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Repurposed Furniture Ideas that will blow your mind!

If you’ve learned anything about us through our blogging journey, you know we love thrifting and refinishing furniture. Put the two together and we may as well be in heaven! You’ve likely seen many of our own repurposed furniture items throughout our blog.

Some of our favorites are:

Today we’re anxious to showcase several repurposed furniture ideas from some of our talented blogging friends! You’re sure to find inspiration from each of these clever and unique ideas. You may even be inspired to refinish an existing piece in your home!

If you’ve missed any of our own repurposed projects you can see them here.

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Repurposed Furniture Ideas

Repurposed Roll Top Desk Makeover

repurposed vintage roll top desk

First of all don’t you love this color combo? As one of three BEHRbox Challenge designers, Lindsay repurposed this vintage roll top desk! I love the overall modern and earthy look. Such a drastic change from the before!

Faux Bamboo Nightstand

As featured in her Thrift Score Thursday, Maggie repurposed this faux bamboo nightstand. This vibrant color adds personality and pizazz, which the before completely lacked!

Modern Dresser Transformation

I’m completely in awe at this dresser transformation! Carrie did a beautiful job bringing this big boxy piece from the 70’s or 80’s into the current century with this new finish and modern hardware.

Dark Beast repurposed into a Cottage Beauty

After getting this beauty at a thrift store Cindy admits it sat untouched for 10 years, as she was a unsure of exactly what she wanted to do with it. Upon finishing a sun room she realized this was the perfect spot. “So with a plan in place, I set out to tackle this dark beast and turn it into a cottage beauty.” You wont believe what it looked like before!

Modern Nightstand Makeover

Reading Maggie’s post about these unique night stands, I realized we’re cut from the same cloth! She’d been hunting for the perfect nightstand for months (with a specific idea in mind) and just wasn’t finding what she was after. So, she realized she’d have to create her own! You will not believe the transformation these went through! They’re completely unrecognizable! You’ll be shocked what she used to raise these off the ground.

Chocolate Inspired Furniture

repurposed table using chalk paint and gold leaf

You will not believe how Kim came across this accent table or how the finish was inspired by chocolate! So clever! I love her use of gold leaf to accent the details. Such a transformation from its original state!

Repurposed Dresser to Sideboard Buffet

Vicki scored this dated dresser at a thrift store for just $59! She new it was too good to pass up. With a lot of love and some unexpected trial and error, she has beautifully refinished this piece and converted it into a sideboard buffet for her dining room. It’s simply stunning! Such a dramatic difference from its original condition.

Dated Chest to Coffee Table with storage

old chest turned coffee table

You have to see how Kati repurposed an old chest to this amazing coffee table! She admits “with the price tag of $40 and armed with a 30% off coupon, I couldn’t pass it up.” I love the colors she used. It’s such a great before and after!

Updated Ottoman

repurposed faux leather ottoman

Sometimes the best repurposed furniture is right in your own home! Cindy admits this thrifted foot stool is up for its second makeover. Swapping the fabric out on an existing piece isn’t only perfect to update the look but it’s also quite cost effective! I’m slightly obsessing over this faux leather she found at Hobby Lobby!

Unrecognizable Cupboard Transformation

Claire did such an amazing job repurposing this once forgotten cabinet. With the winning auction she was excited to get it home! ” I remember [my husband and sons] texts that day, they were not impressed and were cursing me for buying such a big ugly piece of furniture. They didn’t have my vision, and I must admit the glass cupboard was pretty ugly.” Now it’s a show stopper in her home and everyone loves it!

Repurposed Grandfather Clock

repurposed grandfather clock

Cindy admits that even though she’s an avid DIYer, her husband had to talk her into buying this old grandfather clock. Of course after all the work to fix it up was complete, she’s glad she gave in and they purchased it. I’d agree she made a great choice! It’s a beautiful statement piece in their dining room!

Mid Century Modern Makeover

Have you ever used milk paint before? Toni repurposed this furniture with milk paint for her first time. She explains the importance of following the directions carefully, especially for first timers. Even though the finish chipped (as milk paint is meant to do) I agree that this mid-century modern dresser makeover looks amazing!

Nightstand makeover fit for a teen

Take a look at the depth and dimension Kristin created on this dresser using gel stain. Would you believe this piece was originally a baby green? It’s a huge transformation, perfect for her teenage boy.

Dresser as a Console Table

Toni has done it again! After snagging this dated dresser for only $45 while garage sale-ing, (because we both think its a real word), it’s almost unrecognizable! Sometimes it’s still crazy to me what a fresh coat of paint, stain and new hardware can do to a dated piece of furniture!

From Ice Cream Parlor to Vanity Chair

ice cream parlor chair repurposed

Dara scored this vintage ice cream parlor chair for just $5! The fabric alone dated this chair. Now with a new faux fur seat it’s the perfect mix of vintage with a bit of boho flair! So stinkin fun!

Side Table Overhaul

trashed table repurposed into beautiful side table

Okay, first of all, isn’t it crazy to see that before and imagine that it had any potential at all? Morgan and Sean completely gave this warped and worn side table some much needed love. It’s hard to believe it’s even the same piece of furniture!

If you are staining a piece of furniture, checkout our pro tips for applying a water based stain.

Upcycled Repurposed Furniture Ideas

Now, you know how much we love a good piece of furniture to repurpose. It’s always rewarding to witness the transformations take place. But perhaps even better than that is to take a piece of repurposed furniture and upcycle it! I’m always in awe over the clever and creative ideas others have come up with! You won’t believe some of these brilliant upcycle ideas!

Vintage Radio repurposed to Cat House

upcycled vintage radio to cat house

If those nightstands weren’t enough, Maggie has completely wowed me with this repurposed furniture! I mean, take a look at that worn and broken radio! I’m loving that vibrant yellow! It gives this piece so much life. What’s even crazier is this piece isn’t just repainted. Nope, she’s upcycled it into a chic home for her cat! You have to see what she’s done to make this a cat home on the inside! (I don’t even like cats and I think this is so awesome!)

Repurposed Furniture made from a vase and bowl

upcycled vase with chips and salsa bowl

I can’t get over this clever upcycle idea! With a thrifting budget of $15 Morgan found an old vase and a serving bowl for chips and salsa and created this one of a kind side table for their porch. So awesome right? This one has me stuck on “who would’ve thought!” It may just be the most clever repurposed furniture idea I’ve ever seen!

Repurposed Furniture as Accent Shelves

large repurposed drawer as bookcase

Other times it’s fun to use an object that’s already built and repurpose the original intended use. Just like Amber has done here with this oversized drawer she converted into accent shelving in her living room. It’s the perfect spot to store books and little knickknacks.

Repurposed Kitchen Table to Laundry Room Counter

upcycled table top to laundry counter

If you’re looking for another mind blown upcycle idea, look no further. You have to see how Grace and her hubby transformed a $20 table from the Facebook Marketplace into a functional and removable laundry counter and folding table!

Upcycled dresser turned hamper

Last but not least, who would’ve thought to turn a thrifted dresser into a laundry hamper? Seriously, how clever can people get? Not only did Lindsay see the vision, but now she has a stylish way to conceal her dirty laundry! So stinkin clever!

Certainly these DIY repurposed furniture projects are clever, easy on the pocketbook and oh so fun to create.

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Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed these repurposed furniture ideas. Are you anxious to try some of them in your own home? Did one in particular catch your eye? Comment below, we love hearing from you!

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