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Easy to make Christmas decor, finger knit tree.

It’s that time of year for fun DIY Christmas decor!

We love this time of year. 

In fact, we’ve been dreaming about what we want Christmas to look like this year.

Clearly, with the way 2020 has been, we wanted our homes to feel festive, cozy and comfortable.

In fact, my theme this year is “Home for the Holidays.”

With this in mind, one of our DIY projects this year is a cozy finger knit Christmas tree decor. 

Clearly, it goes so well with my collection of Christmas tree decor.

Not only is this an easy Christmas craft, but it’s also so affordable.

We’ll even show you how to create your own cone and save the cost of purchasing  a paper mâchè cone.

And for another easy DIY Christmas decor idea, you need to see what we made with toilet paper rolls!

You won’t believe the transformation!

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For this project you need:

How to Make a Paper Cone

Easy Finger Knit Christmas Tree Decor

As a rule, we are frugal!

Why spend money on something we can make ourselves?

While you can buy paper mâché cones as a base for this finger knit tree, we decided to make our own cones out of poster board.

I planned on making quite a few variations of this cone shaped tree and spending a couple of dollars on poster board would save me quite a bit overall.

In addition, making the cones is rather quick and easy.

First, tie a string to a pencil.

Next, hold the end of the string at the corner of the poster board and draw an arc.

Finally, once the arc is sketched, cut out with scissors.

Now roll the poster board into a cone shape.

Determine how wide you want the base of the cone to be and trim off the excess.

DIY Christmas Decor

At this time, roll the poster board into the cone shape and secure with tape.

It’s a good idea at this point to check and make sure the cone stands straight. If not, trim off a little from the bottom edge.

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How to Finger Knit Christmas Tree Decor

For this DIY Christmas decor, we will be using the same technique that we used on the pumpkins for fall.

Easy Finger Knit Tree

This finger knitting technique makes a fairly loose stitch, with this in mind, you’ll want to use a chunky weight yarn.

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn for my tree.

How to Finger Knit
How to Finger Knit
How to Finger Knit

First, place the end of the yarn between your index and middle fingers, with the tail on the top of your hand.

Next, wrap the yarn around the backside of your middle finger around to the top.

Then continue to wrap the yarn around your index finger around the backside to the top, forming a figure 8. 

Repeat this figure 8 pattern.

You will now have 2 loops on each finger.

How to Finger Knit
How to Finger Knit

At this time, pull the back loop over the front loop on the index finger and the middle finger.

Then pull the tail tight.

DIY Christmas Decor

For the 2nd stitch, wrap the yarn around your fingers in a figure 8 pattern.

Then, pull the back loop over the front loops on each finger.

Once 2 stitches have been made, the tail can be pulled towards your palm.

Just be sure to keep it pulled tight after each stitch.


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Continue finger knitting until the strip measures the height of your tree.

DIY Christmas Decor

Once you’ve reached your desired length, cut the yarn, leaving a 3-4″ tail.

Carefully remove the 2 loops from your fingers.

Place the loop from your index finger through the middle finger loop.

Finally place the tail through the loop and pull tight to knot.

Attach Knitted Strips to Cone

DIY Christmas Decor
DIY Christmas Decor
DIY Christmas Decor

To begin with, I knitted 4 strips that were the length of my cone. 

Then to adhere them to the cone, I ran a bead of hot glue along one side of the cone and pressed the knitted strip to secure it in place.

Flip the cone over to the opposite side and run another bead of glue, then attach another knitted strip.

Repeat this process, centered between the two previous strips. 

These 4 strips should basically be evenly spaced around the cone.

DIY Christmas Decor
DIY finger knitted Christmas decor

While working on this  Christmas Tree Decor project there is a lot of mindless repetitive work.

So it’s a great time to sit back and put on your favorite Christmas movie while you finger knit.

Don’t you just love to watch those feel good Halllmark movies this time of year?

Surely these feel-good movies are perfect to watch while making your Christmas tree decor.

Continue to knit strips to fill in the areas between the 4 strips.

Each strip will vary in length, so keep your cone close by as your knit.

DIY Christmas Decor
DIY Christmas Decor

Once the entire cone is covered with the finger knit strips, check to see that all of the ends are well secured to the cone.

Last but not least, cut off the tails and now you can enjoy your cozy beautiful Christmas tree decor!

DIY Christmas Decor

Not only do I love the texture of this cozy Christmas Decor, but it also reminds me of a cuddling up in a warm chunky throw blanket. Without a doubt, it creates that feeling I wanted this holiday season.

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DIY Christmas Decor

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DIY Christmas Decor

So what do you think of our Christmas tree decor project?

Are you ready to finger knit some Christmas tree decor this year?

This project is really easy and I bet once you make one, you’ll want to make your own little Christmas tree forest.

I’m loving the way it looks with my other Christmas Decor.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful.

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DIY Christmas Decor

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