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February 1, 2024

Ever find yourself eyeing those chic Pottery Barn vases, only to sigh at the price tag? Fear not, because today, we’re diving into another easy of high-end dupe, a color block vase.

Hey there fellow diyer!

Ever scrolled online through all of the beautiful decor at Pottery Barn, only to realize your wallet’s on strike?

Well, no worries!

We’ve got the easiest high-end dupe that is so quick, in fact you’ll spend more time waiting for paint to dry.

Today, we’re spilling the beans on how to whip up your own Pottery Barn Color Block Vase Dupe—because who needs splurges when you’ve got paint and a bit of creativity?

Let’s dive in and add a touch of elegance to your home with this simple DIY color block vase.

If you know me, I’m drawn to anything coastal and/or navy blue.

And when I spotted this navy color block vase I had to have it, but I couldn’t swallow the $159 price tag.

While the original is hand blown glass, I knew I could recreate this look for a fraction of the price.

Curious?! Let’s get started!

Color Block Vase Supplies

The materials we used to create this high-end dupe vase are very minimal.

In fact you may already have the supplies on hand.

First you’ll need a vase, we found our at the thrift store.

But we did find a similar vase on Etsy, or use one you already have.

You’ll also need painters tape, plastic bag, primer and spray paint of your choice.

Of course, I chose navy blue spray paint.

One thing I wish I would have done different was use a black primer, but the choice is yours.

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Clean and Prep Vase

Goodwill vase before makeover with navy blue spray paint.

Anytime you are preparing to paint a surface you’ll want to give it a thorough clean.

First you’ll need to remove any labels.

To easily remove labels heat them with a hair dryer and they will easily peel off.

Remove and remaining sticky residue with rubbing alcohol.

Finally wash the glass vase with a degreaser, like Dawn dishwashing liquid or TSP.

After the vase is dry, you’re ready to mask off the area you want to remain clear glass.

I used 4 pieces wide painters tape and aligned it with the bottom of the vase.

Green painters tape applied to thrifted clear glass vase.

Then I placed one solid piece of painters tape around the vase, aligning it with the top of the alignment tape.

Finally remove the 4 pieces of alignment tape.

Painters tape and shopping bag are used to protect areas of a clear glass vase from primer and paint for this high-end color block vase dupe.

And finally to protect the rest of the vase from primer and paint I placed a plastic bag inside of the vase and secured it with more painters tape.

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Prime Vase

Goodwill thrifted vase with taped off design painted with primer.

Now that the glass vase is all prepped for paint, apply one coat of primer.

And I’d strongly suggest using a dark primer like black, if you’re painting your color block vase a dark color.

Paint Vase

Navy blue spray paint applied to clear glass vase for color block vase dupe.

Once the primer is dry and ready for paint, apply 2 light coats of paint.

Make sure the check the drying and reapplication time on your spray paint before applying the second coat.

Once the paint on your vase is dry to the touch, you can remove the painters tape and allow the paint to cure before using.

As you can see this is really a quick and easy project, you’ll definitely spend more time waiting for the paint to dry.

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Vase Reveal

Navy blue Pottery Barn color block vase dupe with white hydrangeas, styled with framed family photo and a sand dollar.

And there you have it, my friends!

From a plain glass vase to a statement piece that looks like it came straight from Pottery Barn.

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or novice, this project proves that with a bit of painters tape and some paint, you can achieve high-end style without breaking the bank.

So, grab a vase and let your imagination run wild—your home decor dreams are just a paint can away!

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Thanks for spending some time with us, we hope you found a little inspiration for your home!

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We’d love to see your creativity!

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