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Have you heard of Sola Wood Flowers?

A while back I received a bouquet from my daughter-in-law and I was so intrigued by these beautiful wood flowers!

Not only are they very life-like, but they’re also customizable to any color you’d like.

This is a sponsored post, but of course, all of the opinions are my own.

We are very excited that Sola Wood Flowers asked us to try their product and create a piece of home decor.

Not only will we share how to dye Sola Wood flowers, but also how to create a beautiful floral arrangement with them.

What is Sola Wood?

Sola wood flowers are made from Shola, a tropical plant.

Shola plants are a sustainable wood-crafting material and are abundant in nature and can be easily grown in waterlogged lands.

The white soft core from which the flowers are crafted from are spongy, supple, and lightweight.

Typically, the bark is taken off of the root to expose the center of the plant.

This cream-colored, cork-like center is made into thin sheets, which are then softened and shaped by hand.

Yes, each flower is handcrafted by a real artist! 

Sometimes the bark is left on during the sheet-making process, which creates a two-tone effect.

Both skin and skinless flowers can be dyed with paint to create whatever color palette and design the creator desires. 


For you to successfully dye and arrange Sola wood flowers you’ll need the following items:

How to Dye Sola Wood Flowers

An assortment of Sola wood flowers on a white countertop.

You’ll find that most often Sola Wood flowers are dyed with acrylic or craft paint.

In fact, on their website you’ll find a huge array of colors to choose from.

In addition, you can also use latex paint, spray paint, watercolor, and fabric dye.

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Dilute Dye

Woman's hand stirring blue dye in a stainless steel bowl.

Today we are dyeing our Sola wood flowers with the Sola wood flower dye.

For our flower arrangement colors, we chose Morning Frost and Avocado.

First you’ll fill a container with about 1 cup of lukewarm water and add the dye to the water.

For the Morning frost, we added the entire 4 oz bottle to achieve the color we wanted.

However, the Avocado color is more intense and we used about 1/2 of the 4 oz. bottle.

In my opinion, start out with less of the dye and test the color.

You can always add more color, if you want a darker color.

Also, the hotter the water, the more intense the color will be.

Stir the dye well to ensure that it is thoroughly mixed.

How to Use Sola Softner

While this is an optional step you can add Sola softener to the dye which will make the flower more supple.

We added about 1 tablespoon of the softener to the dye.

Woman's hand placing a Sola wood flower into a bowl of blue dye.

Then begin dipping your flower in the dye, making sure that the dye gets into all of the folds and crevices.

Woman's hands holding a blue dyed Sola wood flower over the liquid dye.

Once you are satisfied with the color, remove it from the dye, and place on a rack to fully dry.

Shaping Sola Wood Flowers

When your flowers arrive they may be misshapen from the packaging, but no need to worry.

Once the Sola wood flowers are wet, you can easily reshape them to give them more life.

After wetting the flowers either in the dye or plain water, use your fingers to fan out the petals.

Blue, avocado green and white dyed Sola wood flowers drying on a wire rack.

Then allow to dry for 24 hours before crafting or arranging them.

Adding a Stem to Sola Wood Flowers

Woman's hand holding a dyed Sola wood flower, applying hot glue to the base of the flower.

To insert a stem into your Sola wood flower, place a dollop of hot glue at the base of the flower.

Woman's hand holding a dyed Sola wood flower inserting a wire for the stem.

Then insert a floral wire or a skewer through the hot glue into the base of the flower.

Finally allow the glue to cool.

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Arranging Sola Wood Flowers

Prepare Container

Choose a container for arranging your Sola wood flowers.

It can be a vase, basket or pot.

Woman's hands tying jute around the top of a quart canning jar.

For our Sola wood flower arrangement we chose to use a wire basket that holds quart size canning jars that we already had on hand.

Don’t you think it makes a fun container for this floral arrangement?

First, we wrapped the top of each jar with twine and tied it in a knot.

Wheat berries in a quart canning jar with a jute string tied around the top of the jar.

Then we filled each jar with wheat berries.

The wheat berries will hold the flowers and fillers in place without the need of styrofoam.

However, if you’re using a basket or pot you’ll want to place styrofoam into your container along with a layer of moss.

Add Filler

Quart canning far filled with wheat berries and a clump of dried green grass.

To begin our Sola wood flower arrangement, we first placed a clump of the green grass stems into the center of the jar into the wheat berries.

These grass stems came with our Sola wood flower kit.

Woman's hand placing a piece of eucalyptus in a glass jar.

Then add the other green fillers from the Sola wood flower kit.

We first cut the eucalyptus into individual stems and inserted a few into each jar.

Be mindful to work with odd numbers of flowers and fillers.

Add Dyed Sola Wood Flowers

Woman's hand placing a blue dyed Sola wood flower into the floral arrangment in a glass jar.

Next, we started placing the blue dyed Sola wood flowers into the arrangement.

When arranging flowers, we like to focus on one flower color or type at a time.

Woman's hand placing a natural Sola wood flower into the Sola Wood Floral arrangment.

And then add the white flowers.

Woman's hand placing a green dyed Sola wood flower into the floral arrangement.

Followed by the green flowers.

Always work with odd numbers when placing them into the arrangement.

Woman's hand placing greenery into the dye Sola Wood floral arrangment.

And finally, we added a little willow eucalyptus and dusty miller for added texture.

This is repeated with each jar for our Sola wood floral arrangement.

Woman placing a floral arrangment in a quart canning jar into a wire basket that will hold 6 glass jars.

Once each jar is arranged, place each jar into the wire basket.

Other flower arrangement ideas you may like:

Sola Wood Flower Arrangement

A beautiful Sola wood flower arrangement in glass canning jars with wheat berries in a wire basket on a linen table runner on a natural wood table top.

To sum it up, the Sola wood flowers are super easy to work with and I love the fact that you an customize them to any color you’d like.

I really love the look of this floral arrangement.

To me it has a farmhouse, cottage look about it.

Blue, white and green dyed Sola wood flowers arranged in jars in a wire basket.

But most importantly, the flowers are so beautiful!

Blue and green dyed Sola wood flowers arranged in jars in a wire basket.

The detail of each flower is absolutely stunning!

Blue, white and green dyed Sola wood flowers arranged in jars in a wire basket.

So tell us what you think about Sola wood flowers.

Have you heard of them before?

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Are you ready to try a craft or flower arrangement with Sola wood flowers?!

You’ll find on their website right now Sola wood flowers up to 70% off.

It’s a great time to shop.

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