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Certainly there’s nothing more appealing than pulling up to your home and seeing a manicured lawn, blooming flowers with an inviting porch beckoning you to come sit and stay awhile.

This inviting feeling is known as curb appeal.

And it’s a great way to greet your visitors as well as increase the value of your home.

Today we’ve teamed up with our blogging friends to share lots of curb appeal ideas that you can do on a budget.

A special thanks to all of our creative blogging friends who have so graciously shared their ideas with us.

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Front Door Curb Appeal Ideas

Adding curb appeal is all about first impressions.

Clearly, the best place to begin is at the front door.

Add a Pop of Color

Without a doubt adding a pop of color to your front door is a fun, easy and inexpensive idea to add instant curb appeal to your home.

In fact, you can pick up quart of paint for about $20.

And that $20 will make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Take a look at our home when we purchased it.

The white door blends in to the white stucco.

There is nothing to draw you in and welcome you to our home.

Now take a look after a little paint, the blue door with the dark grey trim certainly stands out and is so inviting.

Curb appeal ideas, slate blue door with dark charcoal grey trim, taupe colored stucco, red brick. Green wreath on door, welcome mat layered with sisal rug, potten plant and birdcage.

Image credit:

White front door with white trim, grey clapboard siding.

Overall Julie’s door was boring before she infused it with a pop of color.

Curb appeal ideas, newly painted front door a beautiful teal color, white trim surround door, grey clapboard sidding, and a brick porch with potted flowers.

Image credit:

Stain the Door

Worn wood door with white trim and red brick house.

While the design of Stephanie’s door is certainly beautiful, it’s definitely looking a little tired and worn.

Clearly it’s not very inviting.

Curb appeal ideas, dark brown stained door with white trim and red brick home.

However, a simple refresh with stain and it looks new again.

Now it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Image credit:

Curb Appeal Wreath Ideas

Another quick idea to add some personality to your home and added curb appeal, hang a wreath on your front door.

Curb appeal ideas, Navy blue front door with a modern bead wreath with a large yellow sunflower.

Image credit:

I think this bright sunflower wreath on the navy blue door certainly is a fun way to greet guests.

Curb appeal ideas, Potted white hydrangeo with a large lantern, and birdhouses. Red brick and taupe stucco home with a dark charcoal grey trim, blue front door with a grapvine and white geranium wreath.

Image credit:

I love the idea of a wreath to my front door, it instantly adds curb appeal without spending a lot of money.

Update Hardware

Another quick and easy idea to add curb appeal for your home is to update the hardware on your door.

New hardware is not super expensive, yet can really give your door that wow factor.

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Front Porch Curb Appeal Ideas

Whether your porch is large or small, simple updates can really make a difference to the exterior of your home.

Personally, I think these curb appeal ideas are amazing!

Add Furniture

While this front porch isn’t terrible, however it’s not very inviting.

White brick home with brown double doors with a glass security door, dated lighting, potted flowers on steps and a large blue rug.

But look at the difference, by adding a place to sit, pillows and a few accessories.

Now you want to come, sit and relax.

Curb appeal ideas, front porch with charcoal double doors, black lantern style lighting, park bend, with buffalo plaid pillow, potted greenery lanterns and a mirror on the white. brick wall

Image credit:

Add Rug or Door Mat

Another simple idea to add a little curb appeal to your home is with a rug or door mat.

Curb appeal ideas, Potted white hydrangeo with a large lantern, and birdhouses. Red brick and taupe stucco home with a dark charcoal grey trim, blue front door with a grapvine and white geranium wreath.

Image credit:

In fact, I love to layer a rug and a door mat, adding extra texture and dimension.

Curb Appeal Ideas with Potted Plants

Another affordable idea to add instant curb appeal to your home is with a potted plant.

Curb appeal ideas, 2 potted topary green balls in black planters on either side ot a black door with a floral wreath. White trim and side lights on a light grey home.

Image credit: 365curbappeal

Now if you don’t have a green thumb, no worries, you can still have beautiful potted plants to greet guests.

Take a look at these gorgeous greenery balls from 365 Curb Appeal.

Would you believe that they are artificial?

Click on their site and see all their beautiful artificial balls.

And you can save 5% with the coupon code SUNNYSIDEDESIGN.

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Curb appeal ideas, Potted white hydrangeo with a large lantern, and birdhouses. Red brick and taupe stucco home with a dark charcoal grey trim, blue front door.

Image credit:

I think you’d have to agree that adding a potted plant really ups the curb appeal for your home!

Add a Front Porch Deck

The one thing that Marty’s home lacked was a large front porch.

Small cement porch before the new deck was added to the fron of this painted grey home with white trim and a red door.

Now I believe she’s created an ideal spot to sit and relax, a place where guests feel welcome, plus look at that curb appeal she added to her home.

Curb appeal ideas, wood deck with a sunburst detail on the railing greets visitors instead of a front porch. Wicker seating with lot of potted plants.

Image credit:

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Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas

No doubt, the landscaping plays into your homes curb appeal.

Simply keeping the weeds pulled and the lawn trimmed go along way towards making your home look good.

When we purchased our home all of the flower beds were filled with weeds and the shrubs were overgrown.

Overgrown landscaping with a red brick and white stucco home.

Certainly, landscaping can get expensive.

But with some creative planning and shopping you can give your landscaping a little makeover on a budget.

