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Does time seem to be going faster and faster? I feel like I can hardly keep up and the lazy days of summer are just around the corner. However, I don’t think they will be lazy for me. Today, I would like to take you on a tour of my craft room/office. I’m always in a better mood when my house is in order. This room is often left with piles of projects I’m working on as well as work I need to do. I love though when it is clean.

This is my creative spot! The place where I get my creative juices flowing. I chose Behr Aqua Smoke for the wall color. I find it peaceful and relaxing. The black and white and orange bring energy to the space and makes me feel good.

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Let’s take a look at what this room looked like when we bought our home. The walls had a slight pink tint, lace on the windows and that awful forest green carpet. The only thing this room had going for it was the walk-in closet.

It’s amazing what paint and new flooring will do for a room. I decided to install laminate flooring in this room, for the durability and it’s easy to keep clean.

You know I’m obsessed with black and white and use it in almost every space in my home. I just love the combo. The drapery I helped Steph sew for the living room in her first home. She thought she would bring all of her window coverings to her new home and save herself some work. However, with 9′ ceilings in her new home none of them would work. Lucky for me though, I love this black and white damask pattern and it adds a little bit of elegance to the room.

Every room needs a great light fixture. In this space I needed great lighting, I found this fabulous black and white light fixture on Not only is it beautiful, but it lights up my room really well.

In this room I have several different work zones. This is the sewing area. I found the sewing cabinet on the online classifieds. I gave it a coat of paint and new drawer pulls and it looks like new.

A floor lamp with a toile shade lights up the sewing area. Above the sewing station I added this colorful piece of art.

The chairs I use for my sewing station and computer desk I found at a yard sale a few years ago for $5 a piece. The only thing I needed to do was clean them up and staple on some new fabric on the seat. I love the patina.

A little decor on the armoire along with these storage boxes, not only look great, but help organize my supplies.

On the opposite side of the room is the computer area. We created this little desk out of a vintage postal sorter. I fell in love with it’s chippy patina. I used a wire brush to remove loose paint, then sprayed the entire piece with a clear poly-coating to prevent any more chipping paint. 

We cut a piece of wood to the width of the sorter to create the desk surface. 

For added support for the desk top, we also cut two pieces of 1″ x 3″ wood and nailed under the desk top before mounting. The postal sorter has a slanted shelf under the desk top where I can store the wireless keyboard.

We drilled holes into the metal edge of the postal sorter and then attached the wooden desk surface with these industrial looking one-way screws.

On top of the postal sorter is another opportunity to add decor as well as storage. The old hat on the far left is my hubby’s grandpa’s hat. He was a high school band teacher. You know I love to decorate with vintage pieces, but it’s even better when it has sentimental meaning.

I wanted a counter height work surface because I love to stand while I work on projects. I also wanted the largest work surface that would fit in the room.

We made the work table legs out of black natural gas piping and bought a butcher block top from Ikea for the work surface.

I love the way this table turned out. There is plenty of room to work, not only for me, but I can bring in extra stools and the grandkids can work on projects with me here too.

Plenty of white organizational cubbies store my supplies and I topped it with a black countertop. It adds an extra work space, which I love! 

We created open shelving with decorative iron brackets and painted wood. Not only is this a great storage area, but it’s another opportunity to add decor. I have used a large jar to hold balls of colorful yarn, and fun storage boxes that are not only pretty, but functional too.

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One other unique vintage piece I use for storage is this old commercial bread pan. We drilled holes in it and screwed it to the wall. It’s a great place to store ink pads, but it would also be a great place to store rolls of ribbon too.

The one thing I loved about this room is that it had a walk in closet. We reconfigured it and added lots of shelving for tons of storage. Just what every crafter needs!

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Are you planning on a little crafting this summer? We’d love to hear what you are creating and what inspires you! 

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