How to Build a Fireplace Surround and Mantle

We LOVE fireplaces. We love the way they anchor a room and add charm, character and architectural detail. There is nothing better than cozying up with a blanket by the fireplace on a chilly winter's day. Just ask my youngest grandson about that! It can be 90 degrees outside and the A/C is on and he wants to turn on the fireplace and cuddle up in a blanket! If you look closely at this photo you will see that the patriotic decor is on the shelves, the fireplace is on and we are cuddled up reading a book. Yep, it's July…


DIY Built-In Bookcase: A Step by Step Guide

I love built-ins! To me they add such a great architectural detail to a room. This is the 4th built-in bookcases that my hubby, Steve has built. I think he does great work!Hold on a minute . . . are you new here? If so welcome, we love new friends! Be sure to say hi in our comment section and please take a minute and sign up for our weekly newsletter and never miss any new ideas. The first time I really had to convince him that he could do it, I purchased this book "Ultimate Guide to Cabinets, Shelves, and…


How to Create a Frame From Scrap Lumber

Welcome to another quick and easy tutorial. Today I would like to share how we created this simple frame for a piece of vintage glass. We were out searching for yard sales and found this window on the side of the road with a note on it that said FREE.  I did have my hubby with me and he of course wants to know what in the world I'm going to do with it. At that time, I had no idea, but when I like it and it's FREE, it's going home with me! This is what it looked like, when…


How to Refinish a Railing That Will Last

Our home was built in the late 90's and it screamed 90's! It just felt so sterile with the white tile everywhere and an over abundance of yellow maple cabinetry and woodwork! I believe updating the railing was a game changer in bringing this home into the current century!  Let's take a look at a couple of the before pictures of the area. This area was once the kitchen. I did not take a close-up photo of the railing before I dug into it. I am really bad at this (before we started the blog!) I always jumped right into the…


DIY Blanket Ladder

This was a fun and simple DIY that took only one evening with the help of my husband, Steve. I have been looking for a vintage ladder to hang a few blankets on for quite some time and never found one I loved. Then one day while rummaging through some of my thrifting finds I spotted the croquet mallets. This was the inspiration I needed for this ladder. These are the supplies I used: Croquet mallets (I used 5)2 X 6 lumber SawDrill with wood bitsWood GlueNail gun (or you could use a hammer or screw and screw driver) I used a 2…


Tour My Comfortable & Cozy Living Room

Welcome to my cozy and comfortable living room! I'm excited to share this room, it has been completely transformed. Not only was it dated with loads of white tile and pale pink walls, but this area where the fireplace and two chairs are was once the formal dining room. It was walled off from the rest of the house and even though this house was spacious, it didn't feel that way. We just needed to rearrange the spaces so the flow would be better. Standing near the built-ins looking at the other end of the room you can see how this…

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Craft Room & Office Tour

I hope you've had a great week. Does time seem to be going faster and faster? I feel like I can hardly keep up and the lazy days of summer are just around the corner. However, I don't think they will be lazy for me. Today, I would like to take you on a tour of my craft room/office. I'm always in a better mood when my house is in order. This room is often left with piles of projects I'm working on as well as work I need to do. I love though when it is clean.This is my creative…


Vintage Inspired Shelf Towel Rack in Less Than 30 Minutes

Today we have a quick and easy project that can be done in less than 30 minutes. Gotta love that! I'm not a fan of the standard towel bar. Maybe it's the neat freak in me, but I can't stand it if the towels aren't perfectly aligned. I prefer some sort of hook to hang my towels and I also like a custom look.  I started with this vintage looking shelf that I found at Hobby Lobby. I loved the chippy finish as well as the pressed tin design. The knobs that I used for hanging the towels were also a…


8 Tips for an Organized Pantry

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend? We just spent a fabulous weekend at the Vintage Market Days of Northern Utah. We can’t wait to share our treasures!  As we conclude our month long posts of organizing, we hope you have found some inspiration and are tackling some areas in your home.When I created our pantry I organized and made it beautiful, but after 3 years it needed some tweaking and major cleaning. The amazing thing is after rearranging and tweaking a few items, I now have empty space on my shelves.Organizing has been my number one thing I absolutely love.…


Office/Craft Room Organization Ideas

Most of us have a designated area or room for a home office. Whether you work from home or use the space several times a week, office organization is key to productivity and creativity. I would like to share some strategies that I use to keep my space organized. My office space also doubles as a craft room, so this space can get messy quick. This is probably my most challenging area in my home, because it is also a crafting space. I often leave projects out that I am working on, so when I get a little time I can…

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