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Hey Guys, we’ve been busy finishing up our projects for the master bedroom. Today we are sharing how we updated a chandelier that we found on Facebook Marketplace. But, before we dive into that, a special shout out and welcome to all of our new followers this week. We love new friends 😍, please give us a Hi in our comment section and be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss any of our latest projects. We always love to share what we have been working on during the week.

I don’t know about you, but do you get flack from your significant other about little tweaks that need to be made? For example, the light fixture in Stephanie’s master bedroom was not centered on the Bed or the Board and Batten Wall. The light fixture was a builder’s grade boob light, which we knew had to replaced with a fabulous chandelier. 😍 We also knew that once the chandelier was hung it would stick out like a sore thumb if it wasn’t centered on the bed and wall. After some coaxing we got my hubby, Steve to help us. We knew that is would involve going up into the attic to relocate the electrical box and Steph’s hubby was not going to do it. So, we just arranged to do it while he was out of town.😉 Isn’t that what you would do? He really didn’t mind, he just didn’t want to do it.

So with some encouragement, Steve got up into the attic and cut a new hole and installed a new electrical box for this fabulous chandelier. The arrow is pointed to the saw blade cutting the hole from inside the attic. If you’re wondering how we repaired that hole in the ceiling, click here.

This was the chandelier that Steph had been eyeing on Wayfair. It was on sale for only $380! But, as luck would have it she saw this exact chandelier on Facebook MarketPlace. She dropped everything and ran to get it. It was only $40! Yes, you read right, $40! What a bargain!

Now this chandelier is heavy! We needed to stand on the bed to install the chandelier and with Steph’s bum ankle that left it up to me to hold it up while Steve attached the wires and hung it up. Look at the sacrifices I make for my daughter. 😉

Finally it was hung and we ❤️LOVED ❤️ it!  The aged finish and coloring was just what Steph was looking for.

After the light was hanging for a bit, Steph decided she wanted to add a little coastal style to it. Now this would have been so much easier 🤪 if it was done before the light was hung, but you know the coaxing we had to do to get it hung in the first place and how heavy it was, we were not taking it down to add the jute.

Steph picked up this chunky jute at Hobby Lobby. It is about 1/4″-3/8″ in diameter.

We began at the top of the center rod, using a hot glue gun we began to secure the jute to the rod. We first glued down a 1/2″ tail and began to glue and wrap the jute around, covering the tail piece. 

We continued to glue and wrap covering the entire center pole.

Using the same method we continued to glue and wrap the arms of the chandelier. We did take turns doing this, it was hard balancing on the mattress and having our arms up in the air for so long. 😅

Once all of the arms of the chandelier were covered, we began to cover the center piece where all of the arms connect. On this section we began at the lower edge, hiding the tail as we continued to glue and wrap.

Steph chose to leave some of the chippy, rusty black elements of the chandelier showing. She really wanted that aged look. This project took us less than an hour and it took one full spool of jute and about and additional 5 feet. She bought 2 just incase. It really is an easy project and would be even easier if it was done before installation! 🤣

Another great way to update any light fixture is with paint.

One of my favorites is a pair of large vintage brass lamps that we transformed with spray paint and wax!

Updating Lighting

Isn’t it beautiful? Embellishing it with the jute gave it that relaxed coastal vibe, just what Steph was going for.

How to Decorate

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