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Certainly Halloween is one of the most fun holidays – it’s a time when you can be as creative as you want and let your imagination run wild!

Just check out these 60 spooky and creative ideas for Easy Halloween decor, clearly they will make your home look amazing this year!

From outdoor decorations to indoor, from cheap to elaborate, we’ve got you covered. Happy haunting!

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How can I decorate my house for Halloween on a budget?

If you’re like us you are always looking for ways to stretch your budget and it’s not different when we’re looking for easy ways to decorate our homes for Halloween.

First off, always shop your home.

Walk around your home and see if you have items you can repurpose or use as Halloween decorations this year.

For instance, a black scarf might be just the ticket for layering in decor on a table.

Or maybe a little paint can make an old piece of seasonal decor new again.

Clearly we love vintage pieces and love that look in our Halloween decorations as well.

Try adding vintage candlesticks or mirrors to your Halloween decor.

They can certainly add just the right touch.

Definitely don’t forget to shop thrift stores.

Not only will you find modern Halloween decor that’s been donated, but repurposing vintage items can really elevate your Halloween decorating.

While thrifting look for candlesticks, old frames, artificial pumpkins, fabric, old dolls and vintage art.

And don’t forget you can come up with some pretty creative costumes while thrifting too!

Now let’s take a look at these easy Halloween decor ideas you can make yourself.

Easy Wreaths and Front Porch Halloween Decor

Halloween decor can come in many forms.

Of course a wreath is a great way to add that spooky vibe to your front porch.

You can purchase a ready-made wreath at your local craft store, or you can create your own using a few basic supplies.

If you’re feeling creative, try adding some battery-operated lights or ribbons in seasonal colors.

Just take a look at these creative ideas.

Halloween wreath with green and white leaves, black leaves and flowoers and a few skeleton hands, with a sign that reads "welcome foolish mortals"

Image credit:

Take a look at this wreath inspired by Disney’s haunted mansion.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. Black orange and purple ornament wreath with a purple glitter spider web and a black spider hanging on the front door.

Image credit:

Certainly this colorful ornament wreath screams Halloween.

Light blue front door with a twig and bat wreath, a large branch is placed in a galvanized metal container and bats are hanging from the branches. Black orange and white welcome mat layered with a jute rug and orange pumpkins placed on black creepy cloth.

Image credit:

Looking for a high-end dupe? Then try this Pottery Barn inspired bat wreath.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. DIY orange Jack-o-lantern topiary lit up in the night sky.

Image credit:

So creative and whimsical, we’re loving this plastic Jack-o-lantern topiary.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. DIY porch decor from old boards, white cheese cloth draped from the porch roof, the black doors have 2 halloween wreaths.

Image credit:

Reuse and repurpose is our middle name, so check out this recycled wood porch decor.

Happy Halloween Bunting draped over a door way. Burlap with white black and orange polka dots and spells our happy halloween. easy Halloween decor ideas for your home.

Image credit:

In my opinion, a festive garland just shouts party time!

Spooky Creepy Skeletons

Spooky creepy skeletons are the perfect easy Halloween decoration for your home!

You can buy them pre-made at your local Halloween or party store, or you can make them yourself with a few craft supplies.

So scroll down and check out these easy skeleton Halloween decor ideas.

Bejeweled black skull with rhinestones and sequins on black creepy cloth.

Image credit:

For a more elegant Halloween look, try this easy glitzy skull decor.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. DIY skull silhouettes on black painted thirft store frames, with a black and white pumpkin, black candlestick, with on orange pumpkin, skull glove and skull string art.

Image credit:

Or try your hand at classic skeleton silhouette family portraits.

DIY x-ray printed and hung with a wood magnet frame. Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home.

Image credit:

Certainly, it doesn’t get much easier than this enlarged X-ray print idea.

DIY skeleton hand vase with white flowers, setting on a stack of books with a mini pumpkin and black spider.

Image credit:

Or this easy Halloween skeleton hand vase.

DIY Black and white skull busts sit on a natural wood mantle with halloween potion books and bottle.

Image credit:

And take a look at this spooky Halloween skull bust decor.

DIY 3-D skeleton mirror hung on the front porch.

Image credit:

Also this 3-D skeleton mirror really sets the mood for Halloween.

Front porch is decorated for Halloween with a corn stalk bunch, white farmhouse bench with a skeleton wearing a gray plaid cap holding a "dead and breakfast" sign, halloween pilow and denim pumpkins.

Image credit:

I feel skeletons just look so jovial, so why not add a little fun to your front porch for Halloween.

