Revamp A Lamp

Hi Friends!  Don't you just love the fall?  At times I wish I lived somewhere that had a consistent warm temperature year round, lets say in San Diego for example, but then when the changing of the seasons come, I remember how fun it is to witness the changing beauty all around us.  The mountains here are full of a variety of beautiful hues of green, yellow, orange and red.  I've always been drawn to the fall season and colors.  In fact I always wanted to have an outdoor Fall wedding!  And somehow that worked out in our favor!  Dan and…


Best Halloween Party Ideas

Hi Ghosts and Ghouls, and welcome to our traditional family Halloween party!  Joining us from our Be-Witching Halloween Home Tour?  Thanks for spending more time with us!  We LOVE sharing our ideas and projects with our friends.  We're especially excited to share some of our family traditions for celebrating Halloween with all of you today!  Is it even possible to throw a successful party without serving food?!  Everyone loves to mingle and socialize over tasty morsels!  These are some of our family favorites that are a must at this party every year!  First off we have Mummy Dogs.  These of course…


Witches Brew Recipe

Hey everyone 👋  We're glad you're here.  If you can't tell already from our Halloween Party Post, Halloween Decor Ideas Post or the Dinner in a Pumpkin Post...we get into Halloween around here!  I believe this Witches Brew Recipe was introduced to our family when I was about 10 or so.  It hasn't been a part of our annual party as long as the Dinner in a Pumpkin but nonetheless it's still a favorite at our parties! We like to use old dishes and pitchers to display the measured ingredients in before the party starts.  This way we have time to…


Dinner In A Pumpkin Recipe

Hi friends!  I'm glad you've found our Dinner in a Pumpkin Recipe.   Are you clicking from our Best Halloween Party Ideas post?  We're glad you're spending more time with us!  We're excited to share this family recipe with all of you!   Who else loves a good hearty meal to warm up with during the Fall? 🙋‍♀️  I myself have plenty of nostalgic recipes and dishes I love that serve as comfort foods, this being one of them!  We've been making this dish for as long as I can remember for our annual family Halloween party!  The original recipe came from a…


Be-Witching Halloween Home Tour

Welcome Ghosts and Ghouls to our Be-Witching Halloween Home Tour. 👻  It might be a wicked lie if I didn't tell you I've kinda been excited for this post ALL year long!  Not because I especially enjoy the actual holiday of Halloween (I'll awkwardly admit I don't like passing out candy, and I could do without trick-or-treating), but I have developed a love for our family traditions revolving around Halloween.  As long as I can remember we've had a family Halloween party with all of the extended family every single year!  It's a party all look forward to, especially the kids. …

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How To Hang Curtains In A Bay Window

Hi and welcome to another Sunny Side Design tutorial!  Joining us from our No SEW Hemming tutorial?  Thanks for spending more time with us!  We LOVE sharing our ideas and projects with our friends.  Have you ever found yourself in a similar predicament?  You're styling a room and want to dress the windows up with some draperies...only to realize you CAN'T find a curtain rod that will hang inside your bay window?  Super frustrating right?!!  We've been there!  There was once a company that made custom rods to fit bay windows, but they no longer offer this service, and as far we…


EASY No Sew Hemming

Do you dream of having long flowing curtains in your space? Chances are any prefab curtains will be too long for your specific measurements. Would the idea of hemming them to the correct length defer you from making the curtain purchase? Maybe you despise sewing, or maybe you don't know how or don't have the means to hem them.  Well today I'm going to share with you the EASIEST way to hem your curtains with NO sewing! You read that right! Absolutely no sewing involved, and they look great! Before I dive into this simple no sew hemming hack I have to…


Easy DIY Board and Batten Wall For Only $50!

Hey guys! 🙋‍♀️ How've you all been? We've kept ourselves busy around here finishing up our projects we started during the summer.  How are your Honey Do lists going?  Did you get a lot accomplished during the summer months, or is the fall season your time to kick things into high gear and get'er done?  We've been so excited to finally unveil my new master bedroom retreat with all of you!  So today we have another little snippet of the room, to show you before the complete tour of the room.  I'm gonna show you how easily you can install your…


Fresh Fall Home Tour

Hi Friends! Thanks for stopping by!  If you're new here, WELCOME!  We love making new friends!  Say "Hi" in the comments below and let us know what projects you'd like to see.  You may also want to subscribe to our newsletter (to the right of the screen 😁) so you can stay in the'll always be in the know and see our latest projects!  (And NO SPAMMING, we promise!)  School is now in full swing and we've gotten back into our much needed routine around here.  It's hard to believe summer has come and gone already but we're ready to…

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DREAMY Master Bedroom Mood Board

Hey friends! It happened, we officially have a teenager in our home now! We celebrated Mr. G's 13th birthday last week! I can hardly believe it! (Mostly because I don't feel old enough to have a teenager ) He's a great kid and we're so blessed to have him in our family! We've been in our home for 4 years now and our poor master bedroom has been put on the back burner for way too long!  It's been fun to decorate other areas of our home, but it's high time we give this room a makeover! The only thing we…

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