then gave it a coat of white paint. The complete tutorial with video on how to build this bench can be found here.

You know that we are frugal, it only cost $27 including paint to make this bench.

4th of July Decorations

The predictable 4th of July decorations would be a potted red geranium, some flags and a couple of patriotic pillows. However, we wanted this porch to reflect the fun, youthful feel of Steph’s young family that lives here. 

Instead of patriotic pillows we placed red, white and blue beach towels, topped with mini beach balls and squirt guns.

4th of July Decorations

A sand bucket is filled with seashells from a recent beach visit.

Colorful Front Porch Rug

4th of July Decorations

Every front porch needs a welcome mat or rug. In keeping with our theme, we refreshed an old rug that Steph had in her home. It’s the perfect pop of pattern and color at the door.

The complete tutorial on how we made this rug look new again can be found here.

Front Door Decor

4th of July Decorations

Steph’s craftsman style door is the ideal spot to add a bunting. Once again we wanted something a little different that the traditional bunting.

We found these festive red, white and blue mini beach balls at We strung them with a little jute from the dental molding on the door.

4th of July Decorations

Our 4th of July wreath is a red pool noodle formed into a circle and secured with duct tape. We covered the tape with a large twill ribbon and strung flip flops and goggles to the wreath with fishing line.

Super simple to make and cheap! The ribbon we already had and the pool noodle, flip flops and goggles all came from the dollar store.

Potted Plants

4th of July Decorations

The final element that every front porch needs is greenery. Plants add life to any space as well as soften all of the hard surfaces that are on a porch.

We brought out a couple of house plants. They actually will do fine outside during the summer as long as they don’t get too much sun.

There you have it, our 4th of July Decoration Ideas for the Front Porch.

What elements do you like?

Are you going to incorporate any of these creative ideas at your home?

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4th of July Decorations

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