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Hey friends! It happened, we officially have a teenager in our home now! We celebrated Mr. G’s 13th birthday last week! I can hardly believe it! (Mostly because I don’t feel old enough to have a teenager 😆) He’s a great kid and we’re so blessed to have him in our family!

We’ve been in our home for 4 years now and our poor master bedroom has been put on the back burner for way too long!  It’s been fun to decorate other areas of our home, but it’s high time we give this room a makeover! The only thing we even had hanging on our wall was that metal decor above the bed! 🤦‍♀️  We even painted this room the same color we had in our master bedroom in our previous home, Smokey Slate by Behr.  I do love the color, but after having it for 10 years we were ready for a change.

When my hubby and I first met he worked for RC Willey Home Furnishings. It was sure nice to get a discount on furniture as newlyweds! (This was even before I realized that I have a furniture problem! Meaning I can buy every piece I see and still want more, which means I just keep switching up our decor!)

We purchased this bedroom set while he still worked for RC Willey. It was a really nice set but our master bedroom felt a little cramped and “heavy” with all these dark pieces in the room. Earlier this Spring I found a beautiful vintage dresser from a local Vintage Market.  It was half the width of our current dresser and a bit taller, so this would give the allusion that we have more space in our room. After bringing it home, I convinced my hubby we’d sell the old dresser which would pay for the new one…we were pretty much just making a swap. Well, turned out that someone wanted to buy the whole bedroom set, so we got rid of it all! I even had others ask about our decorations from our listing, so I sold every throw pillow, every piece of decor, the curtains, I mean everything! I guess that’s one way to start a makeover right? Starting from scratch! (And in my mind that was more money in my pocket for our new bedroom makeover!)

So with the only piece of furniture we had left, our lovey new dresser and our mattress on the floor, we camped out like this for a few weeks as I envisioned what our new master bedroom would look like.

The above images are my pieces of inspiration for a calm and relaxing coastal retreat. It’s no secret that I have expensive taste! That’s half the fun of my projects, figuring out a way to achieve the high end look at a fraction of the cost! Again these pieces were my inspiration. Even if I had the money I don’t know if I could fork out that kind of money for some of these pieces 💰

Restoration Hardware St. James Panel Bed With Footboard  $2795

Bashir Armchair $230 x 2 chairs

Pair Striped Curtains $99 x 3 pairs

Navy & White Bedding $300

Seascape Photography  $20-$200

Chandelier  $579

Console Table $849

Coastal Night Stand $329 x 2

When working on any project I love to take my hunting to the local classifieds. I found two amazing pieces for our room!  I was able to find an identical white orb chandelier and only paid $40!  I also found a similar console table also for $40!  SIGNIFICANT savings right there!  

You know I’m also a huge DIYer. You wont want to miss my DIY version of the nearly $3K Restoration Hardware bed frame, all in it cost about $35! Seriously! It looks amazing and it really was that cheap!  

I can’t wait to reveal every little bit of our new master retreat with you!  Stay tuned each week for a new post revealing each of the projects we did to complete this calming coastal space! 😍  And finally the full master bedroom tour!  

Thanks for stopping by!  As always here at Sunny Side Design we


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