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Are your glass light fixtures looking streaky and dull?

Are you wondering what’s the best way to clean glass light fixtures?

In this post, we’ll show you how to get them sparkling clean with our easy method that uses your dishwasher!

That’s right, you can use your dishwasher for more than just dishes.

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom glass light fixtures, the biggest challenge is that dust isn’t the only concern.

In the kitchen, you may have a greasy film from cooking while in bathrooms you may have a combination of dust and product residue from hair care products.

Wiping them with warm sudsy water and drying them with a towel may get the job done, but can often leave streaks.

Over the years I’ve tried many methods to clean glass light fixtures, from a soak in warm sudsy water to vinegar and water.

But last year I decided to try cleaning the glass globes in the dishwasher and the results were amazing.

Bathroom Glass light globe with a film of dust and hair products.

As you can see that our glass light fixtures are looking a little shabby and could use a good cleaning.

Without a doubt, the bathroom and kitchen fixtures are the most difficult to clean.

Steph and I decided to take down all of our glass light fixtures and give them all a good cleaning in the dishwasher.

In total, we took down and cleaned 20 glass light globes.

Unscrew Glass Light Fixture

Remove glass globe from the light fixture.

The first step is to carefully remove your glass globe or glass shades.

You’ll want to take care that you don’t break your glass, they can be difficult to replace.

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Place Glass Globe in Dishwasher

Place dirty glass globes and light fixtures in the dishwasher.

To clean my glass light fixtures, I simply placed them in my dishwasher.

I did not rinse them or try to remove any of the dust or film.

As I did a little research, it’s recommended to place the glass light globes on the top rack of your dishwasher.

In my case, I often place glasses on the bottom rack of my dishwasher and get great results.

No matter which rack you place them on, you’ll want to make sure they are secure.

You don’t want them shifting during the cleaning cycle and cracking.

Place dishwater detergent in the receptacle.

Set the dishwasher for a normal cycle and let it run its course.

You’ll find that any greasy film from kitchen fixtures and product residue from bathroom fixtures vanishes.

I also find it helpful to make sure the rinse dispenser (Jet Dry) is full.

It’s also recommended not to use the heat dry option on your dishwasher.

And wipe the glass globes with a microfiber cloth when it’s finished cleaning.

In my case, I let it run the full cycle, my dishwasher does not have a heating element in it.

You just don’t want your glass to get too hot and crack.

This method works great if you have a dishwasher that cleans without leaving spots or a film.

We used my dishwasher to clean all or our glass globes.

By the way, a year or so ago I purchased the best dishwasher I’ve every had, a Bosch.

Steph is in need of a new dishwasher.

Her dishwasher leaves a film on everything.

Once the dishwasher was started, I left for a nail appointment and returned home to sparkling clean glass globes.

Clean glass light fixtures in a dishwasher.

If your glass light fixtures have any moisture on them, wipe them with a microfiber cloth.

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Replace Clean Glass Light Fixtures

Once the glass light fixtures are clean you simply need to place them back on your light fixtures.

Placing clean glass light globe back on light fixture.

Using this method, you can ensure that your glass light fixtures stay streak-free and crystal clear!

Try it out today for a quick and easy way to keep your home looking its best.

Before and After Results

Before and after images of bathroom light fixture.
Before and after images of bathroom light fixture, cleaning glass globes in the dishwasher.
Before and after image of clean glass light fixtures, pool table light.

Can you believe these amazing results!

And with minimal effort.

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Are you ready to get your glass light fixtures shining again?

Our easy method of cleaning with a dishwasher is sure to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Don’t let greasy film or product residue ruin the look of your lighting fixtures – try out our cleaning method today for sparkling results!

Happy cleaning!

Let us know if you try this method of cleaning your glass light fixtures.

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  1. Kris R.

    Has anyone tried this method with frosted glass globes? Seems that it would make the task easier but would it damage the swirled frosted surface?

    1. Stephanie

      That’s a great question Kris. I have not tried this method with frosted glass. If it is painted on I would not suggest using this method.

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