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We are wrapping up with a few final elements in Ellie’s bedroom makeover. Once we decided on a French daybed, we knew we had to add a bed crown. She is our little princess and what better way to show that, than making her bed fit for a princess. You will not believe what we used to create this DIY canopy for her bed.

Looking at the photo, can you guess what we used? 

Would you believe it’s sheets and a sofa table?

Yes, it true! Just look at the photo below.

Upcycle Sofa Table

Sofa Table Upcycle

Thrift stores are the best! You never know what you are gong to find! 

Take this table for instance, when we saw the price tag of $5 we snagged it! Not knowing exactly what we would use it for. 

We had an idea that the table top could be a fun memo board or chalkboard, however once we took it apart inspiration hit!

The decorative metal trim would make a fantastic canopy for a bed.

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Repurpose Decorative Metal into Canopy for a bed

Decorative metal piece from a sofa table

Once the table was disassembled we were able to see where to make cuts to have it fit against the wall.

Cut metal with a grinder
Sofa table upcycle

An angle grinder was able to easily cut through the metal to remove the backside of the metal piece.

Spray paint bed crown

The metal piece was then cleaned up and painted with a brushed gold paint.

Now we had one little problem, we needed to find something to cover the metal plate where the legs were attached to the table.

repurpose curtain tie backs

It only took Steph a few minutes to remember that she had some old metal curtain holdbacks that would probably work.

And sure enough they fit perfectly in the space.

Spray paint tie backs
Paint metal pieces

They also got a quick coat of the brush gold spray paint and were attached with a bolt in the existing hole in the metal piece.

attach velcro to the bed crown

Sticky back Velcro was then applied to the backside of the metal piece for the canopy for a bed.

How to hang DIY canopy for a bed

Drill for wall anchors

Now we had to decide how to hang our DIY French bed crown on the ceiling.

The decorative metal piece attached to the table top with small brackets. We decided to use those same brackets to attach the metal piece to the ceiling.

Now this metal piece is probably less than 10 lb, but we did not want it to get pulled down by the kiddos.

In order to make sure it was secure, we decided to use 75 lb. drywall anchors.

To insert the drywall anchors we first drilled a pilot hole in the ceiling aligning with each bracket.

Wall anchors are placed in the ceiling

Then each anchor was inserted into the ceiling using our Ryobi drill.

Attach the bed crown to the ceiling

Once all the anchors were installed, we placed the metal piece into position and inserted screws into the dry wall anchors.

Repurpose sheets into Canopy for a Bed

Sheets for DIY canopy for a bed

Ellie has been very specific about what she wants for her bedroom makeover.

One specific item was that the canopy be white with gold polka dots. 

We scoured the internet looking for curtains that would work, but to no avail.

However we discovered that Target had twin XL sheets that met our needs. And can you believe they were only $10 for a set of sheets?! We purchased 2 packages for our project.

A twin XL set would be the perfect length for an 8′ ceiling, but Ellie’s room has 9′ ceilings. Because of this, we had to add a little to the length of the flat sheets. We were able to cut apart one of the fitted sheets for the additional fabric.

pinning pleats for bed crown
stitching the sheets for bed crown

We made small pleats along one end of the sheet about 1″ apart. And stitched it with the sewing machine.

Preparing the sheets for the bed crown

Then Velcro was secured over the stitched pleats.

Hang the Canopy for a Bed

Installing the sheets to the bed crown

Once we had the velcro attached to both of the flat sheets, we were able to hang them to the our DIY bed crown canopy.

The Reveal - DIY Canopy for a Bed

French bed crown canopy

So, what do you think of our DIY canopy for a bed?

Can you believe that this was once a sofa table?

A bed fit for a princess

We love the way it perfectly frames Ellie’s charming French country daybed.

The first night that Ellie slept in her bed with the canopy, she pulled the fabric entirely over her bed, just like a tent.

She absolutely loves it! It’s so fun for us to see her excitement as each piece is added in her bedroom.

This post is featured in Southern Crush Collective.

A bedroom fit for a princess

Loving the way this French bed crown adds another layer in this gorgeous room.

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So tell us what you think of this DIY canopy for a bed.We would love to hear from you.

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Upcycle sofa table to canopy for a bed

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    Super nifty idea. I love the repurposing of good looking things in a totally new way. I suppose if one isn’t very comfortable with or hasn’t got a cutting tool, one could always just leave the back piece on and no one would see it. Great project, great look.

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