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Are you looking for some simple ideas to welcome guests to your home?

Adding a little front porch decor creates a warm and welcoming invitation to all who pass by.

Whether your style is modern, farmhouse, rustic, southern, country or somewhere in between, we will share DIY Front Porch Decor Ideas that will help you stay on a budget and yet create that warm and welcoming atmosphere you desire.

So let’s get started and make your porch more inviting!

Front Porch Decor Ideas for a Small Porch

I have always longed for a large wrap around style front porch. One where we could sit back, relax and sip a glass of chilled lemonade, such as an inviting southern style porch. Awe, one can dream!

To date, this is the largest front porch we have ever had. Even so, it’s a little tight for adding much decor. But hey, I’ll take what I can get.

My dad grew up in a home with a large, old fashioned porch. It had beautiful columns and an intricate rail. He would tell me stories of sitting out on the porch with his mother, shelling peas, or making ice cream with the old crank ice cream maker. It just sounds so nostalgic to me, clearly a little less rushed than my life is today.

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Front Porch Ideas that are Inviting

Front Porch Decor Ideas

Clearly no matter what the size of your porch or stoop is, a beautiful wreath or door decor can make your porch more inviting. It can be inexpensive too! For instance this wreath was created from items that I already had at home. Yes, it is true!

Front Porch Decor Ideas for a Small Area

With all the social distancing, the only place I get out to is the grocery store. I was determined to create a wreath from items that I already had on hand. I just rummaged through a bin of artificial flowers and greenery. My only concern was that I didn’t have a wide ribbon that would work, however adding some twigs added the perfect touch. And best of all they are FREE! See the complete tutorial here.

Front Porch Decor Ideas for a Small Area

Add an inviting welcome mat to greet your visitors to your home. Not only is it the perfect way to receive family and friends, but also adds some style and color. An outdoor rug grounds the space and lets everyone know this is a spot you can kick off your shoes and recharge.

Tip: Shop your home! I have had this welcome mat on my front porch for about a year, but I jazzed it up by layering it with a natural jute rug. This rug has been in my laundry room, but I really love the way it adds a natural element to my front porch decor.

Front Porch Decor Ideas, welcome rug.

Front Porch Decor Ideas - Add Greenery

Front Porch Decor Ideas

Add potted greenery and/or flowers  – it’s summer and you should refresh the space as much as possible. In fact, this pot of hydrandeas sparked my entire theme for my summer front porch decor ideas. 

I was doing a little grocery shopping, hoping to stock up on toilet paper when I spotted this beautiful hydrangea. There was no doubt that this beauty was going home with me.

Front Porch Decor Ideas

The hydrangea started my entire theme for my front porch decor idea, “white summer”. White is so fresh and clean. I love to incorporate crisp white sheets on my bedding as well as white into my wardrobe. I love white jeans and white linen dresses, so why not bring that fresh white look into my front porch decor.

Any blooming plant will enliven your porch. In the past I’ve used coral geraniums with trailing blue lobelia. Adding anything living will freshen up your front porch.

To save money I created a faux concrete finish on the pot that the hydrangea came in. To see how to create your own faux concrete finish with paint click here.

Tip: I am prone to forget to water my flower pots. For this reason, I had my hubby installed drip lines to water my flower pots daily. However if that is not possible set a reminder in your phone to water your pots. You’ll be glad you did!

Front Porch Decor Ideas - Add Garden Accessories

Front Porch Decor Ideas

Adding garden accessories will bring your porch to life. Think bird houses, obelisks, orbs, wagons, baskets, crocks, watering cans, stools, rakes, tools, rubber boots, ceramic or metal animals, the sky is the limit. Get your creative juices flowing!

Front Porch Decor ideas - Add Lighting

Front Porch Decor Ideas

Lighting is such an important element in any space, whether it is inside your home, or outside on the front porch. Ambient lighting like lanterns can create the perfect atmosphere.

Now I don’t have a lot of room on my porch for multiple lanterns, but one large statement piece like this lantern sets the mood. I picked up this lantern several years ago at my local grocery store at the end of the season. I’m always on the lookout for cheap and beautiful decor. To give the lantern a little more height, I brought out a small stool from my home.

Front Porch Decor Ideas for a Small Porch

Let’s not forget superb outdoor lighting as well. Our home had no decorative outdoor lighting when we moved in five years ago. We had lots of can lights that accentuated the architectural details of our home, but I always felt like it was missing beautiful outdoor light fixtures.

My hubby has an aversion to putting holes in the stucco, so I wasn’t getting lighting on the garage. However, he did agree to changing out the can light that was over the porch with a stunning light fixture. It was just what our front porch needed.

No Room for Decor on the Porch - Add Decor to the Steps.

Front Porch Decor Ideas

At my previous homes, I really only had a stoop, no front porch to speak of. There was no room to add any decor on my porch without it getting in the way. Therefore, I added pots of flowers on my steps.

A bright group of flowers or greenery is a great way to add decor to the stairs, and for good reason. Plants soften a staircase by adding color and texture and make your home look welcoming.

Front Porch Decor Ideas - If You Have the Space

If you have the space, comfortable seating is a must. Make sure there’s a spot for at least two people to sit comfortably. Not only does it create a wonderful spot to gather with family and friends, but also creates an opportunity to add some texture, style and color.

Pillows and throws add color to a front porch as well as cozy up the space.

It you have the space, a porch swing is a must. Can you imaging sitting out on your porch swing on a warm summer evening, sipping a drink? Doesn’t that sound so relaxing and inviting?

We hope that this has stirred your creative juices and inspired you to add a little style to your front porch decor.

For more ideas for creating an inviting front porch, check out these 20+ ideas for small front porches.

What elements do you love? What do you add to your front porch decor to make it inviting? We would love to hear from you! We are always looking for new inspiration.

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Front Porch Decor Ideas

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