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15 Amazing Organizing Ideas For Your Kitchen

We hope you've been enjoying the recent organization and spring cleaning posts!  We have so many more tips and tricks to keeping a clean and orderly home this month!  Monday's post was REAL LIFE, unedited reality!  Now that I'm completely embarrassed, no...not even embarrassed, I'm mortified that I even let my Mom post and share our counter clutter for all of you to see! Today we'd like to show you some of our kitchen organization tips.  Since the kitchen is the main hub of the home we strongly believe that if this area of the home is kept well organized and things…


Conquering Paper Clutter

As I sit here today in my kitchen beginning to write my post, I look across the island and there sits todays mail, a couple of receipts and a catalog I would like to look at later and my day planner. Our lives are completely bombarded with STUFF!  And if I had children living in my home there would be backpacks, school papers, lesson books, etc. It seems that the paper never ends! No matter how hard I try, it is still a challenge! Today our focus is counter clutter, the endless piles that seem to continuously multiply. Every flat surface…

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Just 10 Minutes a Day for a Deep Clean Home

Deep Cleaning a House has Never Been Easier | FREE Checklist

Do you have the spring cleaning bug?  You want things clean, but are feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of it? Well guess what, deep cleaning a house has never been easier!  Yes, you heard it right, there is an easier way. With this method there is no need for spring cleaning!  Just scroll on down and I'll share my inspiration and method with you. It only takes 10 minutes a day and as a result my home is deep clean all year long. In fact, it only takes 10 minutes a day, five days a week. Are you curious?…


Mudroom Organization

We are so excited to share some organizing tips today in the mudroom. This mudroom is in Stephanie’s house, it's the transition area between the garage and living area, a great spot to implement some custom storage. Their home builder had included a built-in bench in this area, but no storage. When they built their home they opted to not have the bench installed, planning on someday incorporating some built-in storage. If you are look for more ideas to organize your home, check out 30 Small Kitchen Organization ideas. This is a view of the mudroom area from the model home that…