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One of our favorite things is to change up our decor for the holidays. Keep in mind that adding new home decor items does not have to be expensive!

We’re excited to share our latest home decor idea with you! You can create this Dollar Tree DIY in just minutes for only $3!

This reversible NO SEW rug pillow is perfect for every day use or you can easily spruce it up for any holiday.

Tap the video above to see how we created this simple Dollar Tree DIY for only $3!

Dollar Tree DIY | Reversible Rug Pillow

dollar tree DIY

To create this Dollar Tree DIY reversible pillow, you’ll need 2 of these rugs from their home collection.

(If your local Dollar Tree doesn’t carry this particular rug, it can be purchased online.)

This would be a darling throw pillow as is, but we decided to spruce it up a bit with some darling fall and Halloween elements.

We’ve even created a FREE downloadable pattern for you, to take the stress out of making your own! Downloads links can be found below.

Creating A Pumpkin

dollar tree DIY
dollar tree DIY

To create this pumpkin you’ll need some scrap fabric, rope and jute.

Begin by measuring the center of the rug both vertically and horizontally, and mark with a straight pin.

Apply a small piece of rope about 6 inches to the center of the rug with a hot glue gun.

dollar tree DIY
dollar tree DIY

Next, using your free pattern, cut the oval shapes out of the white and tan fabric scraps.

Once cut, go around all the edges and gently pull any loose strings to fray the edges a little.

Secure the white and tan ovals together using a hot glue gun.

dollar tree DIY

Position the ovals where you want, and secure into place with the hot glue gun.

Embellish the Pumpkin Stem

dollar tree DIY
dollar tree DIY

We decided to embellish the pumpkin stem by adding a little piece of curly jute.

To create this tight curl, cut a strip of jute about 12 inches long.

Saturate the jute with water and ring out the excess. Then wrap it around a crochet hook (or any other oven safe item about the size of a pencil.)

Place on a baking sheet and heat for 10 minutes at 350°.

Allow to cool and remove the jute from the hook, and you’ll have this darling curly embellishment.

dollar tree DIY

Adding The Bat Embellishment

dollar tree DIY
dollar tree DIY

Using the the free pattern provided, cut the bat from a scrap of black fabric.

Center the bat on the pillow and secure into place with a hot glue gun.

dollar tree DIY

And finally add some googly eyes with the glue gun.

Dollar Tree DIY | Making The Pillow

dollar tree DIY

To make these 2 rugs into a pillow, place one on top of the other. Make sure all of the tassels on the edges are out from in between the rugs.

Apply hot glue to 3 edges and press firmly into place.

dollar tree DIY

Last, stuff with an old pillow form or polyfil and close pillow by running one last bead of hot glue along the 4th edge.

Optional: Add a running stitch along the top and bottom of edges. This just adds a little extra detail. (The cord was also purchased at Dollar Tree.)

And your Dollar Tree DIY is complete!

How quick and easy was that?!

And for only $3? You can’t beat that!

Simple Reversible Rug Pillow

dollar tree DIY
dollar tree DIY

Isn’t this such a darling and easy Dollar Tree DIY?

No one will believe it only cost $3!

Download your own FREE pattern by tapping the button below.

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dollar tree DIY

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