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I am so excited for a change in seasons. I love that already in the morning there is a crispness in the air, hinting that fall will soon be here, 😍 with all its brilliant color. 🍁 Yea! The other day Stephanie and I had a craft day and just played around with supplies we had on hand, seeing what fall decor ideas we could come up with. We ended up with 3 different styles of acorns. We made a Chic acorn out of embossed wallpaper and soft jute, a fun Boho acorn with fringe and leather and finally a Farmhouse style acorn with burlap and pinecones. Follow along as we show you how we made each style of acorn. They were all pretty quick. We made a handful of acorns in about an hour.

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Let’s start with the Chic acorn!


  1. plastic Easter egg
  2. embossed wallpaper remnant
  3. decoupage or glue
  4. soft jute
  5. shoe polish

Begin by tearing the embossed wallpaper into small pieces. Coat the back side of the wallpaper with a decoupage medium and press onto egg. Repeat until the egg is covered with the embossed wallpaper.

Once the decoupage has dried, (note: we did not put decoupage on the outside) lightly distress and color the acorn with shoe polish. You could also use a stamping ink or paint.

To complete the acorn, use hot glue to secure the soft jute around the egg. Note: we used the larger end of the egg to wrap the jute on.

Now wasn’t that fun and easy?! When my granddaughter, Little Miss got home from school that day, she was so excited to help us make more acorns. These are simple enough that the kids can do it too!

Boho style acorn …


  1. papermâché egg
  2. leather strap
  3. fringe
  4. large upholstery tack

Using hot glue, attach the end of the fringe to the more narrow end of the egg. Continue wrapping and gluing the fringe around the egg until it covers about 3/4’s of the egg.

Cut the leather strip into varying lengths. Ours were about 1″ to 1/2″ Glue them around the egg on top of the last row of fringe. Repeat up the egg, Notice on the middle photo we trimmed some pieces to a point to fit in between the leather pieces. At the very top, with small pieces of leather, we filled in the recessed area so it would be level with the “leather fringe” we made. To finish it off, we placed a large upholstery tack on the end. If you don’t have one, a large vintage button would also be fun!

Out of the three styles we made, I think the Boho is my favorite. I love the fringe and leather together!

Fall Home Decor

Farmhouse style acorn …


  1. papermâché egg
  2. burlap
  3. narrow jute
  4. pinecone
  5. decoupage or glue

To make a pattern for cutting out my burlap, I drew a pencil line dividing the papermâché egg in half, then in quarters. Place a piece of paper over the egg and trace the pattern. Cut 4 pieces of burlap per egg. Coat a section of the papermâché egg with decoupage or glue, adhere the burlap piece in place. Repeat until it is covered. To cover the edges where the burlap meets, I took 3 strands of jute and glued them over the seams.

Using a 3/4″ wood bit I drilled a hole into the larger end of the egg. This is where I glued the end of the pinecone in place.

To prepare the pinecone, use nippers to break off the cone scale (yep, I googled that and that’s what they are called.) 😜 I trimmed the cone scale so they were about 1/2″ or maybe a little smaller in length.

Adhere the cone scales one row at a time around the top quarter of the egg. On the second row place the cone scale in between the 2 in the previous row. Repeat for the third row.

I wanted to use the tight end of the pinecone on the acorn, so I got out my large pruning loppers to cut it. 😅

Place a little hot glue on the cut end of the pinecone and place on top of the egg/acorn.

Now wasn’t that FUN?!

Three acorns styles to add a little fun fall decor to your home.

Are you ready to craft some acorns for you fall decor this year?

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  1. Shirley

    WOW I really love these and they look so easy! I don’t have any paper mache eggs but I will grab some today! I also love the ladder! I just happen to have 5 mallets in the garage and now I know what to do with them!

    1. Michelle Dickson

      We’re so happy you love them. We had a ton of fun creating the acorns. I do love my blanket ladder too, upcycling it so fun to do!

  2. Lore

    These are fun!!!

    1. Michelle Dickson

      Thank you so much Lore! We had so much fun creating them, even my 7 year-old granddaughter loved being involved. Let us know if you give it a try!

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