DIY skeleton, hang from a chain on the front porch.

Image credit: alifeofbalance

And try this easy wooden Halloween skeleton.

Halloween floral arrangement in a skull with a skeleton holding the bottle body. Floral arrangement of black and pink roses with a few skeleton mixed in.

Image credit: uniquecreationsbyanita

Certainly this sophisticated skeleton floral arrangement will put a smile on your face.

Thrift store gothic curio if filled with mini Dollar store skeletons on old trunks, black creepy cloth and an orange pumpkin.

Image credit:

Finally a thrifted vintage cabinet makes the perfect backdrop for dollar store skeletons.

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Cheap and Easy Halloween Pillow Decor

Certainly one of the best parts of Halloween is decorating your home with spooky decor!

If you’re looking for some easy Halloween decor, pillows are a great place to start.

Not only can you find inexpensive Halloween pillow covers on Amazon, but it’s also fun to make your own.

For instance, take a look at these easy Halloween pillow decor ideas.

Black and white bat pillow with a ivory knit throw blanket, sweater pumpkin and natural vine pumpkins on a white farmhouse bench and easy Halloween decor ideas for your home.

Image credit:

In fact, this easy reversible pillow, is Halloween decor on one side and fall on the other.

Black and white diy pillows on a grey sofa with a black and white striped throw blanket.

Image credit:

And if you’re feeling crafty make a simple Halloween pillow with bar towels.

Halloween Tablescape Decor

When it comes to hosting a Halloween dinner party, the devil is in the details—or, in this case, the skeletons.

Whether you’re looking for easy Halloween decor or just some fun and festive ideas, these spooky Halloween tablescape ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

From glowing candles to creepy place settings, these DIY Halloween decorations will take your party from so-so to spectacular!

So go ahead and let your inner Martha Stewart loose—your guests will be impressed, and you’ll have a hauntingly good time.

Spooky and elegane tablescape with black and gold dinnerware, dried hydrangeas and skulls and skeleton hands. easy Halloween decor ideas for your home.

Image credit:

Clearly this elegant black Halloween tablescape sets the mood for a spooky dinner party.

Halloween tablescape with black chargers, white plates, black white and orange polka dot ribbon, black and white striped napking in a DIY skull napkin ring. Goblets are filled with an orange drink. There's a black and white table runner with candie corn scattered on the table, old rusty candlesticks with white candles, wooden bowl centerpiece filled with spanish moss, bones and black ravins.easy Halloween decor ideas for your home.

Image credit:

And for a more playful Halloween table try these easy skull napkin rings.

Skeleton and black raven centerpiece with a large dough bowl filled with spanish moss, skeleton bones and ravins, rusty and distress candlestocks with white candles on a black and white skull table runner.

Image credit:

Then try a simple centerpiece of moss, bones and birds to set the mood this Halloween.

Spooky Gothic tablescape with a gold tray filled with spanish moss and bones, silver candlestick with black taper candles that are glowing. A black miniture skeleton it placed at each place setting on a white plate with a gold charger.

Image credit:

In my opinion this charming Southern Gothic Halloween table is to die for.

Halloween tablescape with black and white witch on broom plates, centerpiece crate filled with potion bottles and skulles. Mini pumpkins elevated on mini stands.

Image credit:

And finally we’re loving this simple and playful Halloween table.

Jack-o-lanterns and Pumpkins

Clearly one of the best things about Halloween is that it’s a holiday about getting creative!

Whether you’re making your own costume, decorating your home, or carving pumpkins, certainly there are so many opportunities to let your creativity shine.

When it comes to easy Halloween decor, few things are as iconic as the Jack-o-lantern.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to add some Halloween flair to your home, get creative with your pumpkins!

Two Playful pineapple Jack-o-lanterns with bead and basket decor on a wood table.

Image credit:

Without a doubt, these plastic carved pineapple Jack-o-lanterns are so creative!

Pretty whit felt flowers cover a pumpkin with a wood stem.

Image credit:

And for a more elegant look, try a felt rosette pumpkin.

DIY Concrete Jack-o-Lantern setting on brick steps with Autumn leaves.

Image credit:

Without a doubt, this concrete Jack-o-lantern is spectacular!

Hand painted Jack-o-lanterns on old tin cans filled with spanish moss and a ribbon handle.

Image credit:

And take a look at these darling upcycled tin can pumpkins.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. Old metal funnel is turned into a Jack-o-lantern with yellow and purple mums.

Image credit:

Equally as adorable is this upcycled funnel Jack-o-lantern.

