How to Hide Desk Cords

Do you need solutions for desk cable management? Are you tired of all of those ugly cords? Not only will you learn how to hide desk cords, wires and computer cables with our DIY method, but also find great organization solutions for any office space.Let me share a pet peeve of mine . . . I hate clutter! Clutter of any kind, in fact I have been known to take a stack of papers I need to go through and hide them in the laundry room just so I don't need to look at them. 😬Well, I'm the same way about…


Feather Finish Concrete Countertop Tutorial

Are you looking for and inexpensive way to update your countertop? My budget for updating my bathroom countertop was $100. Consequently, I had to find a creative solution for updating the countertop in my master bathroom. I had read about this Feather Finish Concrete Countertop and decided to give it a try. My total cost for this project was $50, well under my $100 budget. I found that Henry Feather Finish with Ardex technology was readily available at Home Depot, so this is the product I used. It is a simple DIY project that can transform your space. We have provided…


Inexpensive Master Bathroom Makeover

Are you embarrassed by your dated master bathroom. I sure was. I just kept the door closed and tried to ignore it! Without a doubt it was boring and outdated. Since the day we moved in, I had had big plans to completely gut the bathroom, relocate the fixtures and have my dream modern master bathroom. Five years later it still looks exactly the same as the day we moved in. 😩  It was definitely time for an inexpensive master bathroom makeover.Why did I wait so long to make these simple cosmetic changes? Clearly we could have made these inexpensive changes…


Re Purpose Thrift Store Bunny with a Weathered Stone Look

Are you looking for a fun spring or Easter craft? This week we have such a fun, hands on project to try. A re-purposed thrift store bunny with a weathered stone look.We promise that once you try this technique, you will be looking for more objects in your home that you can transform!Last week Steph and I spent a little time looking for some spring inspiration. We are both so ready for spring! It seems like winter has just dragged on. Is that ringing a bell with you?We found a little inspiration at one of our favorite stores, Pottery Barn. Their…


Design Tips for Creating the Perfect Dark and Moody Room

For several years now white and bright interiors have been all the rage, but lately I'm starting to see more deep and dark colors.  How do you feel about a dark and moody room? Have you been thinking about trying this design trend? Well if you are, then take a seat and see our design tips for creating the perfect dark and moody room.This "Man Cave" is my son, Alex's room. He mentioned that he wanted to create a dark and moody room, more like a gentleman's cigar lounge without the cigars. 😉This would be a spot to play his guitar…


How to Repair a Wobbly Chair

Do you have a wobbly chair or table? Don't throw it out! Today we are going to show you How to Fix a Wobbly Chair or Table. In fact, this quick and easy furniture repair can be done without any special tools. Not only is this step by step tutorial easy to follow, but when you try it, you will be amazed that it took no time at all. Alright, you know that Steph and I love thrifting, shopping garage sales and vintage markets. It is one of our favorite past times! We love finding a discarded piece of furniture, giving…


Chalk Paint Coffee Table Makeover

Do you love that rustic farmhouse style? This coffee table totally speaks farmhouse to me. We were asked to refinish this table for a client who was looking for that fresh farmhouse style. But let me tell you when I first saw this table, all I saw was a beat up table that I wasn't sure was worth saving. However, keep scrolling and watch the dramatic transformation of this Chalk Paint Coffee Table Makeover. Coffee Table - BEFORE Without a doubt, this table was in rough shape! It had had a nailhead border that was removed. The finish was chipped, as…


DIY Cord Organization

Is cord clutter a challenge for you? As we were organizing Steph's master bathroom, one of the most challenging areas was the drawer full of all the hair tools. It was almost overflowing with curling irons, flat irons, hair dryer and brushes. We needed a solution to tackle all of those tangled cords. While there are products you can purchase (hook and loop cable ties) to help tame cord clutter, we decided to just use what we had and create our own DIY Cord Organization, rather than trying to find them at the store.This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. …


Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

It is January and we have organizing on our minds. Is home organization one of your New Year's resolutions? If so we have some simple and cheap Bathroom Storage Ideas for you.Whether your bathroom is small or large, we have clever organization ideas that will help you stay on a budget.Without a doubt, nothing makes a small bathroom look smaller than a cluttered countertop. You know when there are bobby pins, combs, toothbrushes and hair product cluttering the counter you just feel anxious, frustrated and a little overwhelmed. Even so, with a few simple storage suggestions you can have a clean…


Easy DIY Headband Holder

Do you struggle with piles of girls hair embellishments? Are they stuffed in drawers or just thrown in a cabinet? Well we've got a solution for you! An Easy DIY Headband Holder. It can be made in about 10 minutes and it cost practically nothing. Easy DIY Headband Holder - Supplies: For this easy headband holder you will need:Oatmeal containerscrap of fabricglue - I used a hot glue gunlace trimGrab your oatmeal container and a scrap of fabric. I used a piece of gold polka dot burlap, leftover from another project. Cut it to fit the length and diameter of the…

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