Easy DIY Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmarks

Looking for an inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift idea? For Mother’s Day, it’s so nice to take the time to make Mom feel special with something handmade. A chic and unique handmade gift is always a hit with mothers and grandmothers! Today we have a simple tutorial and video showing how to make an easy DIY ribbon & rhinestone bookmark. And as a bonus there is also a FREE Printable, perfect for Mother’s Day.

We have partnered with Totally Dazzled on this project. They feature a large selection of rhinestone accessories for weddings. Not only are they perfect for embellishing invitations, table settings and dresses, but also they are ideal to glam up your home.  Along with being absolutely beautiful, they are extremely affordable and we love that!

Today we have a tutorial featuring Totally Dazzled Rhinestone Brooches. They make the perfect embellishment for these easy DIY ribbon & rhinestone bookmarks. We will also show you how we used the Totally Dazzled slide on our FREE printable, which makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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Supplies: DIY Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmark

If you are more of a visual learner, we’ve created a short video tutorial . . .

DIY Ribbon Bookmark: Attach Ribbon Clasp

Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmark
Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmark

First place the clasp in the pliers, then place the ribbon in between the teeth of the clasp. Once it is centered and aligned in the clasp, crimp the clasp with the pliers. Turn to the other side and crimp as well.

Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmark

DIY Ribbon Bookmark: Attach the Totally Dazzled Brooch

Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmark

Attach the Totally Dazzled Brooch with jump rings.

Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmark

To open the jump rings you will need two pair of pliers. Grip the jump ring with both of the pliers and twist to open the ring. It is best to twist open and not pull the jump ring apart, otherwise it is difficult to get it to close securely.

Ribbon Bookmark

Insert the jump ring through the loop on the ribbon clasp.

Ribbon Bookmark

Next, close the jump ring by twisting the jump ring until it is closed.

Rhinestone Brooch
Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmark

We ordered the 10 piece mixed pack of Totally Dazzled rhinestone accessories. This package comes with varying backs. Some are flat backs others have pin backs. The brooch we used for this ribbon bookmark had a pin back. Therefore we used the pliers to pull it off.

Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmark

Finally we attached the rhinestone brooch with a jump ring. For this DIY ribbon bookmark we used 3 jump rings.

Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmark
Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmark

We had so much fun making these easy DIY ribbon and rhinestone bookmarks. It was fun to play with different colors of ribbon to create simple and chic Mother’s Day gifts. Not only are these bookmarks simple to make, but also the perfect last minute gift idea.

Ribbon & Rhinestone Bookmark

Benefits of Being Creative . . .

We are aware that there are many who are struggling at this time with health concerns as well as anxiety over this virus that is sweeping across the world. We hope that through our posts each week that we are encouraging you to create.

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Diy Ribbon & Rhine Stone Bookmarks
Diy Ribbon & Rhine Stone Bookmarks

Creating with these beautiful rhinestone accessories was so much fun. Not only did we make several of these beautiful ribbon bookmarks, but we embellished a framed FREE printable that is perfect for Mother’s Day. We used a Totally Dazzled slide to embellish the frame. It made a simple frame so chic.

Click on the button below to get your FREE printable.

Are you ready to create with these beautiful rhinestone brooches? Do you have other ideas of ways you can use these beautiful embellishments in your home? We would love to hear your ideas, just leave us a comment below!

Be sure to sure to check back to our website Thursday, we will be sharing another fun gift idea for Mother’s Day using more of these beautiful Totally Dazzled embellishments. You won’t want to miss this!

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Diy Ribbon & Rhine Stone Bookmarks

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