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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ideas to add organization and storage to your home.

It seems to me that many newer homes are lacking storage for brooms, mops, vacuums and cleaning supplies.

Many older homes seem to have a broom closet.

In fact, I remember my grandmother’s home having a small broom closet in her kitchen.

That’s exactly what my home was lacking, a utility or broom closet.

So when I started making plans to remodel my laundry room, I decided to add a small broom closet.

For years, I’ve had to keep my vacuum, sweeper, and mop in my pantry or coat closet.

Can you relate?

It’s not the ideal place for storing cleaning equipment and supplies.

It’s week 4 of the One Room challenge and this week we’ll share how we increased the functionality of my laundry room by adding a small broom closet.

Not only did we create a storage area for the broom, mop and vacuum, but we also added shelves for even more organization.

Scroll down and see how we did it.

Just as a reminder, you can easily navigate through each week of this Modern Cottage Laundry Room project.

What is the Standard Size of a Broom Closet?

While the standard height of a broom is about 65″, a general good height for a broom closet is 72″, with a width and depth of 16″

Depending on where you locate your broom closet, I think it’s a good idea to make it as large as possible.

In our situation, we are using an unused corner of my laundry room.

With our allotted space we were able to make a broom closet that’s 22″ wide, 18″ deep and 8′ tall.

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Prepare Your Space

White tile floor and tools for removing the tile.

At the far end of my laundry room, I had an upper and lower cabinet with a countertop.

While I could use the cupboards for storage, I felt that a broom closet would be far more functional for me.

First on the agenda was to remove the cabinets.

In addition, we also removed the baseboards and tile preparing the space for my new broom closet.

Framing in the Broom Closet

Lumber framed for wall of small closet in a laundry room.

Once the space is all cleared, you can begin framing out the utility closet.

First, we marked the wall with a pencil line showing the location of the studs.

We then cut the header and footer pieces the length of the wall.

Then cut studs to fit the heights of the wall.

The wall is put together flat on the floor by placing nails through the header and footer pieces into each stud.

Once the wall is built it is lifted, aligning the wall with the pencil markings.

Lumber for framing wall for a broom closet.

At this time, we are ready to secure the studs to the existing wall.

Usually a wall like this is secured into a stud.

But because we are adding a wall to an existing room, we did not have a stud at the location of our wall.

Therefore we will be securing our stud to the existing wall with mollies.

First we drilled a hole into the 2×4 stud and into the wall.

Mans hand plainging a molly bolt through a hold in lumber into the wall.

Then the molly or wall anchor along with a washer is placed into the hole.

Using a screwdriver tighten the bolt until snug and secure.

We placed 3 wall anchors along the stud as well as 4 wall anchors along the header boards.

The framed wall and door casing for a small closet.

Also we were able to secure the footer section to the floor with screws.

In addition, we purchased a pre-hung door, leveled it and secured it to the 2×4 framed walls.

Drywall and Mud

Man's hand holding a putty knife, spreading dry wall mud on the sheetrock of a closet.

Now that the framing is complete, you are ready to install the drywall and mud the corners and screws.

The drywall mud is applied in a series of layers.

It requires a lot of patience.

You smooth it on, let it dry, sand and repeat until you have a smooth wall finish.

Next install the door casings and baseboards.

Then caulk the seams and fill in the nail holes with putty.

Finally sand until smooth.

Now you’re ready to paint.

Apply one coat of primer and two coats of paint.

As a rule I like to paint a small area like a closet before I install the shelves.

It just makes the entire process easier than trying to fit yourself into a small and confined area to get the job done.

Customize Broom Closet with Shelves and Hangers

Wood supports for shelves in a broom closet

Now it’s time to install the cleats for the shelves.

First determine the location for your shelves.

I first marked mine with a pencil and used a level to make sure they were the same height on each of the 3 walls.

Then cut the wood for the cleats to the desired length for each wall.

Next find the studs in the wall and secure the cleats to the wall at each stud.

Finally, fill the nail holes with putty, caulk the seams and paint.

Once again, I think it’s easier to paint the cleats before the shelf is secure into position.

In fact, I like to cut the shelf to length and prime and paint it before I install it.

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Woman's hand holding a brad nailer along a shelf in a closet.

It’s now time to place the shelves on top of the cleat and secure with the brad nailer to the cleat.

Note: Place the lower shelf in first and secure into place. Then add the next shelf that will go on top. This will make it easier to fit the nail gun into a tight space.

Believe me I learned that out the hard way.

Finally caulk around the edges of the shelves, fill in the nail holes with putty and follow up with paint.

A Functional Broom Closet

Inside of small broom closet. Lavender vacuum, mop, wool duster, and dusting clothes in closet with a black door.

Add any remaining hangers or hooks to make your broom closet more functional.

Then sit back and enjoy all of that amazing organization.

Inside of small broom closet. Lavender vacuum, mop, wool duster, and dusting clothes in closet with a black door.
Inside of small broom closet. Lavender vacuum, mop, wool duster, and dusting clothes in closet with a black door.

That completes week 4 of the One Room Challenge.

I am loving the way my laundry room is coming together.

Most of all I am loving all of this added storage and organization!

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