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The Best Ideas for Christmas Tree Decorating with Unique Elements

When it comes to Christmas decorations the most important by far is the Christmas tree! Can you even image Christmas without a tree?

Continuing on with our warm and cozy traditional Christmas theme this year, we will be incorporating similar cozy elements to the tree.

You may have wondered “What is the best way to decorate a Christmas tree?” or “How do you make a beautiful Christmas tree?”

Not only will we share our tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree, but we’ll share what colors are trending for Christmas 2020!


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Video: Decorate the tree with us

Fluff that tree


First things first, after setting up the tree, give it a good fluffing.

No one wants to have a flat tree! You may even try fluffing the tree as you set it up. Starting at the bottom layer, fluff all the branches before adding the next tree layer on top. Repeat as you build the tree.

Choose a theme


Choosing a theme will make Christmas tree decorating that much easier! Make a list of all the elements you’d like to add to your tree. Once the items are gathered, you’ll get a good visual of the finished look and you’ll be able to see if any additional elements are needed.

Being that 2020 has been a year like none other, we’re starving for a nostalgic traditional cozy family Christmas this year!

We chose to go back to the traditional colors of red and green this year. Little did we know that these are the top trending colors for Christmas in 2020!

Begin by adding the garland


Through all our years of Christmas tree decorating, we’ve always added the garland last. This year however, we decided to add the garland first!

Why you ask?

We made our own garland this year by ripping strips of white faux fur fabric. Because it’s so fluffy and full we opted to place the garland first so we could hang ornaments around it.

Otherwise, we likely would have moved ornaments around as the garland was being placed due to it covering the ornaments.

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There’s a first for everything, we’ll both be adding the garland first from now on!

Don’t you just love how cozy and fluffy this faux fur garland is? It reminds me of the edging on Santa’s coat and hat.

Adding the topper and ribbon


Again, generally we have added the topper and ribbon as some of the last elements.

This year however, we chose to add the topper and ribbon first, again so we wouldn’t have to adjust ornaments once placed.

First we added a large bow made from this darling flannel ribbon we found at Michaels. It matches the Christmas pillow covers we made perfectly!

Once the bow was in place, we cut strips of the same ribbon about 12″ long and tucked them in the tree. This gives the illusion of ribbon flowing down the entire tree, but it’s a more cost effective way because less ribbon is being used.

Add large ornaments first


Next, we added the largest ornaments, focusing on any bare spots or holes in the tree.


We then added on a couple strands of faux popcorn and cranberry garland from Hobby Lobby. Just enough to give a hint of a traditional Christmas past.

Add smaller ornaments


Now it’s time to add in more color!

Using smaller ornaments of shiny and matte red, we hung them on the outside of the tree branches. While others were hung recessed into the tree creating some depth.


This step was repeated with white and silver ornaments to create even more texture and reflection.

When adding colored ornaments, we like to add each color one at a time. This allows us to evenly space the color around the tree.

Adding sentimental ornaments


Because we really want the homemade Christmas ornament keepsakes to stand out, we opted to add these at the end. This way they would hang on the outer edges of the tree and really make a statement.

My kids have already had so much fun looking at the trees and searching to find themselves on the ornaments.

You can see how easy these ornaments are to make here.


One last sentimental touch, adding in these ice skate ornaments.

My Mom remembers getting her first pair of ice skates from her parents when she was just 5 years old. My grandma even made her a little ice skating outfit, complete with skirt, sweater and tights to go with them.

When we saw these skate ornaments at Hobby Lobby we knew they needed to be incorporated into the Christmas tree decorating! They fit perfectly with our nostalgic theme from Christmases past.

Last add picks


Finally we added in some white “snowballs” to finish off the trees. We found these in the floral section at Hobby Lobby. We love the way the balls dangle and knew they’d be the perfect touch on the trees!


Thanks for spending some time with us today. We hope you’ve learned some new tips and tricks to decorating your Christmas tree.

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