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styling for fall decorating with an old chippy and worn window

Easy and affordable fall decorating ideas you can do today!

As the vibrant hues of summer give way to the warm and cozy tones of autumn, it’s the perfect time to embrace the spirit of the season with easy fall decorating ideas that won’t break the bank.

Earlier this week my Mom showcased simple and affordable ideas for fall decorating around her home.

Ideas included were how she likes to incorporate cozy fabrics, warm colors, candles and natural elements. Not to mention a key component … when is it okay to start decorating for fall?

Adding cozy home decor with the season change not only freshens up your look, but also helps you be more present during each season.

Today I’d like to welcome you into my home for fall decorating ideas you can create on a dime.

Many elements were found around my home.

However, with a little bit of imagining and time spent creating I had fresh decor.  

From DIY crafts to clever repurposing, get ready to transform your home into a cozy haven with these budget-friendly fall decor tips.

And you too can create a calming, natural fall look in your home with items you already have on hand.

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Keeping It Neutral

diy painted dollar tree pumpkins

Over the last few years I’ve slowly been incorporating navy, white and other natural elements throughout our home to create a calm coastal feel.

With three energetic, busy and LOUD kiddos all busy running every which way, my home needs all the calm it can get!

So this year, I decided to keep this calm color scheme flowing in my fall decorating ideas.

diy dollar tree painted pumpkins and navy and ivory ticking fabric

As mentioned before, many elements were already found around my home. I did take a trip to Dollar Tree and snagged several mini pumpkins, ranging in colors of bright oranges, yellows and greens.

To keep to my color scheme and tone it down, some pumpkins were transformed with a couple coats of paint and while others were wrapped in navy and creme ticking fabric (both of which were left over from Ellie’s bedroom makeover).

Placing pumpkins on a natural burlap table runner groups everything together, and lastly I sprinkled a few small acorns around.

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Upcyling Old Fall Decor

acorn swag styled on fireplace mantel

I too, wanted to create a cozy feel in our home, and a simple way to do this is to change out the throws.

Tossing a cozy knit throw on an accent chair or sofa can dramatically change the feel in a space, especially when the room includes a fireplace.

fall decorating ideas for fireplace mantel

Keeping some coastal elements like this amazing navy jug, I simply added in a couple pumpkins, and scattered some fall leaves across the mantle.

diy pumpkin wrapped in rope

Each of these 3 pumpkins I’ve had on hand for years, and they each were upcycled to get a little update, and also coordinate with the calming color scheme.

Pumpkin on the left was originally orange.

Using some fabric scraps, I simply wrapped it around the existing pumpkin, secured with a little hot glue.  

Finally I tied a little jute around the outside.

Pumpkin in the middle was originally a deep maroon color.

This was transformed by wrapping the entire pumpkin with rope, and adding a few leaves cut from scrap fabric.

Last but on least, the pumpkin on the right was transformed by adding a coat of navy paint.

dollar tree burlap pumpkin

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diy cozy fabric fall pumpkin

Shop Your House Fall Decorating

styling for fall decorating with an old chippy and worn window

Each element on top of my piano were found by shopping my own home!

This is one of our favorite ways to switch up the feel in any space.

The navy throw was taken from the darling accent chairs in front of our fireplace.

The pitchers and weathered window were found in our basement.

Candlesticks and candles were taken from our master bedroom.

Knit pumpkin from my fall decor stash, and the small pumpkin in front of the pitchers, was created new this year.

By using the same ticking fabric leftover from Ellie’s upcycled bed, it’s simply been wrapped around a roll of toilet paper of all things!

Again this whole vignette is tied together by scattering some fall leaves around the decor.

fall decorating ideas using old pitchers with dried grasses

Looking for more easy DIY pumpkin ideas?

Check our our high-end dupe pumpkins.

diy pumpkin made from an old knit sweater.

And even more pumpkin ideas to craft.

styled diy toilet paper roll pumpkin in navy and ivory ticking fabric.

Repeat Fall Decorating Steps

diy farmhouse acorns styled in a bread bowl with fall leaves

Since we have an open floor plan, I repeated these steps for fall decorating by using existing decor, and shopping our own home to carry this calming color scheme into our dining area.

Incorporating these diy farmhouse acorns we created last year, to this bread bowl is tied to the rest of the decor by adding more fall leaves.

bread bowl styled for fall

While this other bread bowl features more of the painted pumpkins from Dollar Tree along with a pumpkin wrapped yet again in the same ticking fabric.

The centerpiece was finished off by adding some larger acorns, and again bringing in just a little color with the fall leaves.

You’ll find even more ideas with 65 Simple DIY Fall Decor Ideas You Can Make Today!

diy navy and ivory ticking pumpkin

Shop Fall Decor

Incorporating a neutral and calming blue color scheme into your fall decor has brought a refreshing twist to the traditional autumn palette.

As we wrap up our post of these easy fall decorating ideas on a dime, remember that creativity knows no bounds.

With a dash of imagination and a sprinkling of resourcefulness, you can craft a welcoming and stylish autumn atmosphere without straining your budget.

So, as you begin your own fall decorating journey, don’t hesitate to experiment, mix and match, and infuse your unique personality into every corner of your home.

After all, it’s the small, meaningful touches that make this season truly special.

We hope you’ve been inspired to use elements you already have on hand, by shopping your own home, and updating other items where necessary with a little creativity.

And to add to the coziness of fall try one or two of our favorite fall recipes.

Did you find a little inspiration here today for cozying up your home for fall?

What cozy elements will you be adding to your home this fall?

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