Orange & black and white & black DIY sock pumpkins.

Image credit:

And take a look at this darling sock pumpkin idea.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. Three DIY cement Jack-o-lanterns stack ontop of each other in front of a wood fence.

Image credit:

Again, we have another Jack-o-lantern idea using concrete and plastic pumpkins.

DIY sweater pumpkins with colorful yarn ribs and natural stems.

Image credit:

Clearly we all love crafting from our stash and these scrap fabric pumpkins are just too cute!

Chalk finish painted wood pumpkin with a fuzzy black spider on a wood table.Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home.

Image credit:

Need fast and simple Halloween decor?

Then try this chalky pumpkin idea.

Boho style knoted trim on an orange pumpkin, setting on a lace tablecloth with another mini orange pumpkin.

Image credit:

Not only is this pumpkin idea easy, but we love the Boho vibe.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. DIY sheet music pumpkin with spanish moss. Black table lamp and a framed Hallow's Eve stichery sign, skeleton hand holds a glass bowl filled with candy corn. Table is draped with black creepy cloth and an old iron lock.

Image credit:

Also try updating dollar store pumpkins with sheet music and decoupage.

Lit mini pumpkin intricately carved with a cat motif.

Image credit:

And try something new this year with an etched/carved pumpkin.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. Black and white DIY yarn pumpkins.

Image credit:

In fact, nothing is more classic than black and white Halloween decor.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. Mini pumpkins are cut out to hold a tea light candle. A wooden bowm is filled with more mini pumpkins.

Image credit:

For unique and easy Halloween decor, make pumpkin votives.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. Indigo painted six white pumpkins

Image credit:

And finally learn a new technique and try your hand at marbled Indigo pumpkins.

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Simple Halloween Witch Decor

Without a doubt witch-themed decor is always popular this time of year!

And there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into your home without going overboard.

For example, try placing a few black candles in strategic locations around your living room or dining room.

Or, put up a couple of skeleton witches in your front yard to greet trick-or-treaters.

Whatever you do, keep it simple – after all, the witching hour is supposed to be a bit spooky, not overwhelming!

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. Front porch is styled with a DIY witch suitcase that painted grey and stenciled with the olde salem Broom Company along wiith witch travel stickers, and black tulle. A chair is draped with a black spider web lace shawl, witch broom, and DIY witch boots. I Halloween pillow sits on the chair seat.

Image credit:

For example paint thrift store boots black and lace with green ribbon and transform a vintage suitcase for witch travels.

Easy decorpage black and white polka dot witches hat with black feathers and a black spider, styled on a table with a black lace spider table runner, and a witch box.

Image credit:

Then decoupage witch hat decor for a touch of whimsy.

Potion Bottles and Books

Looking for some easy and impressive Halloween decor ideas?

Look no further than your own pantry and bookshelf!

With a little bit of creativity, you can transform mundane household items into spooky potion bottles and witches spells.

For example, repurpose an old book by tearing out some pages and writing a spell or curse on them.

Then, roll them up and tie with a black ribbon.

Or, take some empty glass jars and fill them with different colored liquids (water with food coloring works great).

Add some creepy crawlers or plastic spiders for an extra eerie effect.

Arrange your bottles and spell books on a side table or windowsill, and you’ve got instant Halloween decoration that is sure to impress your guests!

DIY potion bottles made from torn fabric and printed paper labels tied with jute. The bottle are placed on a silver charger with a black bird and a skull.

Image credit:

Certainly these spooky potion bottles like these will make eerie Halloween decor for your home.

DIY Gothic style potion bottlesm black, gold and copper with black lit taper candles.

Image credit:

In addition, these potion bottles clearly become a piece of art, just check out the details!

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. Rustic wood shelves with a stack or DIY witch potion books tied with jute, black raven, and painted black DIY potion spooky labels. A chalkboard sign leans against the wall that reads "stop by for a brew."

Image credit:

And thrift store books covered with spooky scrapbook paper become instant decor along side the potion bottles.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. DIY witches brew book with a purple and white ribbon bookmark, old silver teapot and a black and white Halloween bar towel.

Image credit:

Finally, add an eerie witches brew recipe to an old book to complete the scene.

Easy Halloween Mantle Decor

If you’re looking for easy Halloween decorating ideas for your mantle, then look no further.

Just scroll down for these cheap and easy ideas to add some festive Halloween decor to your mantle.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. Mangle is draped with a paper circle garland and a black and white and orange bunting. A black twig wreath is also placed in front of the fireplace.

