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Painting the Beach scene

12 Beach Decor Ideas To Try this Summer, that will take you on a relaxing getaway, even if you don’t leave your own home.

Ah…summer time. The time of year we generally feel the need for a well deserved break and plan for getaways. A time to sit back, relax and be carefree. 

I’ve always been drawn to any destination with water. Whether it be a lake, an ocean or river. A summer getaway isn’t complete without some form of water activity.

Even as a child, this was the case, although that usually meant a swimming pool, even if it were in my hometown. 

As I’ve grown, the urge to relax near a body of water has only amplified.

For me it’s a time to decompress and invigorate my senses and view the beautiful world around me. I think feeling the warm soft sand between my toes and cooling my body from the heat of the day in the cold refreshing water refreshes my soul.

Listening to the waves crashing against the shore and slowly breathe in the fresh salty air tainted with scents of sunscreen while sipping on an ice cold beverage. 

Perhaps this is why I’m drawn to all things coastal. 

The whole beach scene in essence almost becomes a sanctuary as my stresses melt away.

Easy & Affordable Beach Decor Ideas

Today we’d like to share 12 easy and affordable beach decor ideas that you can implement in your own home to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Even though we’re focusing on the calm relaxing vibes that can be created with beach decor, it’s also important for the soul to play and have some fun. 

Why not freshen up your front porch with the invitation of excitement and fun using a pool noodle to hang on your front door?

beach decor ideas for the front porch

Or drape a beach towel and display squirt guns.

Patriotic Beach Decor

Beach decor can also be easily spruced up with patriotic decor. With multiple patriotic holidays during the summer months, it’s easy to incorporate this look simply with patriotic colors.

patriotic beach decor ideas

Or by placing small flags into a centerpiece or flower arrangement. 

Natural Beach Decor

beach decor ideas using shells

Displaying shells and coral is a simple way to create this calm coastal look. 

beach decor ideas for the mantle

If you like to gather mementos from your getaways such as shells or sand, displaying them can often bring back fond memories from these experiences. 

Beach decor can also include a variety of grasses. Small faux grasses are available at many home decor stores. 

Don’t forget you can clip fresh grasses straight from the yard, or side of the road for a free piece of beach decor!

Incorporating natural wood tones is also a great way to bring this calm relaxing look into your home. 

beach decor ideas for the bathroom
clever beach decor ideas wall art

Of course there are a plethora of beach decor ideas in our newly finished modern coastal bathroom! But perhaps my most favorite are these vintage inspired bathing suits. 

Even though these styles are way before my time, seeing them brings back nostalgic memories of beach getaways.

**Watch for digital beach decor on our Etsy shop in the near future!**

Free artwork

beach decor idea using a FREE printable

One last easy and FREE way to add a little beach decor into your home is to utilize free printables! 

Tap the button below to download all three of our free summer printables!

Certainly, whatever way you choose to incorporate beach decor into your home, remember to use those items that will evoke joyful memories. These will enhance the calm and carefree atmosphere in your space, even if you’re not able to enjoy an actual getaway.

Thanks for joining us today. We hope you’ve been inspired to add a little beach decor to your home this summer. 

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