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Painting a room, finished white painted room with shelves for storing home gym equipments and black and white motivational text art on the wall, eliptical machine, blue yoga mat and white foam roller on the floor, navy blue doors.
With only one room left to finish in the basement, we were anxious to paint this room fast! This soon to be home gym was our painting room for all
Finished Farmhouse round coffee table in the basement family room, setting on a blue and white striped rug with a sand colored sectional, blue and white decor pillows, sofa table lamps. Coffee table is decorated with a blue jug vase with branches, rope, amd a galvanized pedestal container filled with seashells.
Have you ever searched and searched for a piece of furniture and just can’t find what you’re looking for? That’s clearly the case when I was looking for a round
Close up view of black chalk painted china cabinet with hardware cloth in doors filled with a variety white dishes and vases.
For me there is nothing more satisfying than transforming a tired and dated piece of furniture. And I’m excited to share with you today, how to easily paint a china
Various cans of different kinds of paints used for painting furniture.
Clearly, a trip to your local hardware store to choose paint can often be overwhelming. There are SO many different types of paint out there! And knowing which type of