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Finding the perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones can be challenging. We may find ourselves asking questions similar to these: Will they like it? Do they really want it? Will they use it?

I find it especially difficult to shop for our parents. Not because we don’t know them or their interests well enough. No, because I have this thought distortion that they already have everything that they want, or at least they have the funds to go get whatever it is they want.

So if you find yourself struggling with these same thoughts year after year, take a look at this gift guide for Women below. We’ve done our research to find the top 90+ Christmas gift ideas that the women in our lives will love!

For your convenience, each image in this post is linked for effortless shopping. As this pandemic continues to persist, the thought of shopping in crowded stores is something we’re striving to avoid!

In this day in age, technology and online shopping provide us with this escape. I for one am grateful we have this opportunity right at our fingertips! Not only will this shopping method prevent us from close contact with others while shopping in stores, but for me it’s a huge time saver! And who wouldn’t love to have more free time to spend with their loved ones creating new lasting memories this Holiday Season?

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Perfect Personalized Christmas Gifts

Our first Christmas gift ideas are those of custom, personalized gifts. Items with our loved ones names or monograms printed, custom script inscribed onto a beautiful piece of jewelry, or a custom birth stone piece are all great gift ideas to let our loved ones know we’ve put some time and effort into preparing the perfect gift for them.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Crafter

Next up on our Christmas gift ideas, are those geared for the crafty women in our lives. We’ve gathered some of the top essential tools and items any creative craft lover would love to have! 

Ideas range from a new pair of sharp scissors or a glue gun, to the “Oh I wish I had that” items such as a Silhouette cutting machine or a new 3-in-1 Bluetooth compatible printer, which makes printing right from your phone or tablet a breeze!

(I for one must say that as avid craft junkies, my Mom and I use each of these items on a regular basis! Simply having the right tools on hand can really make a huge difference when creating new items.)

Christmas Gift Ideas for the DIYer

Now we’re moving on to our TOP Christmas gift ideas for the DIYer! If you know anything about us by now, we are both crazy about getting our hands on new projects and love everything about DIY!

We’ve gathered some of the most essential tools necessary to DIY with ease. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right tools on hand. Trying to do something without the correct tool in its simplest form, just makes the job harder and slows you down.

Once you’ve talked yourself into getting that new tool, the only question you’ll be asking yourself is “why didn’t I get this sooner?”! Chances are that you’ll likely use these tools on many projects as well, so there’s no need to wonder if it’s worth having or not…none of them are limited to use for a single project only.

We too use EVERY one of these tools on a regular basis which not only saves us time but allows us to complete our projects with ease!

(Well I should say we have 98% of these tools…we’ve often found that having a tool belt or those awesome contour tools would come in really handy! Who knows, maybe Santa will help us out this year. But, we do have everything else and use them regularly. 😉)

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Chef

Chances are the women in our lives are the Chef in the household. My Hubby likes to dabble in the kitchen, but I do all of the meal planning, shopping and the bulk of the food prep and cooking.

We’ve sourced some of the best small kitchen appliances and gadgets to minimize prep work and cook time so you can focus more energy and effort where you’d rather spend your time.

Some of my favorites from this list are the magnetic measuring spoons and cups!

(Who knew a simple magnet would help keep the drawer so tidy!)

Other favorites are the Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, Kitchen-aid Mixer with attachments, handheld blender, food scale and flexible cutting mattes.

(Pretty much everything on the list!)

Well, I do find myself wishing I had more accessories for the Instant Pot…they’re on my running wish list, but I love things that save me time!

In fact, I have 2 Slow Cookers, and 2 Instant Pots!

(No judging.)

Do you know how much food prep can take place with all of those going? These small appliances are such a HUGE time saver in making healthy and delicious meals with little of my time and effort!

They’re PERFECT for the busy Mom and/or working women in our lives!

Health & Fitness Christmas Gifts

Over the last several years, generally speaking, we feel that our society has become much more health conscientious. There is much room for improvement of course, but we’re off to a start anyway.

My Mom and I (like so many others), have struggled with our weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle most of our lives.

Sadly my bum ankle throws a kink in things, limiting my mobility and the activities I enjoy doing. But more importantly, that has made me shift my focus more deeply on my own personal health and eating habits.

I’ve come a long way over the past few years, and have plenty more to learn and incorporate into my lifestyle, but slow and steady always wins the race right?

Having a plan in motion has helped me in learning to be more accountable with myself. Periodically jotting down my thoughts or feelings, recognizing my successes and the bumps in the road help me to keep plugging away.

One tool that’s surprisingly been more helpful than I would’ve thought is our Renpho scale!

This thing is way more than a simple measuring device! With bluetooth capabilities, it sends stats straight to my phone including: weight, BMI, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic age and so much more!

(Let me just tell you how motivating it is to eat healthier and move more when your scale lets you know your metabolic age (or my health and fitness level) is 7 years older than I really am! My goal is to eventually have a younger metabolic age than I really am!)

Anyhoo, we hope you like these health and fitness related Christmas gift ideas. Don’t be afraid your loved one will get the wrong message if you give them something from this list. If you know they are making a conscious effort to move more and eat healthier, they’d love to know they have your support on their journey! I know I would!

Latest Tech Must Haves

Any Christmas gift guide wouldn’t be complete without the latest and greatest tech gadgets right?

Items ranging from doorbell and peep hole cameras, wireless charging stations for all of the devices, to the “Awe I wish I had that” items like an Apple watch or Fitbit, to wireless earbuds.

Any of these new tech items would make a great gift for anyone on your list, not just the women in your life!

I know I’ve got my eye on some of them.

Christmas Gift Ideas to Pamper Her

After all of those Christmas gift ideas focused on hobbies, health, fitness and items that will ultimately save the women in our lives time (in the kitchen or elsewhere), how many of them wouldn’t love to be pampered a bit?

I for one wouldn’t mind being able to take a long bubble bath, give myself a facial and cozy up in some comfy slippers and a thick blanket to watch a movie or read a good book!

The women in our lives do so much for so many others before taking the time for themselves.

Choose a Christmas gift this year that will let her know it’s okay to spend some time on herself.

Thanks for spending some time with us today. We hope you were able to gather some unique and personalized Christmas gift ideas for the women in your lives.

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