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We spotted our first autumn leaves last week and fall is in the air!

Certainly after making the fall macrame leaf bunting for my mantle, I was on a macrame roll.

So I started thinking, why not take the pumpkin wreath form from Dollar Tree and add macrame to it.

As I played around a bit, I remembered we had beads left over from Steph’s Modern Sunflower wreath.

And why not incorporate them into my DIY Fall Macrame wreath?

Personally, I think this pumpkin macrame wreath is so charming and fairly quick.

In fact it only took about 1 1/2 hours to make.

And I can’t wait to share it with you!

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What You Will Need to Make a Fall Macrame Wreath

For this project you will need these tools:

You will need these supplies:

For a different look than mine, you can also use a chunky weight yard and of course the flowers are optional.

How to Make a Fall Macrame Wreath

Macrame has made a resurgence in the last several years and is once again very popular.

Let me share a little secret with you…

I first learned how to macrame when I was 10 or 11 years old, way back during the macrame craze of the 70’s.

It’s fun to see it popular again!

Not only can you make beautiful pieces of decor for your home with macrame, but also some very useful pieces, like a plant hanger or even a  seat for a chair.

Not to mention, you can begin creating beautiful pieces for your home with only learning a few knots.

Last week Steph shared how to make a square knot with the fun leaf garland.

And today for my DIY Fall Macrame wreath you will only need to learn one knot.

For this project you will learn the spiral stitch, or a half knot sinnet.

I know it sounds like a mouthful, but it’s really very easy to master.

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DIY Fall Macrame Wreath In Action

Step 1: Cut Macrame Cord For Fall Wreath

First and foremost, you need to know how much cord to cut.

You don’t want to run short.

I believe it better to have too much cord, than to run short in the middle of your piece.

As a general rule, you want to measure the length you want the finished macrame piece to be and times it by 8.

For this Fall pumpkin macrame wreath, each rib on the wire form is worked individually.

Measure the length of the wreath form rib, mine is 14-15″.

Then I will take 15″ x 8 and cut my cord to roughly 120″.

I did find that by inserting beads that it used a little less cord.

However, I’d rather not run short and cut the pumpkin rib length to 120″.

Because each rib is worked individually, you can just cut one length of cord and see how it works out for you.

Note: The outer edge of the pumpkin wreath form will be much longer.

But once again you will measure the total length of the outer wire and times it by 8.

I also added a couple of feet to that measurement for wrapping the pumpkin stem.

Step 2: How to Make a Spiral Knot

Macrame cord knotted to the top of the wire pumpkin frame.

First you’ll want to find the center of your cord and secure it to the pumpkin rib, just like you’re beginning to tie your shoe.

Note: Initially I began at the top of the wire frame.

But once I decided to add beads to my Fall macrame wreath, I thought working from the bottom of the frame to the top was a better idea.

You see why when you see how I added the beads.

Make loop for spiral knot on pumpkin wire frame.

At this time you will begin to form your first knot.

Now usually when you macrame, you work your knots over a length of cord.

However in this case, you will work the knot over the wire frame.

Begin by taking the cord on the right and form a loop over the wire frame.

The cord on the left will come across the top of the looped cord.

Pull spiral knot tight on pumpkin wire frame.

Then take the cord on the left and bring it under the wire frame and pull the end up through the loop.

Pull both ends of the macrame cord tight.

Now you just formed your first half knot.

You will now continue to make more half knots.

Note: You can form the knot by making the loop on the left side as well.

The key is to continue to make the loop on the same side, this will form the spiral effect.

Repeat spiral knots on pumpkin wire wreath frame.

As you can see in this photo, the knots start to spiral around the wire rib on the wreath form.

Of course, you can continue this knot all the way down the rib if you’d like.

However I liked the idea of adding beads to my row of spiral knots.

Step 3: Adding Beads to Spiral Knots

woman's hand tightening knot on pumpkin wire wreath frame.

In the same way as I started before, I found the center of my cord and attached it to the wire frame this time at the bottom of the wreath form.

Work 5 half knots up the wire rib.

Cutting dykes snipping pumpkin wire wreath frame.

In order to place beads on the wire form, you’ll need to make a cut.

Make a cut with dykes about 1 1/2″ – 2″ from the top of the pumpkin frame.

In my opinion, making the cut at the top would put less pressure on the cut area when I secure it back together.

woman's hand threading bead onto pumpkin wire wreath frame.

Next place the beads onto the wire.

Then push the bead up to the last formed half knot.

woman's hand forming macrame cord for spiral knot around bead.

At this time bring the cords around the sides of the bead and begin to form your next half knot.

woman's hand forming macrame cord for spiral knot around bead.

Continue with 5 more half knots.

Then add your next bead.

Continue working this pattern until you get near the cut edge of the wire.

woman's hand threading bead onto pumpkin wire wreath frame.

At this time place the last bead on the short end of the wire. 

