Photos or 2 women, Steph on the left is wearing a white blouse with a denim jacket, Michelle is on the righr wearing a floral blouse and a vest, standing in front of a yellow house.

Thanks for stopping by our website!

We are Michelle & Steph, a mom and daughter team who love to DIY.

Not only are we passionate about making our homes warm comfortable and unique, but we’re also on a mission to help you create that same feeling in your own home.

We’re all about repurposing, creating, decorating and making your home truly yours, but always on a budget.

Undoubtedly we love finding ways to make your home look high-end on a small budget.

How It All Began

From as long as we can remember, we’ve been passionate about making our homes reflect our personalities, while creating a home that’s relaxed, comfortable and peaceful.

Through the years we’ve helped family and friends make their homes more inviting and comfortable, while always being mindful of a tight budget.

And so we thought, let’s turn our passion into a business.

So in 2019 we started this blog “Sunny Side Design.”

All with the desire to help you, make your home comfortable, inviting and warm.

Along with our blog, we also design for local clients.

Making Your Home Unique

Steph’s home is a new build that she’s adding character to and Michelle bought a dated fixer upper that she’s been updating.

Creating unique spaces for our homes is something we love to do, along with sharing how you can do it to.

Most homes lack character that’s often found in older homes.

So one of our favorite ways to make a home special is with architectural details like board and batten walls.

Before photo, slate blue wall with dark finished bed and nightstand. White bedding with yellow and blue pillows. After photo, dramatic navy blue board and batten wall with a coastal distressed bed and a white nightstand. Coastal art is framed and hung on the wall.

Or even adding built-in shelves.

Before photo of blank wall before home renovations. Second photo fireplace with built in shelves, grey upholstered chaie and a blue rug.

Along with major home renovations, we also love to share ways for making your home uniquely yours with furniture makeovers.

Plus you’ll find all the information you need to select paint when painting furniture.

Before and after bar stools photos, dirty with ripped fabric before. After black and white striped upholstery and updated with white chalkpaint and white wax.

And you’ll also find ideas for seasonal decorating and ways to make it personal too.

Christmas ornament and two slim Christmas trees decorated with traditional white and red decor, making youro home special for the holidays

Where Do Our Ideas Come From?

Often we are asked, “how do you come up with these ideas?”

For many years we have felt as though the ideas have “just come to us”.  

Clearly we’re both very visual thinkers and ideas are constantly coming into our minds for new projects.

However, over the years we have realized that these ideas have come to us as gifts of the Spirit.  

We are both deeply spiritual and recognize God’s influence in every aspect of our lives.

As believers in Jesus Christ as our Savior, we acknowledge that His spirit guides us each day.

And as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we feel blessed to be able to share our talents with you.

Service in the home and community is a large part of our beliefs.

Not only do we work as home decorators, but we also serve in our local congregation.

Why Sunny Side Design?

Are you wondering how we came up with our business name?

Well let us share a little secret with you.

When we’re working together on projects we like to crank up the tunes!

And our favorite type of music to listen to is from the 40’s and 50’s.

It just makes us happy!

In addition one of our favorite tunes is “Sunny Side of the Street.”

Which became the inspiration for our business name and motto.

Clearly we believe that every home should feel sunny and happy, and be a place where you want to be. 

As you follow us, we hope to help you “Bring Your Home To The Sunny Side Of The Street!”


Woman standing in front of a white and yellow house, wearing a floral blouse and a best.

Michelle Dickson

Michelle is a wife and mother of three grown children, and grandmother of five.

She is a professional organizer, designer, loves creating and anything hands on.

She loves being outdoors and enjoys hiking, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Michelle frequents yard sales, vintage and thrift stores searching for her next project, much to her husband, Steve’s annoyance!

Stephanie Hofer

Stephanie is a devoted wife and mother of three cute kiddos.

She loves refinishing furniture, upcycling other’s trash into treasure and loves all things family and home.

When she is not on the hunt for things to upcycle, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, hiking, snowshoeing and watching her children play sports, dance and perform.

Woman standing in front of a white and yellow house, wearing a white blouse and a denim jacket.