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Do you have a tween that’s looking for a more grown-up bedroom? Little Miss’ has been begging for a year to have her bedroom updated with a more mature look. This week the makeover began! Which means we have been online searching for inspiration for Bedroom Ideas for Tweens, specifically for girls rooms.

Little Miss has been very specific about what she wants in her space. She loves blue and wanted a dark navy blue wall with accents of blush and gold. 

We have included her in all of the ideas for this tween bedroom makeover. She is drawn to a couple of different styles. With a little creativity we will be incorporating French, Boho and Glam into this room design.

Most tween girls I know love a little bling in their spaces. 

Elements that we may want to incorporate Tween bedroom – French Country mixed with a bit of Boho and glam! Just what every tween girl is looking for, soft and comfortable fabrics embellished with a little bling. Navy and blush color scheme, accented with touches of gold and marble, as well as plants and natural fibers that feel a little boho. 

We thought it would be fun to put together a little boutique of bedroom ideas for tweens. Enjoy this with your tween, and maybe you will find a little something that you like too!

Another fun idea to add to a tween bedroom is LED strip lights.

If your tween hasn’t asked for them, they soon will.

Take a look how we installed and concealed them here.

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Bedroom Ideas for Tweens Boutique

Thanks for stopping by! Did you find some inspiration for your tween? Did you see something you would like to incorporate into your home? 

Be sure to check out tomorrows post to get a sneak peak into the transformation of Little Miss’ bedroom!

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Bedroom Ideas for Tweens

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