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Last week I shared my secrets to simple and beautiful Easter table decor and one of the elements I wanted on my Easter table were faux chocolate bunny napkin rings.

So, after a long search and not finding what I was looking for, I decided to make my own.

I think they look adorable on my Easter table.

And the best part, they are quick, easy and cheap to make.

The most difficult part for me was locating the bunny shaped eggs.

And that’s only because Easter items were not in the stores yet when I started looking.

But that’s not a problem now.

In fact, I’ve seen these eggs at several different Dollar Tree locations now.

Supplies Needed for Bunny Napkin Rings

Plastic bunny Easter eggs and a plastic plumbing drain pipe are used to make bunny napkin rings

You just need a few supplies to make these adorable bunny napkin rings.

First you’ll need plastic bunny eggs that split vertically.

Then to make the loop for the napkin rings, I used a plumbing drain pipe.

The diameter of the ring needs to be about 1 1/2″.

At first I thought I’d use shower curtain rings, but they were too big.

And as it turns out the plumbing pipe was the perfect size, it will just need to be cut.

Finally you need glue and spray paint.

Supply list:

Prep the Plastic Bunny Eggs for Paint

Woman's hands sanding off the painted features on the plastic bunny egg.

First you’ll want to sand the face and painted ears on the plastic egg.

On my first attempt at making these bunny napkin rings, the paint on the ears and face kept bleeding through and I could see they needed to be sanded first.

You don’t need to totally remove the paint from the egg, just a light sanding to rough the area up a bit.

Also be sure to use a fine grit sandpaper, I found a medium grit left the egg too rough.

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Cut Bunny Napkin Rings

Woman's hand holding white plastic plumbing pipe at the table saw preparing to cut it into 1/2" white rings.

Since I wanted each ring to be the same thickness, I decided to use my table saw.

First set up the fence for a 1/2″ wide cut.

Make sure to put on safety goggles and use a push tool to guide it through the saw.

Certainly we don’t want to loose any fingers.

I’m sure they can also be cut with a mitre saw, or even by hand with a hack saw.

While I didn’t try a pipe cutter, that may be a possibility too.

Woman's hand hold plastic ring and sandpaper to smooth out rough edges.

Once all of the rings were cut I used a piece of sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges on the pipe.

Attach Ring to Plastic Bunny Egg

Woman's hands glueing plastic ring to the back side of the plastic bunny egg.

My husband recommended that I use plumbing cement to adhere the pipe to the plastic egg.

However that didn’t work, the cement stuck to the pipe but not to the egg,

But thank goodness for E6000!

Just a drop and it holds beautifully.

I can’t tell you how many times that after another glue fail, I pull out my E6000 glue to do the job.

Why don’t I just use it in the first place?!

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Paint the Bunny Napkin Rings

Woman's hand holding matte coffee bean Krylon spray paint.

While you can make these bunny napkin rings and leave them white, which would also be adorable, I had my heart set on faux chocolate bunny napkin rings.

Just 2 light coats of Krylon Fusion spray paint in Matte Coffee Bean made the perfect faux chocolate bunny napkin rings.

Woman's hands holding blue and white striped napkin with a faux chocolate bunny napkin ring over the place setting.

I think these bunny napkin rings look so stinking cute on my Easter table.

Another element that I’m loving on my Easter tablescape this year is my version of the Pottery Barn Brooks cross bar hurricane.

Faux Chocolate bunny Easter egg on a blue and white striped napkin, placed on a white with silver rim china plate on a twig wreath. Center piece is white Lily of the Valley, greenery and Easter eggs in a rustic wooden dough bowl.

And don’t you think the paint color is perfect for a dark chocolate egg?!

Easter place setting, with a floral white floral centerpiece in a rustic wooden dough bowl.

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I love how these faux chocolate bunny napkin rings turned out and I love the way they look with my Easter Table decor!

And would you believe I made 8 of them for less than $10 including the paint?

We hope you found a little inspiration here today.

So tell me, are you going to make these cute faux chocolate bunny napkin rings?

Do you have another suggestion for a fun Easter napkin ring idea?

For another fun idea to add to your Easter table this year, check out our table top Bunny Topiary or our Re-puposed Thrift Story Bunny.

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