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It’s our birthdays this month and we have a gift for you!!! Our post “Dated Bathroom to Black & White Beauty” has been our most popular post, with many comments about the fun bathroom art. As a gift to you we have created 6 different fun bathroom art sayings, available with either a white background or a chalkboard background. Check out how we used a few of them in our bathroom.

We printed a few of the designs at Sam’s Club. Cut blocks of wood which we painted black and simply mounted them to the blocks with glue, or simply place in a frame.

These are sure to put a smile on someones face. We can all use a little humor.

And if you love the amazing photograph above the shelf, you can find it at Alex Dickson Photography. I can brag a little about my son, it’s a mother’s right.  I LOVE his work and you can find it throughout our home.

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