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Still loving our affordable feather finish countertop.

Are you curious to know how our feather finish concrete countertop is holding up? In fact, so many of our readers and followers are interested in knowing what it looks like now. I just had to share what it looks like one year later!

One thing is clear, this countertop makeover method not only is affordable, but it also makes such a huge difference to the look and feel of our bathroom.

Of course there’s a fair amount of work that goes into a feather finish countertop, but in my opinion it is so worth it!

If your are curious about how to use a feather finish product, you can take a look at the process on the video below or check out our original post from March of 2020.

Feather Finish Countertop - March 2020

Take a look at the feather finish countertop right after we finished. I believe the countertop looks practically the same a year later as when it was first finished.

Feather Finish Countertop Video Tutorial

How the Feather Finish Held up

feather finish countertop

Certainly, a feather finish countertop will not be as strong or durable as a real concrete countertop. However, I have had no issues with chipping or flaking of the concrete surface.

While the actual product troweled on is thin, nevertheless it has bonded well to my surface. 

Of course this is a bathroom and not a kitchen where there would definitely be more abuse. But, I am not overly careful with how I treat it.

Another idea for a DIY countertop would be an epoxy countertop.

What I Wish I would Have Done Differently

However, there is one thing I would have done differently. That’s the product I used to seal the feather finish countertop.

I had done some research before hand and was going to purchase Cheng Concrete Sealer. This product was highly recommended in my research, especially if you are sealing a kitchen countertop.  

Of course as luck would have it, it was out of stock when I was ready to seal my countertop.

Therefore I chose an impregnator sealer and have since learned it’s not as durable.

As you can see, there are marks from oils and creams. While this doesn’t bother me a whole lot, a concrete countertop will naturally have variations in color anyway.

It’s just part of the patina of a feather finish countertop.

I feel that Cheng concrete sealer would have been a better choice. In addition, this sealer is also safe for food preparation.

While that wasn’t a concern for my situation, if you are planning on a feather finish countertop in a kitchen, you’ll want to be sure and use a food safe sealer.

As you can see on my hubby’s side of the feather finish countertop there are watermarks as well. While this does not compromise the integrity of the concrete, I wish I would have been patient and waited for the other sealer to come back in stock.

With this in mind, I will be resealing my countertop this spring.  Of course I will let you know how the sealer turns out.

Would I Do It Again?

feather finish countertop

In fact, a feather finish concrete countertop will have variations in color just like any concrete surface. I think that this adds to the uniqueness and beauty of it as well.

The big question is . . . would I do it again?


Actually, I’m considering a feather finish countertop for my laundry room makeover this year.

For less than $50 I was able to totally change the look and feel of a bathroom that I absolutely hated. 

The overall work to create the countertop was not difficult. In fact, with the drying time it was completed in 2 afternoons.

To Sum It Up . . .

countertop makeover

To sum it up, I would definitely do it again! I’m happy with my feather finish countertop and would recommend it to you if you want to dramatically change your kitchen or bathroom on a tiny budget.

Clearly, I am in love with it! I believe the countertop has a unique and beautiful patina that adds depth to the room.

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