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Outdoor stone steps can be an attractive and functional addition to you yard, providing easy access to different areas in the yard.

With the right materials and a bit of creativity, you can create your own accessible outdoor stone stairway with this easy DIY project.

Utilizing stacked stone and flagstone chips, you can construct steps on a slop or even a hill in your yard.

Let me tell you one of the main reasons we purchased our current home was the wooded and secluded lot.

We love to hike and enjoy nature and that’s exactly what this property offered.

However, it did come with its challenges.

In particular, with the entire backyard on a slope and many areas very steep, we needed to come up with an affordable idea to create outdoor stone steps.

At first I thought flagstone or fieldstone stairs would be amazing until I priced them out.


That would never fit into our budget.

With a little more thought, why not make steps like I see on hiking trails.

Where there is a rock or log retaining soil behind it.

And as it happens we had a large amount of leftover stacked stone from a little retaining wall we had built.

So the cost of this project would be minimal. 

Follow this guide to build your own outdoor stone steps and make your backyard beautiful and accessible.

Outdoor Stone Stairs Stand the Test of Time​

For centuries stone has been used for stairs, in fact they may be some of the oldest structures.

Whether used outdoors or indoors these stone structures have stood the test of time.

Outdoor stone stairs constructed thousands of years ago still exist.

Excavation of ancient settlements in Pakistan feature stone steps that they date back to 2500 BC.

The first stairs made from flat stones or hewn logs that were stacked to overcome the challenges of the terrain.

How Much do Stone Steps Cost?

Stone stairs in a rustic setting.

Without question, large stone slab steps are visually appealing in a landscape.

However the cost to install these in your landscaping can be prohibitive.

While they vary in costs depending on the type of stone and your location.

For instance, in my area each stone step was $100-200 without installation. 

Installing outdoor stone steps typically costs around $2,200.

However, that cost can range between $1,000 and $12,000 depending on the type of material and size of project.

Bluestone slab costs around $1,400 including installation. Granite can range as high as $12,000.

Outdoor Stone Steps on a Budget

What You’ll Need

When installing our outdoor stone steps we used basic gardening tools:

  • shovel
  • rake
  • pick mattock
  • level

The supplies we used to create our stone steps for backyard:

  • flagstone chips
  • stacked stone

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The stacked stone we used for our steps were leftover from our small retaining wall we built for our garden area.

In fact, we found the stacked stone through the local online classifieds.

As luck would have it someone was taking out a retaining wall and we were able to get 3 trailer loads full for only $100.

After building our wall, we moved the remaining pieces to the backyard, just waiting for another project. 

Flagstone chips are a great choice for pathways or steps because of its natural binding ability and compaction.

We had already used it for a pathway and around our raised garden beds and have loved it.

To find flagstone chips in your area, do a google search.

You’ll find it located at local nurseries and landscaping companies.

We have purchased it in bulk and had it delivered as well as by the bag for smaller areas.

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Prepare & Place Stone​

A man using a pick axe to level out the dirt for outdoor stone stairs.

First we decided on the placement of the first stone for our steps.

Then using a shovel or a pick loosen the soil and remove enough dirt so that the front end of your stone is about 2″ below the dirt line.

This will ensure that your stone will stay in position as it is walked on.

A man using a pick axe to level out the dirt for outdoor stone stairs.

Then place your stones into position.

A level is placed on stacked stone rock to check for level.

As each stone step is placed into position you’ll want to make sure that they are level.

Not only did we make sure that the stones were level side by side, but also that the stone didn’t slope forward or backward. 

A man using a pick axe to level out the dirt for outdoor stone stairs.

Once you are happy with the placement of your stones, backfill behind the stones.

Later we will sprinkle the area with water which will help compact the soil and make it more secure.

Now to create a large landing pad for each step, level the soil towards the area where the next stone step will be placed. 

And repeat the process for each step.

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Stacked stones in place for outdoor stairs, backfilling the dirt.
Outdoor Stone StepsA man using a pick axe to level out the dirt for outdoor stone stairs.

Overcoming Challenges with Roots

A man using a pick axe to level out the dirt for outdoor stone stairs.

Clearly the most challenging part of creating our outdoor stone steps were tree roots.

Often with the pick mattock we were able to chop at the root and remove it.

A chain saw is used to cut away old tree roots for stone stairs in the backyard.

However right in the path of our outdoor stone steps was a large root mass.

After picking at it for sometime, Steve decided to get out the chain saw.

Within a few minutes it was out of the way and we were able to complete the stone steps.

Once all of the large stacked stone pieces are placed, sprinkle the area with water. This will help settle the soil and add in compaction.

You will want the soil to be about 1/2″ lower than the top edge of the stack stone on each step.

Adding Flagstone Chips

Loading flagstone chips into buckets.

For our first section of outdoor stone steps, we purchased our flagstone chips in bulk and had them delivered. 

We were also creating a fire pit area and this was the most economical way for us at the time.

Bag of flagstone chips for stone stairs

However, for subsequent stone steps added to our outdoor living space we’ve purchased the bagged flagstone chips from a local nursery.

Outdoor Stone Steps, filled in with flagstone chips.

Fill in the area behind each stone step with the flagstone chips, about 1/2″ deep.

Next take a tamper and tamp the stone chips. Then once again sprinkle with water

as this will help the stone chips and compact them.

Outdoor Stone Steps, filled in with flagstone chips.
Outdoor Stone steps leading to a fire pit area with flagstone chips.

To finish off the area for our main outdoor stone steps to the fire pit we planted ground cover.

Hopefully soon this area will fill in with Creeping Jenny.

Outdoor Stone Steps After 2 Years

Outdoor Stone Steps on a slope, made with stacked stone and flagstone chips. ground cover flanks the steps.

Clearly these stone steps have held up really well.

The stack stones have remained secure and it makes navigating our slope to the fire pit so much easier.

Outdoor Stone Steps on a slope, made with stacked stone and flagstone chips. ground cover flanks the steps.

Each summer we add a new set of stone steps leading to another destination in our outdoor living area.

Outdoor Stone Steps on a slope, made with stacked stone and flagstone chips. ground cover flanks the steps leading to a teeter totter.

Just like in years past, this year we added more stone steps to our outdoor space.

Now the grandkids have an easier climb to the teeter totter area.

In fact, you can see the complete installation of these stone steps on the YouTube video link.

One of our favorite spots to relax in our backyard is our paver patio. It’s the perfect place to unwind in the evening and enjoy our dinner al fresco.

Looking for more ways to enjoy your backyard, then checkout 30 Inexpensive and Easy Backyard Patio Ideas on a Budget.

Stone Steps in Your Landscape

Outdoor Stone Steps on a slope, made with stacked stone and flagstone chips. ground cover flanks the steps.

These stone steps have truly transformed the slope in our backyard.

Making it possible to easily arrive at each destination of our yard.

In fact, we’ve created a fire pit area, a couple of areas with swings, as well as a zipline.

Now each area is easily accessible with stone steps.

Do you have a slope in your yard you’re wondering how to make it usable space?

Is this a project you are interested in trying?

We hope you’ve found some ideas that you can use in your outdoor living space.

Thanks for spending a little time with us today.

If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you.

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Pinterest image,Outdoor Stone Steps on a slope, made with stacked stone and flagstone chips. ground cover flanks the steps.

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