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Are you ready for Christmas in July?! We certainly are and we’re excited to share this Christmas DIY tiered tray décor.

Certainly July is the perfect time to get crafting and create charming Christmas decorations.

You can sit back and enjoy the creative process without all the stress that comes when it gets closer to the holidays.

Are ready to jump start your Christmas decorations?

Then this is the perfect project for you!

With just a few simple supplies, you can create a beautiful Christmas DIY tiered tray decor that will wow your family and friends.

This post is sponsored by Chalk Couture®, all opinions are our own.

What is Chalk Couture?

Chalk Couture is a company that is centered on helping others create timeless, high-end DIY home décor.

Christmas tiered tray decor, rolling pin, tree, mini chalkboard sign, peppermint sticks, greenery.

Chalk Couture offers beautiful Chalk Transfer® designs, reusable and single-use surfaces, and vibrant Chalkology® Paste colors that make it simple to create stunning projects in no time at all.

You’ll find products are curated to create custom pieces that are foolproof, easy to clean up, and are so much fun to make again and again.

How to Use Chalk Transfers to Make DIY Tiered Tray Decor

Creating a beautiful Christmas tiered tray decor with Chalk Transfers is quick and easy.

Black and white tiered tray with surface pieces before applying chalk transfers.

To get started, you’ll need a tiered tray, Chalkology Paste, Chalk Transfer, cutouts, tiered tray essentials and a squeegee.

Chalk Couture has conveniently placed all the items we used into a kit to make your own tiered tray and decor for Christmas.

And you can get 50% OFF the kit plus FREE SHIPPING with the promo code: SUNNYSIDE

Once you have all your supplies, you can begin creating your own unique Christmas DIY tiered tray decor.

Christmas Chalk Transfers from Chalk Couture, pine boughs, pine cones, stripes, plaid, reindeer, star, tree, dec.24, fa la la, Christmas, merry, little, merry and bright, bell, etc.

Simply choose your Transfer design and surface you’d like to use.

Fuzzing the Transfer

Chalk Couture transfer is pulled from fuzz cloth.

First remove the backing from the Transfer and place the silkscreen on a fuzzing cloth.

Fuzzing is simply the process of picking up a layer of fuzz on the sticky side of the Transfer before placing the Transfer on a surface. 

This will soften the adhesive on the Transfer, so when you pull up the Transfer, it doesn’t stretch the Transfer.

If you don’t have a fuzzing cloth then an old hand towel will do.

Chalk Couture Transfers are made to be used over and over, so they are really sticky when they are new.

Woman's hand applying transfer to star shape.

Next place the Transfer on your surface and press firmly.

To prevent bleeding, make sure it’s adhered properly with no bubbles or wrinkles.

Apply Chalkology Paste

Woman's hand with mini squeegee with shimmer gold chalkology paste with star transfer in the background.
Woman applies shimmer gold chalkology past to star transfer.

Now we are ready for the fun part, use the squeegee to apply the Chalkology Paste onto the Transfer.

Apply the Paste liberally to the Transfer, spreading in a variety of directions.

Once you’ve covered the desired area, wipe off any excess Chalkology Paste with the squeegee and return the excess Paste to the container.

Now we are ready to see the masterpiece, carefully remove the Transfer and check to make sure you’ve covered the design completely.

Woman's hand removes chalk transfer from star shape.

If not, simply press the Transfer back down and apply more Paste.

Then while the Paste is still wet, peel back your Transfer to reveal your beautiful design and clean your Transfer before it dries.

Woman's hand removes chalk transfer from mini sign.

You can apply a single color, or multiple colors on one image Transfer.

Woman's finger combines two colors or green paint to make an ombre tree decor piece.
Woman hand removing chalk transfer from tree shape with two shades of green chalkology paste.

No doubt you’ll have so much fun playing around with the Chalk Transfers.

For the Christmas tree Steph applied Sage Chalkology Paste at the top of the Transfer and Pesto at the lower portion and then blended the two colors together for an ombre effect.

Christmas tiered tray decor, rolling pin, tree, mini chalkboard sign, peppermint sticks, greenery.

Let your creativity run wild as you play around with Chalkology Paste and Transfers!

When applying Transfers to porous wood surfaces it’s recommended to wax the surface prior to applying the Transfer.

This will help the Transfer design apply better.

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How to Clean Chalk Transfer

The Chalk Transfers are similar to a silkscreen, with the entire design connected on the Transfer.

You’ll want to clean Chalk Couture Transfers immediately after each use.

Clean chalk transfer in cool water, keeping flat and rubbing image with a small sponge.

This keeps the Paste from clogging up the silkscreen areas and will keep your Transfers in good condition while getting the most from each Transfer.

First, fill a large container with cool water and lay the Transfer flat in the water.

Make sure there’s enough water to fully submerge the Transfer.

Then use a small sponge and rub the Paste from the Transfer.

Keep in mind some deep Chalkology colors like red or black may stain your Transfer and that’s ok.

Also, Chalkology Inks tend to have higher pigments and will also stain more easily.

