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Create an Affordable Wreath for Spring with Unexpected Items

I’m always looking for creative ways to decorate my front porch for each season. My front porch is small, however I love to always add a little seasonal or holiday decor. One of my favorite ways is with a fun wreath. With this in mind, I’d like to share my wreath for spring this year.

As we were walking through the aisles at Dollar Tree I spotted this fluffy micro fiber dust mop. And I said to Steph that I thought it could be a cute bunny for my wreath for spring. She agreed, and we began to look for ideas for creating this spring wreath.

Clearly, the items we came up with are unexpected. However, we are loving how this cute spring wreath turned out.

DIY Spring Wreath Supplies:

Spring Wreath Ideas

These are the supplies we gathered to make this fun wreath for spring for my front door.

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How to Make the Bunny for Spring Wreath

In order to make the dust mop look like a bunny, I needed to form a head.

I did this by tying a piece of string around the dust mop and knotting it on the backside.

Spring Wreath ideas

Of course my bunny would need floppy ears. So for the ears I used the legs from the floppy legged Dollar Tree bunny.

To help the ears hold their shape, I placed a piece of craft wire in each bunny leg and cut it to length.

Spring Wreath Ideas

Next, I glued the opening closed for each ear and attached them to the head portion with hot glue.

Last, but not least, my bunny would need a fluffy tail. For this I used a fluffy fur pom pom. I simply attached it with hot glue.

Spring Wreath Ideas

Once it was all put together, it looked like this.

How to Make the Chalk Board

Next, its time to make the chalk board portion of my wreath for spring.

For this I simply used a pizza pan from Dollar Tree and painted it with some chalk board paint that I already had on hand.

TIP: It would be wise to spray the pizza pan first with a primer. I did not, and I noticed that my paint scratches off fairly easily. In fact, it’s always good to use a primer to ensure a good bond.

This is my cheater method to get a cute font on my chalk board signs.

First, print your message on paper. 

Second, rub the backside of the paper with chalk.

Third, place message on chalk board and trace over letters with a stylus or pencil.

Spring Wreath

Fourth, go over letters with a chalk marker.

TIP: If you have any areas that get a little wide, take a damp cotton swab and rub along the area you would like to remove.

Spring Wreath

Attach a cord for hanging:

I used my crop-a-dile to punch a hole through the edge of the pizza pan for hanging.

If you don’t have access to a crop-a-dile, you can also drill a hole or punch a hole through with a large nail.

Embellish Wreath for Spring

Wreath for Spring

Now for the fun part, embellishing!

I added a few decor carrots from Dollar tree and also I placed a knotted polka dot ribbon by the “neck” of the bunny.

These carrots from Dollar Tree are so cute, I also love the way Steph used them on her Spring Bunting and also in her apothecary jar.

As I looked at my wreath for spring, I felt like it still needed a little bit more. I remembered that I had leftover half wooden balls from another project.

With this in mind, I attached them to the edge of the pizza pan with hot glue and I love the way it turned out!


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