Curb appeal ideas, nrw landscaping with varying colors of lime green and burgundy repeated throughout the front yard. Red brick home with newly painted taupe stucco with a the pop out painted a dark charcoal grey.

Image credit:

Did you know that shrubs and perennials generally go on sale in the fall?

You can save a lot of money if you wait to purchase your plants in the fall.

If you don’t love to garden, choose low maintenance plants and take into account their mature size.

I see this time and time again, that often people don’t think about the mature size of the plant, shrub or tree.

Then they’re constantly trying to keep it pruned to fit their space or it gets removed.

Curb appeal ideas, new landscaping with varying colors of lime green and burgundy repeated throughout the front yard. Red brick home with newly painted taupe stucco with a the pop out painted a dark charcoal grey. Front door is painted slate blue with a white floral wreath.

Another item to consider when adding shrubs and flowers to your garden is to create a flow that leads your eye towards the front door.

For more tips for creating a beautiful landscaped yard see our landscaping a front yard post.

Below you can see Ashley’s home with the overgrown shrubs.

White brick and white siding homr with overgrown shurbs blocking the windows.

And look at the difference with the newly planted garden beds.

It certainly updated her home’s curb appeal.

Curb appeal ideas, New landscaping has been added to the front of this white brick home.

Image credit:

Wendy’s front landscaping before adding a garden space definitely lacked that wow factor.

Blue painted brick home with weeds.

But now take a look at her beautiful butterfly garden.

It certainly draws your eye to her home.

Adding that much needed curb appeal!

Curb appeal ideas, new landscaping creating a butterfly garden leading towards the home.

Image credit:

Often the side of our homes get neglected.

However, if it’s seen from the street, it can certainly affect your home’s curb appeal.

Side yard of home with areas of dead grass, and airconditioner unit.

Danielle had drainage problems on the side of her home.

But with the addition of a pathway, flowers and shrubs, it now looks so good! Right?!

Curb appeal ideas, a side yard is improved with a rock pathway, edging and plants that help camoflauge the airconditioner.

Image credit:

Exterior Lighting

Another idea to consider adding to your home’s exterior is landscape lighting.

It adds depth and dimension to your landscaping while also highlighting your home.

White siding home with overgrown landscaping.

Just take a look at the difference lighting made on Deborah’s home.

It now looks modern and up to date.

Highlighting the best features of the yard.

And I feel like the value of the home has increased.

Curb appeal ideas, new landscaping with shrubs, red leaf maple tree and lighting accenting the plants as well as the home.

Image credit:

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Home Exterior Makeovers

Your home’s exterior may be looking tired and dated, but how can it be refreshed on a budget?


Certainly one of the most economical ways to update a homes exterior is with paint and it can make a dramatic difference in your home’s curb appeal too.

Below you can see what our home looked like when we purchased it.

It was definitely bland and lacked personality!

Red brick home with white stucco and trim, white front door and overgrown landscaping.

Take a look now and see what paint can do!

Before the facade and pop out on the stucco was all white.

It all just blended together.

But by adding a contrast on the stucco pop out and warming up the facade with a warm taupe our home is transformed.

Curb appeal ideas, Red brick home with taupe stucco with the pop out painted dark charcoal grey. The front door is painted a slate blue. The landscaping has been updated. Seating area near the front door.

Image credit:

Often just a little paint can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your home.

Painted cream colored 3 story home with blue shutters an front door and a yard full of weeds,

While the main facade color of Dede’s home remained the same.

Painting the trim, shutters and front door was a fabulous idea to add some much needed curb appeal to her home.

Curb appeal ideas, home is updated with white trim, black shutters, red door and fresh landscaping.

Image credit:

In addition Lora’s home was updated with just a little paint as well.

Taupe brick home with brown dormers, brown trim, brown shutters and overgrown landscaping.

And take a look at the difference!

The contrast between the white window frames and the black shutters certainly capture your attention.

The dormers got a bit of a refresh as well as the front door.

Now this home certainly has that curb appeal we all want.

Curb appeal ideas, Taupe colored brick home with white trim, grey painted shake shingle dormers and black shutters and a black front door.

Image credit:

Are you getting lots of ideas for updating your homes’ curb appeal?

Now let’s take a look at Amanda’s home before it’s makeover with paint.

Red brick home with white wood siding, white garage door.

Isn’t it amazing what paint can do!

Simply painting the red brick grey, makes this home look so good!

While the remaining parts of the home remained white, the grey paint took it up a notch.

Curb appeal ideas, brick on this home is painted a dark grey and wood siding is painted white. Garage door is painted white with new carriage door hardware.

Image credit:

Before Meg’s home felt dated and a little tired.

Red brock and off white siding 2 story home with red shutters.

And again paint to the rescue!

Can you believe it’s the same home?!

Curb appeal ideas, the entire home is painted a soft white with sage green shutters.

Image credit:

Garage Door Hardware

This idea has to be one of my favorite ways to add curb appeal on a budget.

Curb appeal ideas, home facade with dark grey stucco and a grey, taupe stone with white trim and  white garage doors.

At first I would have thought adding cosmetic garage door hardware would be expensive.

But would you believe that Steph updated her garage door for less than $40?

It’s true!

Curb appeal ideas, add carriage door hardware to a white garage door for instant curb appeal.

Image credit:

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