If Walls Could Talk

About 10 yeas ago there was a show on HGTV called "If Walls Could Talk".   The series description listed on IMDb sums up the show as follows "This series tours homes, hotels and palaces rich in history, many of which have housed famous characters, while others are the sites of significant historical events. Several of the buildings have hidden treasures found behind old walls or in the attic, and there are often amazing stories about the people who have lived there over the years."I was always fascinated with the "treasures" they would find in some of these old homes.  You know me…


Woodland Animal Baby Shower

Welcome to another party "Sunny Side" style.  My Mom and I had such a great time gathering ideas and creating unique decor elements and details for this darling Woodland Animal Baby Shower for my cousin Heather.  We chose neutral earth tone colors and were lucky that the weather was warm enough to hold this shower outside in the woodland atmosphere of my aunts backyard. We designed a couple of images with baby forest animals and used them throughout the shower in a couple of different ways.  Perhaps the most simple yet darling use was to print photos and adhere them to…


Budget Friendly Ideas for a Car Themed Birthday Party

Awe, here we are again with another birthday party.  My Little Miss and Mr. A celebrate their birthdays just 8 days apart.  Needless to say during the month of April I'm a complete scatterbrain planning multiple parties.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  It's a blessing and joy to see the excitement on my kiddies faces when they see the house all decorated just for them.  I just need a day to rest and relax when the parties are over! If you've been following our blogging journey you know that Mr. A is completely obsessed with all things cars! …


Unicorn and Rainbow Party

We've had a party tab in our menu for quite some time now and this is our first party post we're sharing.  Forgive us for taking so long to share.  The party was only in mid April, a mere 9 weeks ago  What do little girls want right now more than anything?  Unicorns and rainbows right? My little Miss wanted to have all things colorful and bright for her 7th birthday party. What do I do for inspiration? Head to Pinterest of course!   There are a ton of different ideas out there, so today I'll show you some simple and…


The Easy Way to Hang a Gallery Wall

I can't believe it's summer break already!  It feels like we were just blogging about Easter. 🐣 We have a lot of projects up our sleeves we'll be working on during summer and can't wait to share them with you!  What do you have planned for the summer?  Any getaways planned?  Maybe a stay-cation?  Or maybe keeping it low key and relaxed?   Have you perused Pinterest lately and seen the vast array of interesting gallery walls?  Does it make you stop in your tracks and get overwhelmed?  You want to hang a gallery wall but it just seems a bit intimidating? …

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Quick & Easy Patriotic Decor Ideas

How is it that we've just celebrated Memorial Day and the 4th of July is just around the corner?  I know I say this a lot but I feel as though time is going by faster and faster every day!  Anyone else feel this way?  Makes me realize we truly need to make the most of each day because they come and go so quickly!  Easier said than done when you're battling with a feisty headstrong child every day ...some days I'm ready to throw in the towel...Heaven help me be a more loving and patient Momma!Aside from battling it out every…


The Vintage Market: Our Best Kept Decorating Secret

Hello friends!  Here I am just sitting in the waiting room at the Dr's office.  Thought I'd try to be productive while I'm sitting here.  There's nothing worse than waiting for the Dr. and knowing how much stuff is on the to do list while time is ticking away.  Luckily my Dr. usually runs close to on time, but you never know when the day might be backed up.  So, here I am working away.If you've been following us on Instagram you know that we spent the weekend up in Logan a couple weeks back and went to the Vintage Market…


How to Glaze to get a Coastal Look

Awe...Spring, glorious Spring!  Who else is LOVING this beautiful weather?!  Temperatures have been nearly perfect (except for the one day last week it decided to snow again 🤦...but not to worry, it melted later that day).  I love seeing the forsythia, tulips and other spring flowers in full bloom. Soccer season is also in the full swing!  All 3 kiddos are playing which means Saturdays are pretty much full of games, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love watching my kiddos learn new skills and develop new talents. I know Spring has really just begun but it gets…


Tips to an Organized and Functional Garage

We hope you've had an egg-citing Easter weekend!  Here's what's crackin' around here.  (I know that's a bit corny but just humor me 😀)  Awe, just take a look at these shiny cabinets, the floor that looks clean enough to eat off of, and this clutter free garage!  We all dream of a garage like this don't we?  But when I see a garage like this I also see many dollar signs flashing before my eyes!  If you want more dreamy ideas like this one you can visit the site where I found this picture here.  Thanks for the great ideas…


Organizing Toys in 3 Simple Steps

Barbies and Dolls and Cars oh my!  Is your home getting overrun with toys?  Taming the toys in any home can be a big deal.  How is it though, that little tiny people can have so much stuff?  Is the answer to put an end to gift giving on Birthdays and Holidays?  We'd like to help you get those toys organized in 3 SIMPLE STEPS regardless if you have an actual toy room or not.  These steps will help anyone looking to manage toy clutter! Ready to get down and dirty?Step 1:  Declutter, Donate & Dispose, or you could call this step…

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