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Looking for a cheap and unique headboard idea? You won’t believe what we used to create this one of a kind unique headboard! You’ll want to use this product on all kinds of projects!

Inspiration for Unique Headboard

First of all, have any of you been working on a project and had a very specific vision in your mind how you want it to look?

That’s me…ALL…THE…TIME! 😂

Sometimes this proves to be a challenge if you can’t find the right materials to work with.

Take this awesome Tool Chest Dresser project for example.

This dresser makeover sat mostly completed for years! That is until I finally found the perfect product to use!

(You can read all about why this was the perfect option in the dresser tutorial.)

Carpet Protector! Who would’ve thought, right?

After using it on the Tool Chest Dresser, and discovering how EASY it is to work with, I knew I had to use it on the headboard and footboard of the bed as well!

And at $2.17/ft. you can’t go wrong with that price!

(This runner, sold by the foot may only be available in store at your local Home Depot, however I did find a ton of similar options they have available online. Take a look.) 

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Creating the Unique Headboard: Step 1

Measure the desired area on the headboard and footboard that is to be covered. Then cut the carpet protector to size. 

Once cut, place the carpet protector in the desired area on the bed to make sure it fits properly. Make any adjustments as needed.

Be sure to label the TOP edge of each piece to be sure you’ll apply it in the right direction. 

(Often times we assume things are square…but this will save you the headache later if you can’t get it to fit perfectly!)

The quickest way I found to make a nice straight edge was to use my cutting mat, ruler and a utility knife. 

Scissors also work well to cut this! 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Preparing the Unique Headboard: Step 2

Prepare the surface of the bed by wiping clean with a damp cloth.

Mask off any areas you don’t want the adhesive to get on.

Apply adhesive with a foam roller.

tool chest dresser

I used this contact cement by DAP. It was really easy to use, had very little to no odor and has a strong and durable bond.

Be sure to follow the directions for accurate application tips, and specific dry times.

As per the directions, the contact cement was applied to both the surface of the bed and the carpet protector.

Applying Product to Unique Headboard:

Step 3

Carefully line up the carpet protector and press into place. You may need an extra set of hands for this step if you’re working with a large piece. 

Once it’s into position, firmly rub over entire area to make sure it is adhered. Allow to dry. 

Repeat this step for both the headboard and footboard.

After removing the painters tape you may see a few spots of adhesive to clean up. 

(This was mostly an error on my part…I wasn’t as picky with my tape job in some spots as I should’ve been.)

I used a glue eraser to rub the excess adhesive away. 

This cool little tool comes in handy with any art or craft project! Cleans glue right up!

Unique Headboard for a Boys Bedroom

And here’s the finished project. The headboard doesn’t show a hole lot, but it would look funny if it wasn’t matching the footboard. 😉

I love how the bed now ties in with the dresser top and other metallic finishes in this room!

Tool Chest Dresser

This was a super quick and easy way to add a little bit of character to this otherwise plain bed. It was completed in just an afternoon from start to finish!

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Thanks for spending some time with us today! We hope you found this tutorial helpful, and received a little inspiration to kick off your own projects!

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We hope you have a great day!

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    The theme of this bedroom is the cleverest thing EVER! The tool chest dresser is so incredibly creative! Bravo!

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      Awe, thank you so much Diane! It definitely was so fun to do.

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