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Create a Beautiful Flower Arrangement with Flower from Your Garden.

Summer flowers bring so many beautiful colors into my garden. In fact, I love to wander around my yard and enjoy the variety of colors and textures. Personally, I think bringing flowers in from my garden adds beauty and life to my home. Creating a DIY flower arrangement with summer blooms is the perfect way to freshen up your home for summer. And it’s easier than you think. Scroll on down and learn how to arrange flowers, along with tips for keeping them fresh and beautiful longer.

Every spring, one of my favorite things to do is cut a few branches from my forsythia bush and bring them indoors to enjoy. 

There’s no special skill needed to create a simple arrangement with spring blossoms.

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DIY Flower Arrangement in Action

DIY Flower Arrangment Supplies

Along with fresh flowers from your garden you will need:

  • Sprite or lemon-lime soda (not diet)
  • bleach
  • mesh produce bag
  • scissors or pruning sheers
  • vase or container
  • canning jar with band that will fit inside your vase

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Step 1: Prepare Vase

First we need to prepare the vase to hold the flowers. I think that placing a jar inside of the vase for a DIY flower arrangement is easiest way to arrange flowers.

While you can purchase floral foam or a frog to insert your garden flowers in. However, this DIY flower arranging method with a mesh produce bag is free. And it works really well.

First cut the mesh bag to fit over your jar overlapping by 1″ on all sides.

Next, pour Sprite (with full sugar) in the jar, filling it about 1/3 of the way. Then add water to fill completely.

Finally add 1/2 teaspoon of bleach.

Add the mesh and ring to the jar and secure tightly.

At this time, place the jar inside your vase, or whatever container you would like to use. 

The citric acid from the lemon lime soda along with the carbonation will increase the amount of water and sugar the flowers will absorb. Thus helping your DIY flower arrangement to last longer.

The bleach added to the water will inhibit the growth of bacteria, also prolonging the time your flowers will remain fresh.

Select Flowers and Greenery to Arrange

Now it’s time for the fun part, selecting the flowers you’d like to place in your flower arrangement.

It’s best to cut your flowers first thing in the morning. This will increase the time they will remain fresh in your home.

For my flower arrangement I cut from my garden, Dogwood for the greenery and Daisies, Salvia and Veronica.

In a few weeks my hydrangeas will be blooming and I can’t wait to bring them into my home. They are one of my favorite flowers!

Step 2: Add Greenery

DIY Flower Arrangement from Your Garden

I feel that creating a flower arrangement is easier if I do so in layers.

In fact, I like to begin with the greenery.

First cut your stems at a 45 degree angle and then place it through the mesh in the container.

For woody stems, make cut up the stem with scissors or pruning sheers. This will help them to absorb more water.

You’ll also want to strip off any leaves that may touch the water. Leaves in the water will increase the likelihood of bacteria. And we want to keep our flower arrangement looking good for as long as we can.

DIY Flower Arrangement from Your Garden

Continue inserting the greenery stems through the mesh in the container until you feel like you’ve got enough.


Step 3: Add Main Flowers

DIY Flower Arrangement from Your Garden

Now we are ready to add the main flowers.

I chose Daisies as my main flower. 

Just like the greenery, you will want to remove any leaves that may touch the water. Keeping only stems in the water.

Cut the flower stems in the same way as the greenery, at a 45 degree angle.

When adding flowers it’s important to add an odd number of flowers. It will help it feel more balanced.


Step 4: Add Filler Flowers

DIY Flower Arrangement from Your Garden

Once you’ve added all of the main flower’s you’d like it’s time to add the filler flowers.

When I first selected flowers from my garden for this arrangement I cut some Salvia. But as I walked around to my backyard I saw that the Veronica was just starting to bloom. The delicate flowers and the gentle arch looked so pretty, I knew that I had to cut a few to add to my DIY flower arrangement.

Just as before, I stripped the leaves from the lower part or the stem and placed the Veronica into the flower arrangement.

Completed DIY Flower Arrangement

DIY Flower Arrangement from Your Garden

I believe this flower arrangement looks so beautiful in my living room on my piano. In particular it feels so summery with the white Daisies, the graceful Veronica and the two-toned dogwood.

Not to mention that I can enjoy the flowers in my home as well as in my garden.

In addition, I’ve gathered a few more ideas for adding fresh flowers into your home.

More DIY Flower Arrangements Ideas

When making a flower arrangement for your home, it can be as simple as grouping a single type of flower in a vase like this baby’s breath or the tulips.

While Clematis would be difficult to place in a vase, cutting a few blossoms and floating them in a tray or fish bowl is simple and gorgeous.

As it happens the Clematis on my trellis is absolutely gorgeous this year and I had to share a bit of it.

Or gather a bunch of grasses and place them in a vase. Simple and beautiful!

Isn’t this little arrangement of hydrangea so pretty.

When selecting containers for your DIY flower arrangement, think outside the box.

Clearly I love Steph’s choice of quart canning jars placed in a wire basket for her dining table.

Create your own container for flowers like we did with our paint stir stick pot. 

Even a simple potted flowering plant adds life to your home.

Definitely one of my favorite flowers in my home are my orchids. I have them scattered throughout my home.

Let me share a little secret with you…

When my orchid stops blooming, I cut back the stem and add a couple of faux orchid stems.

Then when it shoots up a new blossom stem, I simple pull out the faux stems.

This way I have blooming orchids all year long.

Brings some flowers into your bedroom…

Or make a gorgeous flower arrangement to enjoy in your bathroom.

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Are You Inspired to DIY a Flower Arrangement?

DIY Flower Arrangement from Your Garden

Are you ready to cut a few flowers from your garden and DIY a flower arrangement? 

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