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You know we like to go ALL OUT for Halloween around here. Today’s Halloween DIY idea is no different. Join us as we share how you can create these Dollar Tree DIY Napkin Rings for just $2!

Dollar Tree Skull Inspiration

DIY Napkin Ring

We found these mini skull buckets from the Dollar Tree. Each pack has 4 buckets. We purchased 2 packs for a total of 8.

Skull Bucket to Napkin Ring

DIY Napkin Ring
DIY Napkin Ring
DIY Napkin Ring

The top of the bucket has a decent sized hole while the bottom is closed.

Using a 3/4″ wood bit, drill holes in the bottom of each bucket.

DIY Napkin Ring
DIY Napkin Ring

Next, remove the handle by pulling each end out of the bucket.

Then apply 2 coats of white chalk paint to each skull. Allow to dry completely.

The chalk paint will give a nice base layer for these napkin rings.

(You can use chalk spray paint as well, just be sure to use chalk paint as it will adhere to plastic.)

DIY Napkin Ring

Here’s a sneak peek of the importance of the next step, distressing the napkin rings.

Distressing Skull Napkin Ring

DIY Napkin Ring
DIY Napkin Ring

To distress the skull napkin rings, mix a small amount of dark grey paint with quite a bit of water to thin the paint.

The paint will be pretty runny, this is just how you’ll want it.

Apply this dark layer of paint to the entire skull.

DIY Napkin Ring
DIY Napkin Ring

Then using a wet washcloth, wipe away the excess paint.

The dark paint will remain in all of the deep grooves and detailed areas of the skulls.

The grooves in some areas of the skulls weren’t as deep as the others. In these areas, I added a little more dark grey paint and dabbed off the excess with the wet washcloth.

Distress the skulls to your hearts content to create the appearance of these eerie and aged skulls.

Styled DIY Dollar Tree Napkin Rings

DIY Napkin Ring

What do you think?

They are pretty simple and easy to make. And at only $2 for 8 napkin rings, you can’t beat that!

DIY Napkin Ring

This is also easy enough that you can get the kids involved. They’re sure to excitedly let your dinner guests know they helped make these awesome napkin rings!

DIY Napkin Ring

These DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Napkin Rings add just the right touch to this festive table setting.

To take a closer look at the skeleton centerpiece, you can see how we styled it in our Halloween Decorating Ideas With Skeletons.

DIY Napkin Ring

Thanks for spending a little time with us today. Will you be creating these Dollar Tree Skull Napkin Rings for your next gathering?

Let us know how they turn out, we love hearing from you!

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DIY Napkin Ring


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    This is a great idea for a DIY Halloween skull napkin ring!

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    So spooky for a dinner party! Love it!

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      Aren’t they so fun! They just make the table for a fun Halloween party.

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