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We recently finished creating a new bedroom suite for our client, with a beautiful board and batten wall with a hidden door.

And we are so excited to share it with you!

Our client, Karla dreamed of a walk-in closet, with all of her clothes in one space.

Clearly, getting ready in the morning was difficult to say the least, because she had clothing hanging in 4 different closets in her home!

Her dream was one large walk-in closet, however her small room prohibited that.

But with re-imagining her space and adding square footage from the room next door, we were able to give her the bedroom suite of her dreams.

Before Bedroom Renovation

Let’s take a look at Karla’s room before.

The current room was 10′ x 11′, plus a 4′ wide closet.

If we took down the wall between the bedroom and office, we could create a large walk-in closet, as well as a sitting area.

Board and Batten Wall Design Plan

Floor plan of the design for the new bedwoom suite, with the board and batten wall.

Here is the plan we came up with for the new bedroom suite.

We would create a sizeable walk-in closet at the far end of the room.

Create a desk area in the former closet of the office.

And now with the bed centered on the closet wall, clearly we wanted to create a gorgeous feature wall.

But there would need to be a door on the feature wall for the closet.

And what better way to do that than with a beautiful board and batten wall, concealing the door with molding.

To plan out our design for this beautiful board and batten wall, we made a sketch of the wall on graph paper and began laying out our pattern.

The width of the battens (vertical boards) was determined by the size of the pocket door.

Another thing to consider, this design should be centered on the bed.

You can see from our drawing the first row of horizontal boards across the top aligned with the top of the door frame.

Then the other horizontal boards were evenly spaced on the remainder of the wall.

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Wall Demolition

Before view of bedroom, with apple green walls and wall partially taken down between 2 small bedrooms.

Before we could start implementing this design, the wall needed to be removed between the two rooms.

Before view of the bedroom. The wall has been taken down between 2 small bedrooms, cardboard on the ceiling to prevent insulation from falling. Tools on a worktable, drywall leaning against the wall.

Once the demolition was finished, an electrician installed new can lights in the sitting area, closet area and centered a light fixture over the bed.

In addition, drywall was also installed in the area where the wall was removed.

Install Wall with Pocket Door

Framed walk-in closet area with hardware for pocket door. Before apple green wall color.

Next a new wall was framed for the walk-in closet.

It was built 4 1/2′ from the existing wall, thus creating a 4 1/2′ x 10′ walk-in closet.

Also in this new wall, we had a pocket door installed.

Finally drywall was installed on the wall, preparing it for our board and batten feature wall.

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Install Molding for Board and Batten Wall

Primed board and batten wall, pocket door has paint samples on it.

The base molding and the header molding were first installed.

Then the battens or vertical boards were installed, followed by the horizontal boards.

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Also all of the boards were caulked, and nail holes puttied.

For tips for using caulk, wood filler, wood putty and spackle click here.

Then primer was applied to the wall.

To create the concealed door, molding was also installed on the door following our board and batten pattern.

In order for the pocket door to slide properly the molding for the door needed be about 1/8″ thinner.

This was achieved with a belt sander.

If you have questions about installing a board and batten wall checkout our latest video.

Dark gray board and batten wall with hidden door.

Here’s our feature board and batten wall with the beautiful charcoal gray paint.

If you want a more traditional look take a look at our cozy home office library with picture frame moulding.

Dark gray board and batten wall with pocket door open to walk in closet. Closet is also painted dark gray with white shelving.

The same charcoal gray paint was also used in the closet with white shelving, creating a moody feel.

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Board and Batten Wall with Hidden Door

Dark gray board and batten wall with pocket door. Surrounding walls light blue. White upholstered headboard with nailhead trim against dark gray wall, gray and white damask beddint with blue addent pillows.

And here’s the completed room.

The pocket door with our board and batten design slides neatly into the wall.

Don’t you love the classic pattern of the board and batten wall?!

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View of the walk-in closet. Dark gray walls with white cabinet and sheving. Folded clothing on the shelves.

As the wall came down between the two rooms, so did the linen closet.

So not only did we need to create space for all of the clothing, but also an area for bedding and towels.

The white cabinet also stores 24 pairs of shoes.

View of the walk-in closet. Dark gray walls with white shelving and closes hanging from white rods, sorted by color.
Dark gray board and batten wall with french style wood nightstand, white distressed lamp, white upholstered bed with nailhead trim., blue pillows and gray and white damask bedding.

A soothing color palette of grays and blues, create a relaxed and calm feeling in this bedroom suite.

Dark gray board and batten wall with french style wood nightstand, white distressed lamp, white upholstered bed with nailhead trim., blue pillows and gray and white damask bedding.

Check out our clients reaction to her new bedroom suite.

Gray and white patterned fabric chair in forground. Light blue walls with oil painting of seascape and dark gray board and batten wall in background with nightstand and bed.

Make sure you check back next week when we reveal the other side of the room, with the “cloffice”!

Yes, we turned the other closet area into a mini office!

For more details of this cloffice click here.

Refinished vintage french styled dresser in a medium wood tone. styled with a mirrored tray and vases.

A beautiful vintage french dresser and nightstand were refinished for the room.

It’s hard to find solid wood furniture these days.

It’s definitely worth the effort to refinish them and bring them back into the room.

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Dark gray board and batten wall with french style wood nightstand, white distressed lamp, white upholstered bed with nailhead trim., blue pillows and gray and white damask bedding.

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