We also found that a small piece of a magic eraser in the pan of water worked well to clean the Transfer.

If the water becomes very cloudy, drain and refill with cool clear water.

Cleaned chalk transfer placed on countertop.

Once you’ve cleaned off all the Paste, pick your Transfer up by 2 opposite corners and lay it sticky side up on your fuzzing cloth, but flip it over to the microfiber side.

If there is excess water on the Transfer, blot or wipe with a microfiber or lint free cloth.

Let the Transfer dry completely.

If you are in a rush or want to apply another color with the same Transfer, you can speed up the drying process with a hair dryer on a low/cool setting.

Once it’s completely dry, apply the Transfer to the shiny side of the backer sheet and store in the original packaging or a ziploc bag.

Creating Your Own Christmas Tiered Tray

Certainly you’ll find a variety of adorable surfaces and shapes from Chalk Couture to create a fun and festive tiered tray decor.

But what else will you add to your tiered tray for Christmas?

Christmas tiered tray decor, rolling pin, cutting board, book stack, black velvet back, tree, star, bottle brush tree, mini chalkboard. on a black and white tiered tray.

Definitely you’ll want to have a variety of objects at varying heights for a beautiful Christmas tiered tray.

I love their book stack, mini rolling pin, cutting board, frame and mini chalkboard.

In fact the chalkboard is so versatile, because you can use it over and over for each season and holiday.

The Chalkology Paste can be cleaned off with water and a sponge, then you can use it over and over again.

Christmas tiered tray decor, merry and bright sign, bottle brush tree, book stack with "joy to the world" tied with red polka dot ribbon, bell, greenery

Other items that are fun to add to a tiered tray include:

  • bottle brush trees
  • bead strand
  • greenery
  • fairy lights
  • ribbon or pom pom strand
  • mugs
  • village pieces
  • pinecones
  • fake snow
  • gingerbread men
  • small framed images
  • peppermint sticks or candy canes

I like to add my larger pieces first and vary the heights, followed by the small items and then fill in with greenery and/or ribbon.

With Chalk Couture Transfers, you can create a unique and beautiful Christmas tiered tray decor, or for any other season or holiday!

Updating Your Tiered Tray for Different Seasons and Holidays

With Chalk Couture, you can easily update your tiered tray for different seasons and holidays.

That’s one of the features of Chalk Couture products that I love, you can reuse them over and over again.

The dry Chalkology Paste can be removed from non-porous surfaces, like the chalkboard.

I can’t wait to try some Halloween Chalk Transfers for my tiered tray next!

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More Ideas for Chalk Transfers

Not only can you make a beautiful tiered tray for Christmas, or any other holiday or season, but you can also use the same technique to decorate other surfaces in your home.

From wooden signs to glass vases, you can use Chalkology Paste to create unique and festive decorations on so many surfaces.

Christmas tiered tray decor, bottle brush tree, black velvet bag with image transfer of reindeer, wood cutting board, tree, book stack and glass container with faux etching with shimmer white chalkology paste.

First, I experimented on a small velvet bag that I had saved.

I applied the reindeer Transfer and used the Shimmer White Chalkology Paste.

While this is not washable, it’s perfect for my Christmas tiered tray decor.

If you want to Transfer on fabric and make it washable, try Chalk Couture Ink which has a permanent finish.

Reindeer chalk transfer is applied to a black flower pot, with white simmer paste applied to reindeer design.

I loved the reindeer Transfer so much I decided to try it next on a black pot.

First I applied placement tape to keep my Transfer level and then applied the Shimmer White Chalkology Paste.

Ho Ho Ho image transfer on clear vase filled with red gumballs, reindeer image transfer around a black pot, setting on a wooded stand with a Christmas plaid table runner.

Don’t you think it looks so festive?!

And the best part is that it’s removable, I can change up this pot for any season or holiday!

Ho, Ho, Ho, transfered to a glass vase filled with red gum balls.
Christmas Tiered Tray decor, mini chalkboard, mini rolling pin, star, greenery, bottle brush tree, tree, etched glass, velvet bag.

We also created a faux etched look on glass, or you can use etching cream for the real deal.

Christmas tiered tray decor, mini transferred boxes, peppermint sticks, star, mini rolling pine, north pole sign.

You can make gift boxes, tags, cards, buntings, custom napkins and placemats, pillows, wall art, t-shirts, jackets and so much more.

Christmas tiered tray decor, mini chalkboard sign with Dec. 25 image transfer, mini rolling pin with "Merry Christmas" transfer, Shimmer gold transfered star, bottle brush tree.

With Chalk Couture you can get your home ready for the holidays in no time at all!

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Tiered tray decor, including a book stack, chalkboard sign, greenery, bottle brush tree and small bottles filled with Christmas confetti on a white tiered tray with a jute wrapped pole.

Get a jump start on your holiday decorations today and head on over to their website and get creating!

And just for you, an early Christmas gift . . .

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Aren’t you in love with this adorable Christmas Tiered tray!

And don’t forget you can get all the items we used to make this Christmas Tiered Tray in a special kit.

How will you use Chalk Couture Transfers in your home?

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