Image credit:

For example try simple paper garlands for a festive Halloween mantle.

Mantle is decorated with cheap Dollar Tree decor, black skull place, black pumpkins, twigs, and a halloween sign.

Image credit:

In addition check out this spooky Halloween mantle decor.

Easy DIY Halloween pom pom garland hanging on rusty metal lockers. a bunny weathervane sits o top with pear topiaries and a metal jug.

Image credit:

Or try a simple pom pom garland for Halloween.

White mantle is decorated with white cheese cloth, brass candlesticks, graphic halloween framed art, pumpkins and halloween garland.

Image credit:

Try this simple and sophisticated Halloween mantle decor you can do this weekend.

Easy Halloween decor ideas for your home. Boho bead garland with jute tassels with black skeleton bats hangig from garland. Hanging from a white fireplace mantle.

Image credit:

Certainly it doesn’t get much easier than this!

Spray paint skeleton bats from the dollar store and hang on a bead garland.

Spiders and Creepy Things

Easy Halloween decor doesn’t have to be expensive.

In fact, you can easily add spiders and other creepy crawlies around your home to get the Halloween vibe going.

And there’s no need to go out and buy a bunch of decorations – you can easily make your own.

Check out these DIY Halloween decorations that are sure to give your guests a scare!

Lit Halloween candles with a candle stick with a fortune tellers ball, mini skulls, and pumpkins, and framed book page art with an owl. Twig, mini lights and black flowers add to the ambiance.

Image credit:

First off, this scene clearly has a spooky Victorian vibe.

Mantle is decorated with a variety of pumpkins, a black round mirror and a spider and pom pom garland.

Image credit:

On the other hand, these pom pom spiders are simply adorable.

Black spider web bowls hand from a modern sputnik chandelier. The web bowls hold skulls and birds.

Image credit:

And take a look at this simple and clever idea with spider web baskets.

DIY wine cork spiders on an orange pumpkin.

Image credit:

Finally upcycle those old wine corks in to winey spideys!

Simple Halloween Ghost Decor

In reality, what would Halloween be without a little ghost decor?

Easy to make and fun to display, ghosts are a staple of the holiday.

And best of all, they don’t have to be perfect!

A few lopsided lines and you’ve got yourself a spooky decoration that’s sure to impress.

Diy ghost makde from a glass har with spiders and spider web on a wood console. Frames skeleton art hung on the wall.

Image credit:

Not only is this simple Halloween ghost decor easy, but it’s so darn cute!

Six white diy ghosts on a table on a front porch with a crate of pumpkins.

Image credit:

Need fun fast Halloween decor, try these easy fabric ghosts.

Easy Halloween Table Top Decor

Clearly easy Halloween table top decor doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

So get into the spirit of the season with a few simple items that you probably already have around the house.

A black tablecloth or lacy runner is the perfect base for your display.

Then scatter some faux pumpkins and gourds around, and tuck in a few sprigs of fall leaves.

Finally add some bats or spiders for a touch of whimsy, and light it all up with fairy lights or candles.

In fact with just a few inexpensive items, you can create a festive and stylish display that will add to the fun of your Halloween celebration.

White console table decorated with black spider web table runner, white lamp with black lamp shade, framed diy printable art, candleabra, and a "spooky" bunting draped on the wall, white pumpkins. easy Halloween decor ideas for your home.

Image credit: thirtyeighthstreet

In fact it’s so easy to add festive Halloween decor with free printables.

Halloween painted jars with orange and white stripes, white and orange polka dots and orange and black polka dots with mini pumpkins, spiders and orange flowers.

Image credit:

I think these mason jars are so cute for Halloween, plus it’s such a simple DIY.

Wood and black iron tiered tray decorated with skulls, mini pupkins spiders, mini signs, gnome are easy Halloween decor ideas for your home.

Image credit:

On the other hand try these bootiful Halloween ideas that are easy on the budget.

White felt with black polka dot diy halloween treat basket along with felt spider webs on the wall, mini pumpkins on the table make for easy Halloween decor ideas for your home.

Image credit:

Finally a fun DIY felt basket that’s not only Halloween decor, but also a candy basket.

More Easy Halloween Ideas

Black and white DIY Halloween sign "The Olds Magic Shop" Potions, Charms Hexes

Image credit:

And finally this upcycled, budget friendly Halloween decor will leave you smiling!

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Certainly Halloween is the best time of year to let your creativity run wild and come up with some amazing decorations.

We’ve shown you 60 ideas that will inspire you, from outdoor decor to indoor, cheap to elaborate.

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