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Wow! We can’t believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. How does time sneak up on us so quickly? We finally got up our decor after our week in California and today we have something special for you! Free Valentine Printables!  Who doesn’t love free decor? Take a look at how we used these printable in our homes.

These Valentine printables can easily be printed on a home printer, or printed at your favorite photo processing center. We chose to send ours to be printed at Sams Club. The price is reasonable and it’s quick.

The framed prints are 8 X 10 and placed in frames we already had on hand. The smaller printable is a 5 X 7 mounted to a scrap piece of wood that was painted black.

sWe also printed some to a  4 X 6, then cropped them to a 4″ square and mounted them to skewers for a fun coffee table display. We had 2 sets of prints made so we could mount pictures to both sides of the skewers so it’s cute from both directions.  We used dry black beans in the jars for filler and the glitter heart picks we found at Hobby Lobby.

We used one frame print on the shelves in the kitchen, then added conversation hearts to the kitchen scale and some love birds.

We love the eye chart art that we used in the bathroom and thought an eye chart valentine print would be fun too. This was placed in the built ins by one of our favorite decor pieces, grandpas old typewriter.

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We hope you have as much fun with these printables as we did!  Please PIN IT and SHARE!  And come back for more free goodies!

And as always here at Sunny Side Design we hope to . . .


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