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Delicious Halloween food is a must for every Halloween party

Hi Ghosts and Ghouls, and welcome to our traditional family Halloween party!  Joining us from our Be-Witching Halloween Home Tour?  Thanks for spending more time with us!  We LOVE sharing our ideas and projects with our friends.  We’re especially excited to share some of our family traditions for celebrating Halloween with all of you today!  Is it even possible to throw a successful party without serving food?!  Everyone loves to mingle and socialize over tasty morsels!  These are some of our family favorites that are a must at this party every year!  First off we have Mummy Dogs.  These of course are a favorite of the kids and so easy to make. Just cut strips of crescent roll dough into strips, wrap around each hot dot and bake at 350° until lightly browned.

Halloween Party Snacks

Every now and again we’ll introduce the family to a new recipe that’s to die for, even if it looks absolutely disgusting like these Monster Cotton Swabs! These are so quick and easy to make, just place a large marshmallow on each end of a sucker stick and spread a little orange marmalade on each marshmallow. Ewe!

Halloween Party Food ideas

Funny Bones with dragons blood dipping sauce (bread sticks and marinara sauce) are a tasty finger food that goes well with our spooky main dish.  

Halloween food ideas for a party

Monster Eyes (mini cheese balls and crackers) are also an easy munchie to add to the spread. Just take your favorite cheeseball recipe and shape into 1″ balls, top with a sliced olive and you’ve got a spooky hors d’oeuvre.

Halloween Party food ideas

Pumpkin Puke with Bat Wings (Homemade guacamole and chips) are also a must!  Just make sure to find the blue tortilla chips for the bat wings.

Dinner in a pumpkin

For the main dish we serve “Dinner in a Pumpkin.”  We’ve been making this for as long as I can remember!  It’s become one of those meals I look forward to every fall.  It’s so tasty!  And as PROMISED you have full access to this recipe HERE!  The recipe has been adapted over the years as a result of my Grandma misplacing the recipe and making up her recipe.  Turns out the family likes her version better, so grandma’s recipe it is!

We hope you enjoy this family favorite as much as we do!  Let us know how you like it.  Do you love cooking?  If you were to create your own dinner in a pumpkin, what ingredients would you use?

The last must have at our Halloween Party is the Witches Brew!  The kids love to help add all the ingredients and watch it begin to bubble as the last ingredient is added to the cauldron.  We promised to share this spooky recipe with you too!  If you want to find out what our secret ingredient to a bubbly Witches Brew is, click below. 

Create a family tradition
Making memories with family
Witches Brew
Making witches brew

Still curious what our secret Witches Brew Ingredients are?  Click the button below!

Halloween party games with food
Eat a donut off of a string.

As if we didn’t already stuff our faces full of a delicious dinner, more than one of our games revolves around food! 🤦‍♀️😋 We always play the infamous donut on a string game!  The objective is to eat the donut off  of the string without using your hands or anything else to help you, except your mouth, before anyone else can.  I must say that playing this year after year, we have gained several speedy donut eaters in this family!!

More Halloween Party games
Halloween Piñata
Halloween Piñata

Some years we’ll even have a piñata.  Can you just feel your stomach getting more sick with each new activity?  Lets just say that the kids leave this party with a nice goodie bag that lasts days!  After eating dinner and playing the donut game, there’s no more room for any more food, or candy!  🍭🍬

Party Games for the kids

There are several games that we rotate through each year.  On occasion we will try to give Frankenstein a brain.  This is of course fun for the little ones, but it can also get quite competitive with the teens and adults too! 😂 We actually toss rubber hearts that we picked up at the dollar store. We haven’t found a rubber brain yet! 😂  We found the Frankenstein free printable at Three Little Monkeys Studio.

Fun Halloween Party games
Halloween party games
Halloween Party Games

Another favorite among young and old is this balloon pop game.  Everyone has a small balloon tied to a string that is then tied around one ankle.  There are 2 teams one will have an orange balloons, the other team will have a black balloons. The objective is to try to pop as many balloons as you can that belong to the opposing team while trying to keep yours intact. The team with the last unpopped balloon wins! This one can get pretty rowdy…that may just be due to the fact that our family is pretty competitive! 👊 Of course the winning team always gets candy!

Too cute to spook

Just look at that little Olaf standing amidst the commotion of crazy people running around popping balloons! 😂  Not sure if he’s a little concerned or just stuck thinking we’re all crazy people!

Halloween Party Games

And who doesn’t like a good game of Mummy Wrap?  It’s always so comical to watch the family play this.  The poor little kids just get super dizzy trying to spin themselves up in the toilet paper, while the older kids and teens have their own speedy methods to being the first mummy wrapped.  Lets just say there’s a lot of cheering and commotion as this game takes place.  All that you need is a roll of toilet paper for each team of 2. It does help to use a better quality of TP, and if you are like my uncle, frugal, you will gather up the toilet paper and take it home to use later! 😂

Sweet little Halloween witch

We start’em young around these parts!  I couldn’t resist sneaking this cute photo in here.  This is my Little Miss at her first family Halloween party, 7 years ago.  As I mentioned in the Be-Witching Halloween Home Tour post, everyone comes dressed up to this party!  If you don’t you’ll be the odd man out.

Halloween costume ideas
Halloween party costumes

Some years we have some pretty incredible costumes!  My personal favorites seem to always be my Brother and his Wife!  They get pretty creative and always keep us laughing!   From Duck Dynasty, Captain Jack Sparrow, Richard Simmons to Elsa and Anna…it doesn’t get much better than this!  😂  

Halloween costume ideas
Halloween Costume ideas

What are some of the best costumes you’ve dressed up in, or seen on others?

We hope you enjoyed some of our family traditions.  Did you get some new ideas for your own family fun?  What activities, costumes or recipes do you want to try?  Do you have any other family favorites you think we should add to our party?!  Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!  

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