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Seas and Greetings friends!  Decorating has always been something I love to do, but decorating for Christmas is the best!  Cranking up the Christmas music and getting out all of the decor brings feelings of nostalgia of past Christmases, as I dream of the new memories we’ll create this year.

We’re both so excited to be participating in “A Very Merry Christmas Home Tour” blog hop this year!  A special thanks to Carrie at Lovely Etc. for arranging everything!   If you’re coming from What Meegan Makes for the first time, WELCOME!  We love having new friends and are excited you’re here!

This year we’re excited to bring you on our Coastal Christmas Home Tour!  You know me and my love for all things coastal!  My Mom had to reign me in a little bit, but we had a lot of fun gathering different elements and creating coastal ornaments. 

We’ve incorporated fresh greenery throughout the decor to soften the feel in our home. Purchasing fresh greenery can add up, so if you have access to evergreen trees in your own yard, take a minute to go clip some sprigs. 

We got these juniper clippings from my Grandpa’s trees.  It’s a little different bringing in greenery with berries that are blue.  I love the calm look they create and Juniper is soft, no prickles like pine needles.

To create this centerpiece, we started out with a large wooden bowl.  Three candlesticks of varying heights were placed in the bowl.  Fresh greenery sprigs were then added to the bowl, and we placed a few large seashells. 

(If you’re not into the coastal look this can still be a beautiful arrangement in your home, simply omit adding the seashells and add a few ball ornaments.)

The berries and greenery really add a calm and somewhat elegant feel to this decor.

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I found these cool macrame globes at Pier 1.  I snagged a couple and have them scattered around. 

This tipped bucket of seashells is a part of our decor year round.  Adding more of this fresh greenery to existing decor items is a really quick and easy way to help the decor feel cohesive. 

(If you don’t have a lot of Christmas decor, adding fresh greenery to your year round decor, no matter what your style, is a great way to add a bit of Christmas cheer to your home.)

Here you can see that the only piece of Christmas decor is the painting of Santa. Simply adding the greenery ties everything together and adds the feel of Christmas.

The Christmas tree is where I was able to have a bit more fun with the coastal theme.  My Mom and I made most of these themed ornaments a few years back.  

Most of the ornaments were pretty simple to make. The life preserver ornaments were made from small picture frame ornaments at Hobby Lobby (see image below.)

The middle insert was removed, then we spray painted all of the frames white.  We then took some white cord and secured it to the outside of the frame with red electrical tape.  Easy peasy life preserver ornaments!

Hobby Lobby is always marking different items down each week.  Keep your eye on their adds to know when to go grab your supplies!  I usually take advantage of their coupons too!  Every little bit saved really adds up!  (You can even use their coupons online!  Gotta love that!)

Have you ever made a monkey fist knot before?  We thought it would be darling to add a few of these around the tree. Little did we know how hard these were to make! 

We watched a few tutorials and struggled to make each one.  😂  I think they turned out ok, but if I were to do this decor again I might just try to find some to buy!

I found these sparkly starfish at World Market and snatched up all they had!  A couple of them were orange so I bought a glittery spray paint as close to this color as I could and covered up all the orange.  (They aren’t available at World Market anymore, but these ones are very similar.)

I purchased a bunch of real seashells at a local vintage store and carefully drilled a small hole in the top of each one and strung them with wire.

We also made a buoy garland.  The buoys were pretty simple to make.  We bought varying sizes of styrofoam balls from Hobby Lobby. 

We used the same width of rope for the garland that we used for the monkey fist knots.  We drilled a hole a little larger than the diameter of the rope in the center of each styrofoam ball.

After looking at different ideas for buoys we picked a few different color schemes to work with.  We then painted all of the styrofoam balls. 

To do this we stuck one ball at a time on the top of a wide straw.  This allowed us to paint around the entire ball at the same time without trying to hold it in our fingers getting paint everywhere. 

When we were done with a ball we placed the straw with the ball on the end into a large drinking glass.  This held the balls up while they dried. 

We also used a hairdryer to help speed up the drying time.  Once all the balls had been painted and were completely dry we used electrical tape to add varying widths of stripes around the balls. 

Electrical tape was super easy to use, it comes in lots of colors and it gave us nice crisp lines.

After all of the buoys had been made we strung them on the rope.  We spaced each buoy about 5″ or so apart and tied a knot at each end of the buoy to hold it in place. 

This part took a while to finish.   It took us both working on this to string the buoys on the rope and tie knots without letting the remaining rope get tangled into a giant knot itself!   

If we were to do this again we would have made several shorter strands of garland.  It would’ve been much easier to work with! 

In the end the buoy garland turned out to be the perfect touch on the tree!  It wasn’t hard to make at all, just a little time consuming. 