Step 4: Securing the Cut Wire

Woman's hand Applying hot glue to cut edge of wire wreath frame.

Next, I placed a little hot glue on the end of the wire and secured them together.

Now, I realized that the glue would not hold it together.

But it did secure it long enough for me to place tape over the seam.

Woman's hand wrapping tape around joint on wire wreath frame.

Then I took a small piece of duct tape and wrapped it around the cut area on the wire form.

DIY Fall Macrame Wreath

Just as before, make a total of 5 half knots. 

Covering up the taped seam.

Woman's forming knot on DIY Fall Macrame Wreath.

Finally, push the last bead up to the last half knot and then work half knots to the end of the wire frame.

Woman's hand forming spiral knots on DIY Fall Macrame Wreath

The final half knot will loop over the top of the frame.

As you can see, I made the 2 center wire ribs on the pumpkin wreath form first.

DIY Fall Macrame Wreath, 4 spiral knot rows completed

And as I worked my pattern on the next to wires, I decided to place the beads in the center of the pattern of the first 2 rows.

As it turned out, I was not going to have enough large beads.

So, I decided to change up the pattern a little bit on the rows with the smaller beads.

DIY Fall Macrame Wreath, 5 spiral knot rows completed

One more item to mention, to have the beads centered on the knots of the previous row, I had to adjust the number of knots I made.

I believe because of the arc of the wire on the outer edges and the smaller size of my beads, I had to adjust my knots to 6-7  between the beads.

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Step 5: Securing the Macrame Cord Ends

Glue end of macrame cord to wire frame with glue gun.

Now that each of the ribs on the wire pumpkin wreath form are covered it’s time to secure and cut the cording.

First, I placed a bead of hot glue along the top of the wire wreath form.

Hand with scissors trimming macrame cord from pumpkin wire wreath frame.

In order to prevent it from getting too bulky at the top, I secured one cord to the right side and one to the left side.

Then I trimmed the cord.

Woman's hand wrapping tape around cut macrame cord. DIY Fall Macrame wreath

Then I took a piece of duct tape and wrapped it around the 2 cut cords.

Continue to secure and tape each of the cut cords along the top of the wire wreath frame.

Step: 6 Covering the Outer Edge of the Fall Pumpkin Wreath Form

In the same way as the wire ribs were covered, find the center of the cord and attach at the top of the form in the center of the stem area.

Woman's hand forming spiral knots on DIY Fall Macrame Wreath

As before, form half knots around the outer edge of the wire wreath form.

Woman's hand forming spiral knots on DIY Fall Macrame Wreath

The knots will cover all of the tape and it will look nice and neat.

Continue all the way around the outer edge of the wreath.

Step 7: The Stem

Wrapping macrame cord around stem of pumpkin wire wreath frame.

Finally to finish off this DIY Fall Macrame Wreath, I took one of the pieces of cord that was remaining and wrapped in a figure 8 pattern around the stem.

Woman holding diy fall macrame wreath, glueing down the edge with glue gun.

Then at the top I ran a bead of hot glue across and secured the cord in place.

Woman holding diy fall macrame wreath, back side.

And to finish it off, I trimmed the cord and wrapped it with tape and secured it down with a little hot glue to the back of the stem.

Then trim the remaining cord, tape and secure to the backside with tape as well.

Step 8: Embellish DIY Fall Macrame Wreath

Completed DIY Fall Macrame Wreath, DIY Fall Macrame Wreath hung on dusty blue front door.

While I think the finished Fall macrame wreath looks great just the way it is, I decided to add a few fall flowers to mine.

woman's hand applying glue to the back of a leaf.

Now there are several options for embellishing from a beautiful fall ribbon, to fall colored leaves.

However, I loved the color of the mums I found.

First, I pulled a few of the flowers and leaves from the stems and attached the leaves directly to the flowers with hot glue.

Then I attached the flowers to the macrame wreath with hot glue.

Step 5: Hang & Enjoy

Woman holding DIY Fall Macrame Wreath in front of dusty blue front door.
DIY Fall Macrame Wreath hung on dusty blue front door.

Personally, I think the orange Fall flowers on the macrame wreath really pop off my blue front door.

DIY Fall Macrame Wreath hung on dusty blue front door.
DIY Fall Macrame Wreath hung on dusty blue front door.
DIY Fall Macrame Wreath hung on dusty blue front door. Potten mums, stacked fabric pumpkins and lantern also displayed on porch.

With the DIY Fall Macrame Wreath, my front porch now feels ready for the Fall season.

Definitely it’s perfect for greeting our visitors this Fall.

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    I love how it turned out and so very clever how you incorporated the beads between the knots. My Mom used to make such intricate macrame pieces when we were kids and being a teenager I kinda scoffed at what she was doing and never paid attention. Now I could kick myself for not taking the time to learn.

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      Thank you Michelle for sharing your comment. It’s actually pretty to learn the basic knots. Give it a try with a small project, we think you’ll be hooked!

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