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Don’t let your deep freezer become a dark, mysterious place where expired food goes to die!

With our best freezer organization ideas and storage tips, you can transform your frosty abode into an efficient inventory system with zero wasted space.

Plus – we’ve included free printable labels, so that it’s easier than ever to keep track of what’s in your deep freezer.

Stop throwing out expired food today, by taking our essential steps toward an organized freezer.

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Deep freezer before implementing storage ideas.

Here’s a look at our freezer before we implemented our freezer organization ideas.

I didn’t think it was in complete disarray.

I knew where things were, it functioned and yet it was screaming for more organization!

Empty Out Freezer

Freezer emptied out and cleaned.

The very first step to an organized freezer is to empty everything out.

Wiping up spills in the deep freezer.

With everything pulled out it is easy to wipe it down and clean out any crumbs or spills.

Inventory Freezer Contents

All frozen food is removed from the freezer and sorted.

Begin by taking inventory of everything that was in the freezer.

Sort and group like items together, then you can see how much space you’ll need for specific items. 

This will give you a good idea how many bins you’ll need to store your food.

It’s a good idea to take measurements of your freezer shelves before heading to the store.

This way you’ll know how many bins will fit side by side, and you’ll be able to make the best use of your space.

Sort and Organize for Better Freezer Organization

Plastic storage bins are place in freezer and food is sorted and labeled for better freezer organization.

Begin by placing like items in bins.

The bins are sorted by cheese, meat types, pizza, etc. and begin to put them back into the freezer.

I began at the bottom and worked my way up. 

Placing the meat on the bottom portion of the freezer gives me peace of mind that if any juices drip it won’t contaminate any other foods.

Also notice that the bins are sized to fill across each shelf so we create zero wasted space in the freezer.

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Placing and organizing frozen food into plastic storage pins in the deep freeze.

Place items you use frequently at the top.

If those items are at eye level, it gives you quick access to see how much you have left, and it’s easy to grab and go.

Freezer door with packages of frozen food

The same steps were used for the door storage. 

Not a lot changed here, just a little rearranging.

I moved items we don’t use very frequently down to the lower shelves, and more frequently used foods to the top.

Label is Key to Organization

You know the 3 most important things about buying real estate right? Location, location, location.

The same applies for getting and staying organized! Label, label, label!

Labels for better freezer organization.

The most important step to creating and maintaining organization in any area of your home is to LABEL.

Have you ever been in the middle of preparing a meal and ask for someone to grab you something from the freezer? 

When they return they say “it’s not there” or “we’re out of that”. 

Then you ultimately end up going out to get it yourself?

Can you relate?

Well, with everything labeled this little problem will be alleviated.

Now when you ask someone to grab a package of cheddar cheese for instance, they can easily see the label and find the product.

We’ve created some FREE LABELS for you to print out! 

I had mine printed on cardstock and laminated to ensure they would hold up well in the freezer.

This also provided added protection from food that is taken in and out frequently.


The best Freezer organization in white plastic storage bins and labels for easy finding.

If labeling is the #1 MUST DO to create great organization, the #2 MUST DO is to use bins!

Shelves are an obvious must have for freezer organization. However, bins and containers are equally important!

Used together they’re like a Power Couple!

You know it’s funny because in our storage room, I had bins without shelves, and I thought it was semi organized.

Here in the freezer I had the shelves, but lacked the containers and I thought I was semi organized.

TRUST ME…you need both to be fully organized!

Here in the freezer and the storage room.

It’s crazy how much more space you will gain when you use small bins and containers! 

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Freezer door organized with frozen food and each shelf is labeled.

Sometimes all it takes is a little rearranging. 

Here in the door storage, we freed up nearly one whole shelf by moving things around!

Freezer door organized with frozen food and each shelf is labeled.

Arranging the food we use more frequently at the top, and items we use less often toward the bottom.

Freezer door organized with frozen food and each shelf is labeled.

Oh it’s SO nice to have everything labeled! 

I used jute to tie the labels to our shelf fronts.

I wrapped the jute around each shelf front twice, before knotting it to prevent the labels from slipping down.

Label white plastic pins for better freezer organization

The remainder of the labels were tied onto each bin of food.

In some spots, like the bottom drawer I tied the label to the drawer itself.

The best freezer organzation ideas, white plastic bins keep food organized and each bin is labeled.

Not only does it look neat and tidy with white bins, but it really does help you maximize storage space!

Using bins that fit the dimension of your freezer is important to create zero wasted space.

I was able to fit 3 bins per shelf side by side.

By starting to load the freezer from the bottom up, you are able to adjust the shelve height as needed. 

To get the most out of our freezer storage, we installed the shelves right above each row of bins. 

(We used all the shelves that came with our freezer, but in organizing it I realized I could even use 2 more shelves to fully maximize this space!)

Label white plastic pins for better freezer organization
Labels for freezer organization.

4 Freezer Organization Tips You Can’t Live Without!

  1. Store food in bins or small containers. Not only does this help keep like items grouped together, but it helps to stack and sort food, which often even creates more storage space.
  2. Label everything! Label each bin so you know where each food item is kept. Also label your food. By dating your food you can easily see which items are older and need to be eaten first.
  3. Rotate your food. Labeling your food is just the first step to avoid throwing out expired food. When loading new items into your freezer, always put the newest food in the back of the container. This will keep the older items in the front, then you’ll use those items first.
  4. Flatten your food when possible. This may sound silly, but if you buy meats in bulk, lets say ground beef for example, you’d likely divvy your large purchase into 1lb. packages. After filling your Ziploc bags, flatten the food to fill the entire space of the bag, squeezing out as much air as possible while sealing it shut. Now you’ll be able to neatly stack them into a bin and it will create zero wasted space.
The Best Freezer Organization Ideas to Save You Money
The Best Freezer Organization Ideas to Save You Money
Cheese is packed flat and organized in white plastic bins.
Brown rice is packed flat in ziploc bags and placed in white plastic containers for better freezer organization.

Here’s a look at how much space you gain by freezing your food flat! 

(Not to mention, it defrosts quicker 😉 when you’re getting dinner ready.)

Keep it Organized

So how do you keep it organized you ask?

Just like any other area of organization, it won’t just stay organized by itself.

Here are a couple of helpful tips to keep your deep freezer organized:

  1. Take the time to put food where it belongs, even if you’re in a hurry. It won’t take too much longer to put it in the correct spot.
  2.  Set aside a little time at least 1x/month (or when you’re preparing your grocery list) to quickly take stock of your food inventory. This will allow you to quickly wipe up any crumbs or spills, as well as make sure your older food is in the front of each bin, so you’re properly rotating food. 
  3. Over time if you find that some items aren’t being put away correctly, you may need to take a little time to rearrange a few things. Maybe your family gravitates to putting some things in a particular spot, you may need to make that the new spot and move your label.

More Organization Ideas

Are you looking for more ideas to keep your home organized?

Then take a look at these ideas!

Are you ready to add some order to your deep freezer?

We hope you have found these tips helpful, but no matter what you do, make your home a home that you love!

We hope you found some inspiration for your home today.

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