8 Tips for an Organized Pantry

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend? We just spent a fabulous weekend at the Vintage Market Days of Northern Utah. We can’t wait to share our treasures!  

As we conclude our month long posts of organizing, we hope you have found some inspiration and are tackling some areas in your home.

When I created our pantry I organized and made it beautiful, but after 3 years it needed some tweaking and major cleaning. The amazing thing is after rearranging and tweaking a few items, I now have empty space on my shelves.

Organizing has been my number one thing I absolutely love. I’m excited to share the steps I have taken to organize my pantry. 

1- Take inventory of what you have in your pantry. Make a list of supplies that you might need to organize like baskets and containers. I had used a name brand plastic storage system for over 20 years and the containers started to smell like chemicals. I decided to get rid of them and I chose to use glass jars for storing my bulk Items.

2- Make a shopping list and purchase the items that you think you may need. I would recommend over buying so you don’t wish you had something on organizing day. You can always return what you don’t use.

3- Schedule out 2-3 hours the day you want to organize. Completely empty out the pantry.

4- Give the pantry a good cleaning. Wipe down all the shelves and the baseboards.

5- Begin with your canned goods. I chose baskets to organize all of my canned goods. I found my baskets at “At Home.” I found the tags to label all of the baskets at Target in the dollar spot. Place them on the shelf. I placed all of my canned goods on the lower shelf.

6- Next, move on to the bulk items like sugar, flour, rice, almonds and oats. I chose glass jars for all of my dry bulk items. Fill the containers and label. I used my Silhouette machine to cut out cute lettering for my jars. When I first did my pantry 3 years ago, I used chalkboard vinyl and cut out cute labels and used a chalk marker to label them. I soon learned that when things got spilled on the jars and I went to wipe them, off came the labeling. Place the containers on the shelf.

7- Items like Mac & Cheese, Cake mixes, etc. I placed in baskets as well and labeled them. We do not eat processed foods, so I don’t have cereal and I only keep mac & Cheese, crackers, etc. for the grandkids. I keep bottled water, Capri Sun, hot cocoa packaged in individual baskets and label them also. On the top shelf I have used two old flower boxes that I was no longer using to store Otter pops and food for 72 hour kits. Also on the top shelf I used two plastic storage boxes for vitamins and meds.

I also use baskets to store produce like onions, squash and tomatoes. Small lined wire baskets are also great for storing popcorn, pudding, jello and seasoning packages. Large glass jars are also great for pasta or pork rinds.

On the top shelf I have used two old flower boxes that I was no longer using to store Otter pops and food for 72 hour kits. Also on the top shelf a used two plastic storage boxes for vitamins and meds.

8- My pantry is large. I have designated an area for party items. I store my beverage dispensers, punch bowl, large platers, tiered trays, paper goods, plastic utensils, extra plates, etc. 

I also created a spot to hang all of my tablecloths out of black iron pipe. Not only do I love the way it looks but it is so functional.

One other item that I am able to store in the pantry is the two leaves to my dining table. I created a fabric bag for them out of leftover drapery fabric and I am able to store them on the top shelf. I do keep a paper shredder in the pantry. I know that sounds a little crazy, but I have power and most of the items I shred come in the mail, so it’s just easy to take care of it when it comes into the house. I store a few items on the floor that I don’t use often like my turkey roaster and bread maker.

9- Once all the items are placed back on the shelves, you can sit back and enjoy! Now doesn’t that feel good! A clean and organized pantry will save you money, no more buying items that are already in your pantry and you just didn’t see them or running out of  sugar as you are making cookies. 

Thanks for stopping by! What ideas do you want to implement into your pantry? We would love to hear from you. Please comment below. 

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