Dated Bathroom to Black & White Beauty

This is my dream bathroom, I have always loved black and white. In fact, when I was 10 years old my mom let me decorate my bedroom and make all the decisions. I chose a black and white wallpaper (it resembled an old newspaper) white shutters, a black fake fur bedding, with a pop of red as an accent color. I absolutely loved it. I generally use black as a grounding color in every room.  So, as I thought about remodeling this bathroom, my immediate inclination was black and white with a pop of hot pink.

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When we purchased this home, I knew this bathroom would get a complete overhaul. The maple cabinetry was very dated with yellow tones and shiny brass hardware, it screamed the 90’s. The floors had a white 12 X 12 tile with green grout, EEEK. The walls a very light pink, and a HUGE brass vanity light.

And to top it all off the tub/shower accent tile was a mauve-pink and a minty-green. Definitely not my cup of tea!

The white 4 X 4 tile was actually in great condition and my initial thoughts were to save money by keeping the white tile and just remove the 2 rows of tile that were pink and green, but my experiment was a fail! I ended up tearing out all the tile and replacing it with white subway tile accented with a white penny tile and a black  pencil liner tile. To see the  tile tutorial that went from fail to fabulous, click here.

The large plate glass mirror was removed and replaced with this fabulous vintage mirror that I picked up at a local vintage market for $75. I love all the aged imperfections that reflect its history. If only it could talk, I’m sure it would have some stories to tell. The wall above the vanity was shiplapped with utility plywood for $14. I had the plywood cut into 6″ strips at Home Depot and then cut them to length and put it up with a brad nailer leaving an 1/8″ gap using tile spacers. Tip: for ease in painting, paint the wall first as well as the edges of the plywood, then you’re not trying to cram paint into a narrow gap. Now lets talk about these fabulous pendant lights. They are from Murray Feiss, Amato collection. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them. To me, they are the icing on the cake! I also knew I wanted Carrera marble for the counter, luckily I found a remnant and it was installed with the rectangular sink for $700. The faucet is Moen Boardwalk spot-resistant brushed nickel finish. 

The cute little tray for organizing my goodies on the counter is actually a wooden charger I found at World Market.

I chose to keep the base of the cabinet, paint it and replace the drawers and door fronts. The old custom built cabinet was solid and it would have cost a pretty penny  to replace it with something to fit the spot, so I opted to have new drawers/doors custom made at a fraction of the cost of a new cabinet. I had new drawer fronts and doors made at then had them professionally sprayed black. I also purchased new soft closing hinges as well as the hardware through for a total of $350. What a bargain!

The ceiling in both sections of the bathroom is painted Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black, but I had it mixed at Home Depot using Behr Paint. I love the thick creamy texture and the coverage I get with Behr paint. It’s the only paint I will use. When I voiced my idea of a black ceiling by hubby Steve was not too thrilled about the idea. I assured him that if we didn’t love it I would repaint it. I think it’s fabulous, the reaction from my 3 year-old grandson Mr. A said “Oh, grandma your ceiling is BLACK!” I told him, yep and I LOVE IT. The exhaust fan cover was also painted (flat black spray paint) so it would blend into the ceiling. Let’s talk about the fabulous shower curtain, yes, I made it. Every time I would browse the home decor fabrics at Hobby Lobby this fabric would jump out at me. I loved the vibrant colors, but at the time had no idea where I could use it, but why not a shower curtain? It’s hung with rhinestone shower rings and a fabric liner and it’s fabulous!  (Hobby Lobby no longer carries this fabric, but you can find it on here.)

Now for the tile, white penny for the floor and tub/shower border with the basic 3 X 6 subway tile, finished with a charcoal grout. The dark grout really adds some drama to this room. I love the final results, but it was a long road to get here. Check out the tile tutorial to see my original plan, execution, fail and victory! 

The shower niche is fabulous, a great place to store all the product. There you have it, my FAB Black and White bathroom. If this bathroom remodel inspires you please share and PIN IT!

And as always here at Sunny Side Design we hope to . . .


Curious how much this transformation cost! Here is a break down of what we spent:

Cabinet doors and drawer fronts $350

Marble counter with undermount sink $700

Plumbing fixtures $125

Paint $50

Tile $300

Shower curtain $100

Toilet $175

Lighting $300

Mirror and accessories $100

For a grand total of $2200! Not bad for a total new space!

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  1. Stunning bathroom transformation. Pinning!
    Have a great day,
    Kippi #kippiathome

    1. Thank you so much Kippi, we are thrilled you found our site. We hope you will enjoy following along on our journey in transforming our homes.

  2. How did you make the shower curtain? How much fabric did it take?

    1. Thank you Robin for your question. The shower curtain was simple to make. I used 5 yards of fabric, I wanted it to be full (not pulled tight) when closed. I cut the fabric in half, stitched the 2 pieces together, folded in the sides 1″ and stitched it in place. I then hemmed up the bottom with a 1″ hem and folded down the top 3″ for the header, and stitched again. I made button holes with my sewing machine for the shower rings to slide through.

      If you do not like to sew, this can be made with “Steam a Stitch” or fabric glue. You could also use grommets found in the notion section of any fabric store for the shower rings to go through.

      When I hung up the shower curtain, I used a fabric shower liner that can be removed and laundered.

      I hope this has been helpful Robin, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. So beautiful!! The shower curtain and mirror really make it pop! Amazing that you bought all that tile for $300!? Where did you purchase it?

    1. Thank you so much Christine. I purchased the tile for the shower wall above the tub at Floor & Decor. Their tile is very economical, especially the basic white subway and penny tile.

  4. Where did you buy the mirror? The room looks great!

    1. Thank you so much! I found the mirror at a local vintage market a couple of years ago. It was a real treasure!

  5. I LOVE this bathroom redo. Fabulous! Where did you get the flush mount light? It matched the pendents very well.

    Thank you,

    Linda perry

    1. Thank you Linda! The flush mount light I ordered through The manufacturer is Craftmade, Sydney 3 light flush mount. I’m sorry to say they no longer carry it. I have loved it so much, I wanted to put it in the spare bedroom also.

  6. Great photography! 😉

    1. Yes, I do have an amazing photographer! <3

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