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Let’s decorate for Easter! It may be April Fools Day, but this is NO JOKE!   We woke up to 6 inches of snow Friday morning!  Welcome to Spring in Utah! 

Freshly fallen snow welcomes the spring decor for Easter.

Easter is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about how you can decorate for the holiday without breaking your budget.

From colorful eggs and bunnies to festive decorations that will last year after year, there are plenty of creative ways to make your home look festive this Easter season — without spending a fortune.

Scroll on down and get my tips on how to decorate for Easter on a budget.

Front porch decorated with tulip carrot wreath and a bunny pallet sign.

Get Creative with DIY Decorations

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get creative and make your own decorations for Easter.

DIY bunny pallet wood sign "welcome Peeps"

With some basic supplies such as paint and pallet wood, you can create one of a kind Easter Decor.

This idea is practically free!

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Decorate for Easter on a budget with FREE printables and scrapbook paper garland. Use vintage windows for seasonal decor.

Try adding a simple bunting made with scrapbook paper and our FREE printable to a vintage window, or drape it across your mantle.

With some basic supplies such as paint and scrapbook paper, you can create all kinds of festive decorations such as bunny-shaped garlands, egg-shaped decor and paper spring flowers.

Scrapbook paper is a great way to add seasonal decor on a budget.

Invest in Classic Decorations

When it comes to spring and Easter decorations, there are certain elements that you can use year after year.

Decorate for Easter with classic Easter bunnies and faux spring flowers.

Consider investing in some classic pieces such as an Easter wreath or a basket full of colorful eggs that you can use year after year.

Decorate for Easter with classic decor you can use from year to year, like bunnies and eggs.

Quality spring flowers are another great way to add Easter decor on a budget.

DIy a Tulip wreath in the shape of a carrot for your front door.

This festive carrot-tulip wreath is fun to hang year after year.

Shop Secondhand Stores

Decorate for Easter on a budget with FREE printabled.

Check out your local thrift stores and flea markets for some great deals on decorations that you can use to spruce up your home this Easter season.

Place a few bunnies around the built-in bookshelves.

Look for items such as colorful dishes, vintage glassware, frames and even old books that you can use as decorations.

Decorate for Easter with classic Easter bunnies and FREE printable art.

And don’t forget that you can easily update Easter decor items with paint, like these bunnies.

I was thrilled to come across these vintage berry baskets at the flea market. They are perfect for displaying Easter eggs.

Decorate for Easter with Non-Traditional Colors.

Choose classic Easter decor you can use from year to year like these chalkboard easter eggs and twine carrots.

Often when we think of decorating for Easter we think of pastel or bright colors in orange, blue, pink and yellow hues.

Classic Easter decor you can use year after year like ceramic eggs and wall art.

But think outside the box! I love these black chalkboard eggs!

Each year I can easily change the theme or message on these eggs.

And I think the black and white really pop!

Decorate with Free Easter Printables

Decorate for Easter with religious figurines and FREE printable art.

Another fun and budget-friendly way to decorate your home for Easter is with free printables.

Decorate for Easter on a budget with FREE printabled.

In fact, we have four Easter printables you can download and print.

Four images of FREE Easter printables.

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There are many sites online where you can find a wide selection of Easter themed art and decor that you can easily print out at home for no cost.

From spring banners to wall decor, these free printables are a great way to decorate your home while staying on budget.

With our Free printable, we also created a fun Easter bunting with dollar store frames.

Decorate for Easter with classic bunny Easter decor and faux spring flowers.
Add seasonal and Easter decor to a tiered tray on the coffee table.

Are you decorating for Easter on a budget this year?

Try creative ways to decorate your home this Easter season without breaking the bank.

Invest in classic decor pieces, get creative with DIY decorations, shop secondhand stores and repurpose decor.

Get started today!

We hope you found some inspiration for your home today.

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