I purchased 3 sailboats from a small local craft store.  They are about 10″ tall.  We simply added a loop out of jute to the top of the sail mast and easily turned them into ornaments.  

I found the wooden anchors at Walmart.  They were plain brown so I simply added red spray paint and a jute cord through the top.

I searched for a tree topper for quite a while.  I wanted something that would look like driftwood.  I can’t even remember where I finally found this one, but it is perfect! 

It’s not meant to be a tree topper,  but it works great!

The area above the piano has been dedicated to the nativity scene.  I’ve created a small collage of artwork above the piano with the nativity and other small pieces of art.

I have a large Willow Tree nativity set that takes center stage on the piano surface.

We added more fresh greenery to this area as well.  It helps ground this vignette.

We added to our Willow Tree Nativity Set year after year to spread out the cost.

Finally we have the stockings.  Since we don’t have a fireplace or mantle to hang these on, I like to display them on our railing.  I drape a couple of faux garlands across the railing securing it in a couple of spots with removable 3M hooks

When the Christmas decor comes down they are easily removed from the railing without leaving any residue or leaving any marks!

I found these burlap stockings at Hobby Lobby a couple years ago.  I wanted to keep them pretty simple and neutral to keep the theme calm and relaxing. 

I simply added some striped ribbon and secured the ribbon around the stockings with hot glue.

I then made a little ornament to hang from the ribbon.  They’re pretty fragile since they are made from real sand dollars and starfish.  (Probably not the best idea since we have a house full of kids, but it’s so pretty I couldn’t resist!)

I used hot glue to attach the starfish to the sand dollar.  Then I took a piece of jute and tied it to the ribbon.  These were really easy to make and didn’t take much time at all.  We just have to be careful with them. 

My Mom had a brilliant idea this year!  She had some extra burlap ribbon lying around from a previous project and thought it would be pretty to make large bows and have them draping the newel posts.  I love how they flow to the ground and it softens the edges of the railing.  

I had some leftover sand dollars and starfish so I’ve scattered them throughout the garland as well. 

I simply added a little wire to the sand dollars to create a hook and twisted it around the garland to hold it into place.  I then carefully placed a starfish near the sand dollar to add that final coastal touch.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Coastal Christmas Home Tour.  I love the calm and relaxing feeling this space has. 

Even though you may not be into the coastal decor, hopefully you were able to get a few decor ideas you can incorporate in your own home this Christmas Season! 

Aside from the coastal themed ornaments and stockings, much of the decor in this space is our year round decor.  The whole look is pulled together by bringing in the fresh greenery.

This adds so much to this space!  It really helps bring the whole theme together and softens the look and feel of the room, not to mention that it smells yummy too!

Next up on the blog hop, be sure to check out Bright Green Door to see what Jess has done to create a Scandinavian Modern Christmas. 

Thanks for stopping by!  We’re glad we could share some of our Christmas decor ideas with you!  If you were inspired please PIN and share.  Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for even more ideas!  You can learn more about who we are here.

And as always here at Sunny Side Design


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  1. Love it! Did you make your tree collar or buy it?

    1. Thanks Brooke! I bought it a few years ago at Michaels. I’ve seen a lot of silver metal colors out there. You could always spray paint one if you needed it a particular color.

  2. Your coastal Christmas decor is so pretty!! Who plays the piano?

    1. Thanks so much Kathryn. My husband plays, and we’re getting the kiddos started on lessons.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I love using these clippings because they’re soft and the needles don’t fall off and make a huge mess like other greenery! Have a great Holiday Season!

  3. Loving the ocean and vacations at the beach, I just love your coastal decor Christmas decor. Everything from the shell ornaments to the beautiful Nativity set, your Christmas home is absolutely lovely.
    It was fun to tour your home and get some new, fresh ideas!

    1. Thanks Meegan! I agree it’s been fun to tour other homes and get new ideas for sure!

  4. I love all of your coastal Christmas ideas – so many awesome diy ornaments! And the fresh greenery with the unexpected blue berries is simple gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Carrie! It’s been fun to tour other homes and get some fresh ideas! Thanks for getting all of that organized! Can’t wait to do another blog hop!

  5. Your home looks beautiful decorated for Christmas with a coastal theme. You and your mom were so creative in making the decor for your tree. It all looks so pretty!

    1. Thanks so much Paula! We have a lot of fun working together!

  6. Your home is so beautifully decorated! I love the beach theme tree, and how you incorporated shells in your greenery! And I’m SO jealous of your juniper berry clippings…I grew up with them, but sadly they don’t grow here in South Texas.

    1. Thanks Cindy! Hopefully we brought back some wonderful Christmas memories for you with the juniper clippings. I love how soft they are to the touch and they lay so pretty and add a soft feel.

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