Favorite Kitchen Organization Tips

I must confess, I am an organization fanatic. A well-organized space can make me ecstatic, I love order and can’t wait to show it off. I’d like to share some of my favorite organizational tips that help keep a kitchen neat, orderly and running smooth.

When we designed this kitchen we opted for lots of drawer space. Deep drawers are a great way to keep the kitchen organized and it makes it easy to access items and nothing gets lost in the back of the cabinet. We designed this kitchen with a set of deep drawers on each side of the range, another set of drawers next to the sink and the front side of the island is all drawers as well.

Renovating the Kitchen

Two of the deep drawers hold my pans, they are easily accessible and always stay neat and orderly. Other drawers store my mixing bowls, plastic storage containers, and my glass baking pans.

This is one of my favorite organizing tips, my spices are all in uniform jars, labeled and in alphabetical order. When anyone see this drawer, I usually hear a gasp, and let me know they want this in their kitchen. The jars were very economical at $.35 each at IndustrialContainer.com The utensil tray STÖDJA is from Ikea, at $1.49 it’s extremely affordable and keeps all the odd shaped cooking utensils in order.

A full size spice jar fits in these little jars, it doesn’t look like it would fit, but it does. 

Each spice jar is labeled with my trusty Brother label maker, a well used tool and my house.

An expandable wooden utensil tray keeps my knifes neat and orderly without cluttering up my counter with a knife block.

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