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Looking for Valentine’s Day decor ideas?

Then try this glam Valentine’s Day decor using gold leaf! 

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to guild! 

After this project you’ll want to apply gold leaf to everything because it is so easy and gorgeous!

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Valentine's Day Decor Supplies

This entire project was created using supplies we already had on hand, except the wood heart. 

We picked that up at our favorite local craft store. 

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Paint Background

To begin,  cut scrap wood to 11″x 11″.

Then apply blush paint (Ceramcoat Normandy Rose). Once the paint is dry to the touch.

Use a ruler to make a small pencil mark at both the top and bottom edges to determine the center of the wood.

PRO TIP: Use a hairdryer on medium heat to speed up the drying time of paint.

Tape Pinstripe

Once the center of the wood has been marked, take a piece of masking tape and apply it to the center of the wood. 

I was able to see the pencil mark through the tape, so I was able to see that the mark was in the center of the tape.

Then place a strip of the 1/4″ painters tape next to the masking tape. 

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Repeat these steps to create the pinstripe pattern over the entire piece of wood. 

Once all of the tape has been applied, simply remove the 3/4″ masking tape.

As a result, you will have a perfectly aligned pinstripe pattern.

Firmly rub your fingers across each strip of the painters tape to ensure that it is adhered well.

Paint Pinstripe

Next apply another coat of blush paint on top of the painters tape.

This will ensure no bleeding under the tape!

Once the blush paint is dry to the touch apply a couple of coats of white paint to create an opaque finish.

PRO TIP: This technique will ensure a perfect crisp line everytime!

We’ve also used this technique while painting stripes on a very textured ceiling and they were perfectly crisp and clean. 

This technique is not limited to creating stripes alone!

See how we used this technique in our master bedroom makeover.

In our case, we applied 3 coats of white paint to achieve an opaque finish.

Remove Tape

While the paint is still wet remove all the painters tape.

Voila, you’ve created the perfect pinstripe pattern!

If painting the stripes seems to tedious, you can always use a patterned paper as the background.

Apply Gold Leaf

Begin by applying a coat of black paint to the wood heart and allow to dry.

First, watered down the glue a little so it isn’t to thick.

It should be the consistency of cream.

This will allow you to get a smooth even coat of glue.

Once the paint on the heart is dry apply the water-based glue to the sides and top of the heart. 

 Allow the glue to air dry until it’s tacky.

To test, dab your finger on the glue, if any comes off on your finger it’s still too wet. 

When the glue is tacky you’re ready to start applying the gold leaf.

Although this may seem a little intimidating if you’ve never done it before, it’s really simple and fun!

The gold leaf directions suggest wearing gloves so it doesn’t stick to your hands.

Gently lift up a sheet of gold leaf while it’s still on the tissue paper backing.

Carefully place the gold leaf onto the heart and lift the tissue paper off. 

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Use a soft bristle brush gently dab the gold leaf onto the heart.

The gold leaf will not stick to itself, only to the tacky glue.

Once finished dabbig the gold leaf into place, simply brush away the loose pieces.

Be sure to apply the gold leaf on the sides of the heart as well. 

Attach Heart

Woman's hands placing wood glue on the back of the gold leaf heart.
Woman's hands placind gold leaf heart on wood frame.

After the gold leaf is applied, embellished the heart with a black ribbon and a gold key. 

Apply wood glue to the back side of the heart, position in the center of the board, and press into place. 

To create the frame for this project we used the same technique as our Reversible Holiday Signs tutorial last Spring.

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Elegant Valentine's Day Decor

Easy Valentine's Day decor with a gold leaf heart mounted on a blush and white pin stripped frame with other various hearts and brass candlesticks.
Easy Valentine's Day decor with a gold leaf heart mounted on a blush and white pin stripped frame with other various hearts.

Don’t you just love the way this glam Valentine’s Day decor turned out?

Are you excited to give gold leafing a try?

Without at doubt, this really is a lot of fun!

After just one project you will be wanting to apply gold leaf to everything!

Thanks for spending time with us today! 

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Easy Valentine's Day decor, gold leaf heart on a blush pin stripped frame on a table wiith other hold hearts and candlesticks.

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    Have a plain, clear vase around the house? Upgrade it for Valentine’s Day with a simple gold leaf heart. It’s minimal enough to keep out year-round.

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