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Add some sparkle to your holiday décor this season with stunning DIY Glitter Ornaments.

This project is sure to bring extra sparkle and joy into your holiday festivities, plus the end result looks so beautiful!

Whether you’re craft-savvy from years in the making or just getting started on your craft journey, these easily customizable DIY glitter ornaments are perfect addition to your tree this Christmas.

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So grab your supplies and let’s get started!

Common Questions When Making Glitter Ornaments

How do you make glitter stick to the inside of an ornament?

What glue do you use to make glitter ornaments?

Can you use clear Elmer’s glue for glitter ornaments?

Can you use Mod Podge for glitter ornaments?

While there are certainly many questions about making glitter ornaments, the most commonly asked pertain to what medium is used for the glitter to stick to.

Multiple options are available from Mod Podge, Elmer’s glue, floor cleaners, hair spray, pledge, polycrylic and polyurethane.

Although, using too much mod podge can cause it to dry white, while other products are prone to yellowing over time.

Do your homework. Essentially you’re looking to use a medium that dries clear.

Supplies Needed

For our DIY glitter ornaments we used clear and iridescent clear ball ornaments.

The iridescent glass balls look so elegant with the fine black glitter.

You’ll also need glitter, we used fine and chunky glitter.

And then we used water-based clear polyurethane as the medium to adhere the glitter.

We chose the polyurethane because we had it on hand and that it will not yellow over time.

In addition, we embellished our glitter ornaments with Totally Dazzled rhinestones.

You may also want a narrow ribbon to make a hanger for each ornament.

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Add Polyurethane in Ornament

Use the funnel to spoon polyurethane into the ornament

Although glitter can be applied to the outside of an ornament this method is much less messy!

While there are several mediums that will work well for making glitter ornaments, we opted to use a satin polyurethane.

Poly is a staple in our DIY stash as we love refinishing furniture.

This water based formula is easy to work with and won’t yellow over time. 

Add 2 scoops of poly into the ornament using a plastic spoon.

Clear glass ornament setting on a paper cup and a can of polyurethane.

TIP 1: Use a small paper cup to hold the ornament in place while adding poly.

TIP 2: If you don’t have a funnel small enough, make one from a small paper cup.

Cut down the side and trim off the entire bottom of the cup.

Roll the cup to create a funnel and tape the side to hold its shape.

TIP 3: For an even quicker and cleaner approach, use a disposable syringe and squirt approximately 2t. poly directly in to the ornament.

Swirl the polyurethane inside the ornament to coat entire surface

Now slowly rotate the ornament on a downward angle to disperse the poly evenly over the entire surface.

Once evenly coated, place the ornament upside down on the paper cup to drain excess poly.

Then allow to drain for a couple of minutes.

Add Glitter

Use dry funnel to add glitter to the inside of the DIY glitter ornament.

Once the excess poly has emptied into the cup, pour any remaining poly back into the can.

Then using a dry funnel add a generous amount of glitter of your choice into the ornament.

In all we made several with fine black glitter, fine gold glitter and a chunky gold glitter.

Shake Ornament

Shake the ornament to evenly coat with glitter, DIY glitter ornament.

Remove the funnel and hold the ornament with the thumb covering the opening.

Shake the ornament until glitter is visibly covering the entire ornament.

Pour excess glitter back into container.

Remove any excess glitter by tapping ornament over the container of glitter.

Allow ornaments to dry before replacing the topper.

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Embellish Ornaments

Embellish DIY glitter ornaments with rhinestone button.

Embellish ornaments any way you wish.

For these DIY glitter ornaments we’re adding a little more sparkle with these gorgeous Rhinestones.

We used a variety pack which included various shapes.

Clip backing off of rhinestone button to add to the DIY glitter ornament.

Some backs have a loop like a button. Trim off backing piece with wire cutters to make the back as flat as possible.

Attach rhinestone embellishment with hot glue.

Use hot glue to form a mound in the center of the rhinestone and place on the ornament.

Display Glitter Ornaments

DIY black glitter ornament with clear iridescent ornament

And here they are in all their glory!

The iridescent ornament gives a lustrous rainbow-like pearly sheen.

DIY gold glitter ornament with clear iridescent ornament

These easy, DIY glitter ornaments are the perfect addition to your holiday décor this year.

They add a touch of sparkle and can be customized to match any tree theme.

Whited flocked Christmas tree with glitter ornaments.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to make these stunning DIY glitter ornaments, will you be adding them to your tree this year?

Be sure to share pictures of your completed ornaments on our Facebook page or shoot us an email.

We can’t wait to see what beautiful creations you come up with!

So grab your supplies and get started today!

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Pinterest image DIY glitter ornament on a white flocked tree.

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